Top 10 Tourists Destinations Of India

Top 10 Tourists Destinations Of India

India, the land that has got everything for everyone. The Hills, the Desert, the Mountains, the Beaches, the Roads, the Sea, the Wildlife and the Backwaters, the North or the South, there’s nothing in India not worth a visit. Every single corner of this incredible land has a lot to be told only if you are there to listen. Being one of the prominent Tourist Destination, India is a land that offered plethora of exploration opportunities while serving your interests. Every single state of India is known for something special that fascinates uncountable number of travelers and visitors to them every year. And I can guarantee you, you will be left in shock if you see the crowd in the prominent and beloved Top 10 Tourists Destinations of India.

top 10 tourists destinations of india

The plenty of options you need to chose for your particular travel interest will definitely take a lot of time and you know what? Chose whatever you want to, you will end up being totally happy and satisfied with your expectations of travel from India. So, I know you are planning your trip but if you are muddled to book your India Tour to a particular destination. That is okay! If you know everything then why would I be here? Right! So, since I’m guiding you with the best of everything for India and your India Tour, I should definitely guide you for your Prominent Tourists Destinations of India right.

As the country is full of places that are famous and known across the globe, trust me, there are few places you should definitely plan your tour to. Sometimes it depends upon the interests of your tour as well. So rather I just tell you the Top 10 Places you should Visit in India, I will bring the list of Top 10 Tourists Destinations of India that you can explore according to your interests. So, why wasting much time when the list is already here?

Top 10 Tourists Destinations of India

  • Delhi – The Paradise for Monuments


The Beloved and the most Prominent Tourist Destination and also the Capital of the Country, Delhi is only city that has seen the rise and fall of plethora of empires. And thus this city is considered to be one of the oldest cities as well. So no doubt, the empires that once ruled this city have given this city as lot to be admired by people. If you truly want to explore the monuments, and other wise also, Delhi is the right place for you. And of course monuments are not the only thing that makes it jump to the very first destination for being the prominent tourist destination. And that you need to find out yourself.

Must Experience: Delhi Food Tour, Shopping in Delhi

  • Agra – The home to Iconic Taj


Yay, Yay! Agra, and the Taj Mahal, who doesn’t know about them? You do? No? Yes? Okay let it be. Taj Mahal is one of the Seven Wonders of the World and of course it is the Symbol of Love to the world that is taken as an inspiration for love. The story behind the construction you will get to know during Taj Mahal day tour but let me tell you, you don’t have to get scared watching the uncountable number of crowd that comes to visit this mesmerizing architectural marvel every day. And of course you should also visit the other two UNESCO World Heritage Sites that Agra houses.

Must Experience: Rajasthan with Taj Mahal

  • The Temple at its Best – Golden Temple, Amritsar

golden temple

Name does not matter sometimes but the work matters right. But here the thing is little different. The work and the name have its major significance in the religion of Sikhism and no doubt, this Sikh Religion’s hospitality in Amritsar will take your heart away. Build up in Gold; you will be left mesmerized when you will have the glimpse of this beautiful temple which is the most crucial pilgrimage spot of Sikhism. The area around this temple will definitely bring peace to you and your soul. And on the top of it, the exploration opportunities with cuisine will be a cherry on the cake.

Must Experience: Golden Triangle with Golden Temple

  • Udaipur – The Regal Splendor


These days Udaipur has been on the top of the bucket list of every traveler who plans or even thinks of traveling to India. And you know why? Because Udaipur is the most beautiful and romantic cities of India that is located in the most colorful state of Rajasthan that is known for its rich culture, heritage and history. The aura of the Natural and Human Made Lakes adds on to its charm making it the City of Lakes that is now regarded as one of the 15 Most Beautiful Cities of the World.  To get the real Regal Splendor, and the royal taste, you should definitely book your stay at Fateh Prakash Palace Hotel. Fall in love with yourself!

Must Experience: City of Lakes with Golden Triangle

  • Varanasi – The Pilgrimage and Holy Town


The oldest city of the world, merely about 3000 years old, Varanasi is the city that is known to be the Holy Capital of the Country. The Ghats on the banks of River Ganga are known to be the most spiritual and holy ghats of the nation that has got the uncountable foots of people every day. It is believed that a single dip in the water of Holy River Ganga at Varanasi will take away your sins. But there is a lot more about the Varanasi. The temples, Ghats and Evening Aarti that is offered to Holy River Ganga will bring the immense peace to your heart and soul. Thus the prominent holy and pilgrimage destination of India.

Must Experience: Delhi, Agra & Jaipur with Varanasi

  • Ajnata and Ellora Caves – The perfect glimpse of History and Architecture

ajanta ellora caves

The caves that are carved in hillside rock which is now considered to be located in the middle of nowhere which is quiet close to Aurangabad, in the north of Maharashtra are India’s most popular, famous and known caves. These inspiring caves will let you explore them and let you have an amazing, adventurous and thrilling experience while exploring them. As they are recognized for their architecture and the history that gave them this significance is worth to explore. Go for something known and new with this.

Must Experience: Rajasthan & Aurangabad Historical Tour

  • Hampi – The City which is abandoned


Being the former and the last capital of the Vijaynagara Empire which were considered to be the Greatest Hindu Rulers of the Past, Hampi is the city that still retains its captivating powers with its intriguingly intermingled with large boulders that are reared all over the landscapes. The town is known for its amazing energy that it has retained from the past till now and has been preserved very well as well. Because of its laid – back vibes, the number of foots that join this land for some chilling and leisure time is definitely amazing and uncountable.

Must Experience: Hampi with Jewels of Deccan Odyssey Journey

  • Madurai – The best of South India


Madurai, the town of Tamil Nadu state which is situated in the South India Region of the Country is known for being home to the richest temple of the world, the Meenakshi Temple. Since the city is as old as to 4000 years, the culture and the traditions of the city as very well preserved and  till date the facts states that Madurai has been and is the major center for Tamil Culture and Learning. Other plenty of exploration opportunities that Madurai offers, you will witness the best of South India here. The food, the lifestyle and everything else will add on for your perfect India Trip.

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  • Kerala – The Backwaters Paradise


Kerala, the most beloved and top tourist destination of India is known to be the states that is blessed with natural mesmerizing landscapes, lush greenery and the paradise of Backwaters. Regarded as the God’s Own Country, Kerala is in the list of best tourist places of India and no wonder why it is called so. The untouched beaches of Kovalam, the Backwaters and the Houseboats of Alleppey and Kumarakom, the wildlife of the Periyar Wildlife Sanctuary and the Ayurveda Therapy will let you relax in the lap of Mother Nature and what will be the perfect add on besides the South Indian Cuisine?

Must Experience: Kerala Backwater & Beach Delights

  • Goa – The Beaches at its Best


Goa is the place that is considered to be the destination that fascinates people all across the globe. The parties, the nightlife, the adventure sports of waters, the golden sand and the yellow sun makes the vacations of anyone the perfect time period of their lives. You can never get enough of the culture here. The sea food, and the churches of Old Goa is another major attraction of this place that will never give you your heart back or maybe what if you would just extend your trip or may have a plan to be there forever? Stay good!

Must Experience: Beaches of Goa, Exotic Goa

I guess, exploring these destinations for you would require a little of time until I get some more best destinations for you and your India Travel Trip that will make the most cherished memories of your lives. See Yaa!

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