Best 6 Trekking Trails In India – Conquer The Uphill Battle

Best 6 Trekking Trails In India – Conquer The Uphill Battle

best 6 trekking trails in india 3

Way up high – Sky touching peaks and mountain ranges stretched wide.

I won’t settle for less – would you???

Well-equip yourself – pull the gear of the vehicle, which is driven by your interest and choice.

Do you remember when was the last time you actually sensed your heart beating faster than the actual rate??

If not, then whose permission are you waiting for – it’s your life do not let anyone else regulate it.

Trekking is worth confronting when we know how to live every moment of it and also by knowing for the fact that it is competing with time.

[Walk with pride in the less travelled paths]

With every turn you take

With any move you make

Hold your breath

And mind it – not all would turn into best

Do not be afraid to take a closer look at the element, which completes you as a person and concludes the basic essentials of your life.

best 6 trekking trails in india

Are you ready to unmask and reveal your fear in front of nature and share your strength and confidence with the weary hiking routes, which are not designed by an architect – it’s carved by the passionate travellers and adventure admirers?

Life is waiting for you – don’t allow yourself to get influenced by the materialistic vibe.

Some places actually make you understand what you truly need to live a healthy and a prosperous life. Not all but YES some definitely fail to understand what role these high technology products play in our life.

You name it and country India is at your service

Get yourself involved in such activities, which can simply increase your heartbeat.

Not all that you want would come in your path in an easy way – at times we have to earn it at any cost – Preeti Gupta

Play a face- off session with yourself not for a couple of hours, this time play the fascinating game for few days.

best 6 trekking trails in india 2

Be a brave warrior and fight hard with your fears

Place yourself out there and get to know some hidden talents, which was always there in you but it didn’t have a chance to expose.

Are you a person who is completely consumed by Wanderlust? I had my share for the time being, when are you planning to experience the best of challenging and daring trekking trails.

This time not with your friends – play this exciting game addressed as Truth and Dare with the unfriendly zigzag trails.

Don’t let the circumstances define you – for a change give an opportunity to the circumstances to earn your name.

Feel free and climb up high – your unexposed side is calling you

Dare to commit a trek and be ready to change into a better person – a slight turn can change the definition of your life. Just a beginning – Allow me to share..

 Best 6 Striking and Life Changing Trekking Trails In India

The Chadar Trek

Best 6 Trekking Trails In India

chadar trek best 6 trekking trails in india

Are you ready for a walk on the ice?

Now, this is what we call life….

“Chadar” means a blanket a huge sheet of ice, this trek is also referred as the Zanskar Gorge lying in the region of Ladakh.

Come! Become a part of this charming landscape and master the vertical cliffs standing tall to 600 meter high.

Make a stay at Tibb camp – Traverse safe on the wooden bridge at Nerak – absorb the best view of Nerak Fall – enjoy the best of Tilat Sumdo – hold your breath and revive your soul at Indus and Zanskar Confluence.

[Lie down under the sheet filled with stars – life is about to happen]

  • Whereabouts/location – Ladakh
  • Miles to encounter – Around 65 miles/105 kilometer: one-way pass
  • Track Difficulty – Extreme
  • Favourable season – January to February

Suggested Tour : Frozen River Chadar Trek

Kalindi Khal Trek

Best 6 Trekking Trails in India

Life itself introduces us to N number of Challenges – this time just play smart, step ahead and challenge your life on your own.

This trek is dream expedition of Mountaineers. Stretch your limits and climb up high.

[A trek, which redefines the Word – Difficult and tough]

  • Whereabouts/location – Garhwal Himalayan region – Uttarakhand
  • Elevation – 5,950 meter [19,521 feet]
  • Track Difficulty – One of the Toughest
  • Favourable season – Mid June to Mid September

A Route in brief – Play it safe

  1. Gomuk [400 meter]
  2. Vasuki Parvat [4800 meter]
  3. Glacier Camp [5200 meter]
  4. Kalindi Base Camp [5560 meter]
  5. River Camp [4770 meter]
  6. Gastoli [3980 meter]


Auden’s Col Trek

Best 6 Trekking Trails in India

auden’s col trek best 6 trekking trails in india

Dangerous Passes – less travelled trails, however worth an experience. Don’t limit yourself – set your mind free and win the battle against fear.

Allow me to add more to your information – Do you know where this name came after – this mountain pass is named after John Bicknell Auden – Who at first explored and discovered this place in 1935 and encountered it in 1939.      

  • Whereabouts/location – Garhwal division – Uttarakhand
  • Elevation – 5,490 meter [18,012 feet]
  • Track Difficulty – Dangerous
  • Favourable season – June to Mid October

A Route in brief – Play with mind

  1. Gangotri – [3050 Meter]
  2. From Gangotri to Nala Camp – [3760 meter]
  3. Nala Camp to the base camp of Rudugaira – [4350 meter]
  4. Rudugaira Base Camp to the base camp of Gangotri Group – 4500 Meter]
  5. Gangotri Group of Base Camp to the base Camp of Auden’s Col –4720 meter]
  6. Auden’s Col Base Camp to the advanced base camp of Auden’s Col – [4975 meter]
  7. Encounter Auden’s Col [5490 meter] to khatling Glacier Camp [5000 meter]
  8. Cross Waterfall region to reach Khatling base camp at the River Snout of Bhilangna [3800 meter]
  9. Bhilangna Snout to Kharsoli – [2880 meter]
  10. Kharsoli to Gangi – [2500 meter]
  11. Gangi to Ghuttu – [1550 Meter]
  12. And at last turn your way towards Srinagar/Rishikesh or Haridwar.

Long expedition – Isn’t it but YES worth trying for once in a lifetime.


Pin Parvati Valley Trek

Best 6 Trekking Trails in India

pin parvati valley trek best 6 trekking trails in india

Life is where your heart is – I know where my heart takes me to. Do you share the same bond and connection with your heart?

Do not be afraid to encounter and conquer an uphill battle. Come! Encounter a mountain pass, which is named after the River Parvati.

One would reach the Top of the Parvati Valley; your eyes will be blessed to have a spectacular sight – a view beyond imagination.

  • Whereabouts/location – Himachal Pradesh
  • Trek Distance – 78 Kilometer
  • Track Difficulty – Challenging traverse
  •  Favourable season – August to September

A Route in brief – Play is well

  1. Beginning from Bhuntar
  2. Bhuntar to Pulga
  3. Pulga to Khirganga
  4. Khirganga to Tunda Bhuj
  5. Tunda Bhuj to Thakur Kuan
  6. Thakur Kuan to Odi Thatch
  7. Odi Thatch to Mantalai
  8. Mantalai to Base Camp 1 of Pin Parvati Pass
  9. Base Camp 1 to Base Camp 2
  10. Base camp 2 to Wichkurung Thatch
  11. Wichkurung Thatch to Kaza
  12. Kaza to Manali

[And here it comes to an end]

It’s not always about your health at times when you are hiking one the toughest mountain ranges – its way related to the alertness of your mind.

Suggested Tour : Pin Parvati Pass Trek

Markha Valley Trek

Best 6 Trekking Trails in India

markha valley trek best 6 trekking trails in india

This fascinating trek is situated right between Ladakh and Zanskar and the most interesting fact is that while you would be trying your best to conquer this thrilling expedition, you would come across numerous tiny villages, Buddhist Monasteries, high heightened pastures of Nimaling and a highly elevated peak of Kangyatse.

  • Whereabouts/location – Himalayan Region
  • Elevation – Highest Point of 17,060 feet
  • Track Difficulty – Sought out Trek
  • Favourable season – June to the end of September

A Route in brief – Play it with patience

  1. Starting from Zhingchan Village
  2. Rumbak Village
  3. Yurutse Village
  4. Lartsa Campsite
  5. Kanda La
  6. Shingo Village
  7. Skyu Yokma – Skyu Gongma
  8. Markha Village
  9. Pentse Campsite
  10. Nakdi Village/ Chalak Village/ Sara Village
  11. Lhatho Campsite
  12. Da- amo Campsite
  13. Hangkar Village
  14. Tsigu Campsite
  15. Gongmaru La
  16. Lhartsa Campsite
  17. Ozang Village
  18. Hemis Village

And this trek comes to an end.

Suggested Tour :  Markha Valley Trek

Stok Kangri Trek

Best 6 Trekking Trails in India

stok kangri trek best 6 trekking trails in india

Do not pull yourself back – infact push yourself forward, encounter the highest mountain – the pride of the Stok Range of the Himalayas standing tall in the Ladakh region.

Come! Serve yourself with the best of sights – one can revive their mind and soul by having a far distant view of the Highest Peak from the regions of Leh.

  • Whereabouts/location – Ladakh Region – Himalayas
  • Elevation – 6,153 meter
  • Track Difficulty – Tough Climb
  • Favourable season – Mid of June to October

Fall in love with the mountain ranges and even fall more in love with yourself.

Run Into The Best Trekking Trails In India

To add more to your information and to multiply the level of excitement and interest – let me bring few more name of the treks to your attention:

  • Kuari Tapovan Trek
  • Nanda Devi Trek
  • Goecha La Trek
  • Valley of Flowers
  • Roopkund Trek
  • Dodital Trek etc

[Your life mould it the way you like]

“Walk into the woods – turn with every twist and learn with every trip”

Allow yourself to participate in every activity of your choice – learn more and more from the places turning into an adventure worth remembering a lifetime – stay fit and stay healthy.

Become the first person in your family to recite the stories.

[Say it out loud that you love your life] 

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