Famous Forts In India | The Best of Indian Forts

Famous Forts In India | The Best of Indian Forts

Famous Forts In India – Let’s Explore The Best

famous forts in india the best of indian forts

The royalty, the beauty, the aristocracy or the richness – when we talk about India every corner from the north to the south or from the east to the west is loaded with the epitomes of richness and royalty and those are known as world – class forts.

Let us shift the limelight to these drop dead gorgeous elevated artistries and know about some of the most loved & famous forts of the nation, which is as stunning as India.

The comeliness with, which these royal forts are created, is a truly commendable task. With the hard work of hundreds and thousands of workers, the kings and rulers of that time came up with the massive fabrications that makes each and all of us go bonkers about visiting the right, left and centre of these stupendous sites.

The Indian forts are truly paragon structures, with carvings, gold makings, the fretworks, bastion, windows, porches, courtyards, the domes and majorly are mustering together to form a solid construction and that is what makes them count on top of the list that particularly schedules the best of Indian forts.

The multiplying glory and fame that these magnificent beauties are adding to India is what summates four shinny stars to the fame of our motherland.

The Best of Indian Forts | Famous Forts In India


Mehrangarh Fort – Jodhpur

Famous Forts In India

mehrangarh fort famous fort in india

It is situated in the blue city, Jodhpur, which is in the state of Rajasthan. The state is studded with beautiful forts and among them; one of the best is this 500 – year – old fort, which is also among the top lists of the largest forts in India. Rao Jodha commenced it; and is the same royal being on whose name the city is still remembered.

Overlook the whole city from the terrace of this splendid construction and bow down to the heavens to salute the great architects who created this undying beauty.

Moti Mahal, Sheesha Mahal, Chamunda Devi temple and the museum are the main attractions of the site.

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Red Fort – Delhi

Famous Forts In India

red fort famous fort in india

Red Fort, which is actually known as Lal Quila in India is one of the most visited places in the city of Delhi. This UNESCO Recognised World Heritage Site is a gem from Delhi and was constructed for the Mughal Dynasty by Shah Jahan to live in peace and order and conduct their kingdom in and around the Indian subcontinent.

It lies alongside the holy river Yamuna and is ornamented with beautiful spots inside it like a moti mosque, Diwan – I – Aam, Diwan – I – khas, gardens and a lot more.

The honorary Prime Minister of India makes a formal speech to the citizens of our country and flatters the flag of the nation on the Independence and the Republic Day of our country, India.

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Chittorgarh Fort – Chittorgarh

Famous Forts In India

chittorgarh fort famous fort in india

It is mostly known as the Chittor fort. It was the seat of the great rulers from the Sisodia Dynasty of Mewar, which is now referred to as Chittorgarh.

It is one of the largest forts in India and is also one of the UNESCO recognised world heritage sites. It is a truest example of the architectural brilliance. It is a monument painted in the shades of Honey and is a massive stature to look at commenced in the 7th century BC.

The people of the town will tell you a quote that is famous about this huge fabrication and that is ‘garhtu Chittorgarh, baki sab garhaiya’, which means that the only great fort in the world is, Chittorgarh fort and the remaining rest are just fortresses.

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Gwalior Fort – Gwalior

Famous Forts In India

gwalior fort famous fort in india

It is one of the most royal settings in India, when you look at this fort it looks like it is a place that is created by a fashion designer and not an architect. Situated in the state of Madhya Pradesh this construction was capitalised by the great ruler named, Rana Man Singh Tomar.

The most popular attractions in the premises of the Gwalior fort are the Sas-Bahu temple, Gujari Mahal that is now a museum and The famous Man Mandir are some of the most loved places in the grand fort.

It is a fort that is been ruled by more than 100 rulers from various other dynasties. It is also the same spot where the brave queen named Rani Lakshmi Bai fought the British and lost her life in the battle.

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Agra Fort – Agra

Famous Forts In India

agra fort famous fort in india

Have you ever came across a painting or a sketch? This amazing place is as beautiful as that. It seems as if a great artist has made this structure with coloured pencil and scale. The Agra Fort is about 2 kilometres away from the most beautiful building in the nation, The Taj Mahal.

The first sultan of Delhi named, Sikander Lodi was the one who first came to India and lived in this massive fort. It is like a twin sister of Red Fort in Delhi and is also one of the famous UNESCO World heritage site.

It is among the top rankers in the list of best places to visit in the state of Uttar Pradesh. When in Agra try not to miss the beauty in colour red.

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Amber Fort – Jaipur

Famous Forts In India

amber fort famous fort in india

It is correctly been mentioned as the gateway to Rajasthan, situated in the capital city of Jaipur, this place is surely one of the first attractions a person would explore when in town. The construction of this fort was started in the 10th century but the work exceed to the later time span of the 15th century. It is constructed on the top of the hill and has a record that the fort was never ever been conquered by anyone ever.

The Sheesha Mahal, Diwan – e-Aam, The residence of summer, Palace of the king Man Singh – I, the famous Shila Mata Temple are the key attractions of this splendid fort. This alluring construction of Rajasthan is undoubtedly a structure that boasts the power and strength of the ancient kings.

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Jaisalmer Fort – Jaisalmer

Famous Forts In India

jaisalmer fort famous fort in india

The Golden Fort of Jaisalmer is one of the structures, which give you an allusion that as if they are been cemented with real gold.

However, this is not true but the beauty of this massive – massive creation will spell bound you and make you reach out this location twice in one day, such is the charm of Jaisalmer fort situated in Rajasthan.

It is a majestic architectural elegance. While you take a walk by the great Indian Thar Desert, do not miss on this fabrication done in the deserted land. Its major attraction is that it is constructed without a drop of water. Roll your sleeves, fasten your shoe – laces and run to the airport to catch the first flight to India, for only this nation will serve you with such amazing views.

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Golconda Fort – Hyderabad

Famous Forts In India

golconda fort famous fort in india

Golconda fort in the city of Hyderabad, Telangana. It was a construction done by the Kakatiya Kings. A place is known for its rich history and majestic stature it is an attraction that is a must visit when in this trade oriented town of the southern India.

Golkonda Fort was once popular for the beautiful diamonds found at the southeast region at the Kollur Mine near Lake of Kullur.

The fort is designed for military from the past and its unique structure makes it one of the most visited spots in the city of Hyderabad.

Golconda Fort is ranked as one of the Seven Wonders of Hyderabad city; others in this list are Charminar, Birla Mandir, Ramoji Film City, Hussain Sagar, Salarjung Museum and Mecca Masjid, which is the biggest mosque of Hyderabad.

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famous fort in india

There are various other forts in the nation in every thick and corner of the Indian region and if your love is towards historic tales, then this is sure going to make you fall in love with the country. Hence, your tour will be counted in the list of your best travel tales while you sit with your friends and narrate the former.

Have you checked the expiry date of your passport, rush towards the visa centre, call our agents and fly towards the nation named India to enjoy some of the most famous heritage forts in the country and know about the majestic bygone days.

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