Famous Historical Monuments Built By Women In India

Famous Historical Monuments Built By Women In India

famous historical monuments built by women in india

In this male dominating society, India is a land that considers the fairer – sex to be the embodiment of the Goddess herself. Today let us know some of their great achievements accomplished in the ancient history that still stands rooted and booted in the soil of our nation.

The great architectural sense was not just the cup of tea for those bearded men, but the women in royal attires who are considered to be just a beautiful face have shown the world that what they wish, they get.

In the modern days, women have given all kinds of advancements to the society, but the point is that what it was like in the ancient past. We have to sweep in the article to find out what the women have initiated for us to feel proud about the women hood we are a part of.


Empowering Women – From Past to Present

indian traditional woman

The pretty ladies, are considered to be delicate souls and hence, people do not tend to burden them with any kinds of load. However, hold on my friends! Women have high spirits and they have the morale to battle the world if it is not in her favour.

Although life has always been tough for the ‘she’ side of humankind. Nonetheless, the ladies have always emerged out victorious and courageous showing the globe that their potential knows no boundaries. Be it in the year 1818 or 2018 or even for that matter 118, women have been an internal part of all the progress the world has seen.

To name a few Rani Lakshmi Bai, Queen Victoria, Kalpana Chawla, Nur Jahan or the females of your life. We all have something in common and that is the ZEAL, the zeal to capture the world, the zeal to do something we aim in life and be proud about it.

Today as we all talk about the gentle Women, let us take a note of some ancient buildings whose capitalisation was in the hands of them and the great architecture of these buildings is sure to woo you and make you chalk out the plan for your tour.

Famous Historical Monuments Built By Women In India


  • Tomb of I’timād-ud-Daulah, Uttar Pradesh – Welcome To The Baby Taj

itimad-ud-daulah or baby taj in agra, india

I’timād-ud-Daulah was a high official in the court of Emperor of Mughal dynasty named Jahangir. He was a courtier and a family member as well.

Queen Nur Jahan’s father and Begum Mumtaz Mahal’s Uncle, Mirza Ghiyas Beg was his real name and I’timād-ud-Daulah was the title awarded to the great man.

His death came with a shock to his daughter and she thought of making a garden Mausoleum in honour of him. With the help of Emperor Jahangir, the tomb was constructed and is now known as “BABY TAJ” by the localities.

The Yellow and Red Toned Sandstone Marble construction in staircases present in the tomb elongates its rich beauty.

This grand tomb is an attraction in Agra that is worth ‘not missing at all’. The beautiful construction and the picturesque view will give you a great knowledge about Indo – Islamic Culture.

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  • Virupaksha Temple, Pattadakal, Karnataka – The Illustration Of Victory

virupaksha temple pattadakal

The Virupaksha Temple in the city of Pattadakal is the greatest of all the temples built in Pattadakal. It was a construction of Queen Lokamaha Devi, who in the year 740 AD commenced with the work of this extraordinarily beautiful temple.

This temple was fabricated for her husband who was King Vikramaditya II on his victory over the powerful Pallava rulers. Lokeshvarawas the name of the temple as it stood as the tribute to the queen who built it.

There are two temples with the same name. Virupaksha temple in the religious town of Hampi has no connections with this great architectural excellence shown by a woman. These temple complexes are sketched with perfect carvings on its wall to highlight the royalty prevailing till date.

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  • Mirjan Fort, Kumta, Karnataka – A Unique Making In Itself

mirjan fort kumta karnataka

This amazing place is known for its Architectural grace; Mirjan Fort is situated on the western coast of the ‘Uttara Kannada District’of the southern Indian region of Karnataka.

The Great Queen Chennabhaira Devi of Gersoppa, who was ruling over lands that grew the best kinds of pepper, she established the fort that was enclosed by a double layer of gigantic walls.

The lofty fort is home to many secret doors, tunnels and watch towers. Mirjan was also the main port, which was used for export of pepper, rice, coconuts and various other spices.


  • Lal Darwaza Masjid, Jaunpur, Uttar Pradesh – The Red Door Mosque

lal darwaza masjid jaunpur uttar pradesh

The mosque is dedicated to the great Saint Sayyid Ali Dawood Kutubbudin. Lal Darwaza Masjid (mosque) was constructed in the year 1447 and is one of the oldest monuments built by women in India.

Rajye Bibi, Queen of Sultan Mahmood Sharqi from the city, Jaunpur, commenced the construction of this legendary place.

The splendid Lal Darwaza mosque is a beautiful construction and it gets its name from the vibrant red painted gate, and is in a way a replica of the ‘Atala Masjid’.

The Queen was a great social worker and hence, she founded the first school for girls in the region of Jaunpur, The Madrasa is still in use since the time of her husband’s reign.


  • Khayr – al – Manazil Mosque, New Delhi – Fabricated By Maham Anga

khayr-al-manazil mosque

Khayr – al- Manazil mosque is situated in exact opposition towards the Puranaqila (old fort). It was built in the year 1561 by Maham Anga who was the powerful nurse and also baby sitter of Emperor Akbar the great after the death of his father, Humayun.

She was a very forceful and witty woman. Her power was such that she had half ruled the complete Mughal Empire when Akbar was enjoying his childhood in peace.

The holy mosque was also used as a Madrasa and it had five tall arches that pointed into the main prayer, which has a set of beautiful inscriptions and carvings.


  • Mohini Shwara Shivalay Temple, Gulmarg, Kashmir – The Red Caped Temple

mohini shwara shivalay temple gulmarg

Shivalay Temple stands proudly on a small hill -top, which is right in the centre of the town in Gulmarg, The temple was named in honour of the queen who was responsible for its construction.

Maharani Mohini Bai Sisodia who was the wife of the King of Kashmir at that time, Raja Hari Singh. The temple was built and presented to the world in the year 1915.

The sloping roof is painted in a bright red shade and its construction against the mesmerising background of the snowy peaks makes this temple complex look absolutely picturesque and it could be viewed from almost each thick and corner of the streets of the city, Gulmarg.

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Famous Historical Monuments Build By Women In India – UNESCO World Heritage Sites Build By Women


  • Rani Ki Vav, Patan, Gujarat – Stupendous Architectural Step Well

rani ki vav, patan

It is a marvel in the list of stepwells. A hidden location in the small city of Patan in the heritage state of Gujarat. In the year 1980 when the Sarasvati River was flooded, this beautiful 11th century building came in existence and made the world look at it with an Aww.

A Queen in loving memory of her beloved husband, King Bhimdev, constructed this marvellous step – well. Hence, this is also termed as “Taj Mahal in reverse’.

Rani Ki Vav is a UNESCO world heritage site, which is home to architectural excellence with 7 steps and more than 1500 sculptures of Hindu gods and their Goddesses.

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  • Humayun’s Tomb, New Delhi – The Oldest Garden Tomb Of India

humayun tomb new delhi

It is one of the major tourist attraction in the capital city of New Delhi. The Humayun’s tomb is a UNESCO recognised world heritage site.

The wife of the second Mughal ruler, Humayun was responsible for the massive construction of this first garden tomb of India.

This gorgeous architectural structure is situated in the city of Delhi’s Nizamuddin area and complements by the side of holy river Yamuna.

The first garden-tomb rooted in the soil of the Indian continent was emboldened by the Persian architectural style and has all its resemblance with the Char bagh style of architectural designing.

It is made up of beautiful red sandstone and it is until date standing beautifully in the lap of national capital Delhi. Visit to this amazing place is a must when you are exploring the city.

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These are a few monuments that have shown the world, that the hard work of woman has no limits and it can exceed from making food in home to even constructing a massive building that one day turns out to be known world – wide and even in some case termed as World heritage site.

We welcome you to India, the place where men and women have started to get equal rights and the gentle- sex is nowhere less than the significant one.

We extend our hand of help to plan your tailor made packages to these amazing monuments constructed by women.

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