Top 10 Beaches in India

Top 10 Beaches in India

INDIA is a peninsular nation that is covered by water on three sides. As a peninsular country, it can be a dream destination for all the vacationers who love beaches.

INDIA has some of the best beaches on the planet scattered along the coasts of southern India. It has amazing picturesque beaches that offer everything from excellence to comfort to activities and welcomes individuals from various pieces of the nation to engage in a variety of beach activities.

The beaches are fun-filled and adventurous destinations, and we must make the most of them. Here is a list of the 10 most famous and adventurous beach vacation destinations in India.

   1. Radhanagar Beach- Havelock island, Andaman and Nicobar Islands


With probably the best beaches of the nation in its arms, Andaman and Nicobar Island is most popular for its perfect environment and immaculate natural beauty.
The Radhanagar Beach on Havelock Island is the most well-known vacation destination of the Andaman and Nicobar islands. It has been best claimed with the valuable (Asia’s best beach) grant by times magazine.
This intriguing seashore has white sand and blue water and a great deal of harmony and beauty, making it a perfect spot for sea bathing. The most important thing that ought to be remembered while enjoying this beach is that water sports are not permitted here and in any event, swimming is allowed uniquely between 8 am to 4 pm.

The best time to enjoy this beach is from November to April

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   2. Agonda Beach – Goa

Agonda Beach

What do you like most about “Goa”? The long and crowded stretch of seashores, parties until late at night, scrumptious foods, or water sports activities.  Goa has everything to fulfill the appetite of beach lovers. It also has some most lovely and amazing beaches for individuals who like to avoid the beachside hurrying around. Agonda beach is a confined stretch of sealine situated on the edges of Goa,  which helps you relax your mind with natural wonders like delicate warm and turquoise blue water. Agonda has become increasingly popular recently and there are many hotels and restaurants coming up on the site. It is perhaps one of the best beaches in India.

The best time to enjoy this beach is from November to April.

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   3. Puri Beach- Orissa

Puri Beach

Puri beach is one of the significant attractions for sightseers in Orissa. It is still a place for the number of pilgrims who come to pay tribute to Lord JagannathThis lovely seashore lies on the fine white sands and extends from the Bay of Bengal. It is the most loved spot for both Indian and foreign beach lovers. Puri beach offers one of a kind chance to observe the wonderful dawn and the dusk at a similar spot. Visitors can see a fishing village along the coast and enjoy seafood cooked with a rich catch such as shrimp brochures and other fishes. You can visit whenever to the Puri seashore to make an incredible most.

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   4. Yarada Beach- Vishakhapatnam, Andhrapradesh

Yarada Beach

Andhra Pradesh is endowed with numerous exotic seashores that share their shoreline with the Bay of Bengal, like Odisha.  Yarada beach is one of the numerous beautiful and pristine seashores of Andhra Pradesh, which are not acclaimed for gatherings and water sports exercises but rather for their beauty and tranquility.Unlike Goa and Kerela, Andhra doesn’t have late-night gatherings at the beach or five-star properties yet it has the second-biggest coastline and the longest seashore street in the nation. Yarada is the flawless and continuous coastline that leads to the dolphin’s nose lighthouse which sits atop black mores hills.

The best time to visit Yarda Beach is from October to March.

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   5.  Digha Beach- West Bengal

Digha Beach

If you want to explore the city of joy that is KOLKATA, you must plan a trip to the coastal town of Digha. It could end up being the ideal family excursion or the craziest time with your group of friends. Rest on the sandy beaches and watch the end of another beautiful day as the sun sets on the horizon of the Bay of Bengal. Breathe in the energetic culture of the place which will lift your soul. You can visit Digha Beach at any time between October and February. Winter is the time of the biggest celebration in all of Bengal, so winter is the best time of the year to go to the beach in Digha.

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   6. Ganpatipule Beach- Maharashtra

Ganpatipule Beach

Ganpatipule beach is spread over the Konkan coast, the outlandish and untainted Ganpatipule beach is one of the awesome sights of Maharashtra that welcomes a perpetual number of harmony seekers, beach lovers, and pilgrims.The incredible focal point of fascination of this beach is the temple of Swayambhu (Lord Ganesha). Ganpatipule has plenteous greenery including mangroves and coconut palms, which adds to the beauty of the spot.

The best time to go to Ganpatipule Beach is from October to February.

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   7. Arambol Beach-North Goa

Arambol Beach

Arambol Beach is among the best seashores of North Goa and is considered a tourist paradise. Arambol Beach has some of the best natural attractions which attract tourists from all over the world.  Visitors feel happy and enjoy the beach doing simple activities such as swimming, sunbathing, walking on the beach, etc., the attractions at Arambol seashore are paragliding which draws in travelers the most and shopping from vivid seashore bazaars that sell materials, cloths, junk jewelry, and craftworks.

The best time to visit Arambol beach is from November to March.

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   8.  Palolem Beach- South Goa

Palolem Beach

Palolem seashore is surrounded by thick coconut palms and encompassed by clear crystalline ocean blue water. The Palolem beach is the most wonderful beach in the state. It is mainly covered with beechnuts, boats, and fishing nets. This beautiful seal extends for miles and looks obscure shaded and semicircular with diverse flora. This excellent seashore spot offers an alternate environment to various travelers. Apart from this people enjoyed here by indulging in different activities like dolphin spotting, fishing, boating, shopping, and kneading exercises.

The best time to go to Palolem Beach is from October to March

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   9.  Cola beach- Goa

Cola Beach

Just a ride away from the Agonda beach, you will find a breathtaking beach surrounded with a fresh sweet water lagoon and vast stretches of white sand with palm trees .yes!we are talking about the beautiful cola beach.,also known as (Khola), which lies along the stunning coastline of south goa. This the perfect beach for the people who are looking for peace or who wants to run away from the hustle and bustle of the city.

The best time to visit this beach is from November to April.

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   10. Utroda beach-Goa

Utroda Beach

The long and shiny golden sandy beach of Utroda is located near the famous Colva beach. This beautiful sandy heaven has some amazing resorts and restaurants that offer exotic seafood and delicious beach snacks and drinks.Tourists can enjoy activities like swimming,sun-bathing, and beach walks on these beautiful sealines. This relatively untouched and unspoiled beach of goa gives quite a relaxing atmosphere for everyone visiting this place.

The best time to visit this place is from November to April.

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