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“ For those who can dream, there is no such place as Far Away. ”

If the world is a book, India is a chapter without which the conclusion can never be written. The divine beauty is the unputdownable aspect of this chapter, which is famous in the libraries of the universe. And to read this chapter, Travelsite India is the only best source available.

Believing in the fact that states “it’s better to see something once than to hear about it a thousand times” The Delhi based Travel Management Company, Travelsite India came into existence in year 2010. Seeking its origin with an inspiration to make this must read chapter of India known to the universe, Travelsite India was established by Mr. Vikas Sharma who very well knew the worth of this chapter and came ahead to bring the best of it in front of the world.

The company, Travelsite India deals with an Inbound Tourism aspect of the chapter called India and works only for its International Lovers of this heavenly abundant charm. The company that was acknowledged by a single person now has a team that works day and night to provide all kinds of tailor-made / customized tours, special interests tours, religious tours, holiday tours, honeymoon tour and plenty of them. The company just not only aims to let you read the chapter but to explore it in a way where one can never forget the experience of this beautiful phase they once lived in.

With its excellent services that it aims to provide to its clients, Travelsite India has been awarded the Excellence Award from the Trip Advisor which is an International Travel Community Portal. For us, a good tale evil told was better untold and an evil take well told need none other solicitor. So, before you go ahead in this chapter, make sure the source is right for you.

Meet The Founder :- Mr. Vikas Sharma

A travel freak, Vikas Sharma was muddled about what he had to pursue and so started his carrier in Travel and Tour Management that took him one step closer to his dream that was roaming around travel and traveling. For him travel was the ultimate food for his soul. While he was persuing his studies, he got a chance to catch his dreams and while he was living his dream of travelling to the places that are blessed with divine beauty, he notices the lack of services provided by the travel management companies and that is what inspired him to start Travelsite India with a mission to provide excellent services to the people who know the worth of traveling. With the birth of Travelsite India, he has been able to provide the best of services to his clients who come down to Explore India as per their interest. With every farewell that he bids, the happy and satisfied faces of his clients encourage him to do more of what he has been able to till now.

Mr. Vikas Sharma : Founder

Co-Founder and Sales Head : Ms. Priya Sharma

With an experience of more than 10 years, our Co-Founder and Sale Head, Priya Sharma had a thinking same as our founder Mr. Vikas Sharma. As they met, she joined as a Co-Founder and took care of all the aspects of sales of the company. So became the Sales Head and she manages the team of Sales of the company.

Ms. Priya Sharma : Co-Founder and Sales Head

Virtue and Motto

As John A. Shedd once said, “A ship in harbor is safe, but that’s not what ships are built for”, Travelsite India, being the best tour operator of the India works on its virtue and motto of ‘making travel not just a travel’ for its clients but to give away the best services and make some connections for the lives that builds a trust factor between the company and its clients and bid them goodbye with their happy and satisfied faces and an urge to come and visit our incredible land once again.

Why Choose Us?

We believe that trusting blindly isn’t good. So with the services that we provide, we have been able to develop the trust for ourselves in the minds of our clients and here we list down the factors of why you need to trust us for your perfect India Tour.

Quality Services

We understand the needs of a traveler and so we provide them with the best and quality services according to their standards and budgets with a target to beat their expectation level of travel services.


24x7 Expert Support

With a helpline that works 24x7 for you, you may reach out to us anytime of the day.


Customer Satisfaction

As our motto suggests, to provide the best services is what we aim at and the satisfaction of customers is what our priority is.


Awarded Travel Management Company

Travelsite India has been awarded the Excellence Award from Trip Advisor which is an International Travel Community.


Passionate Travel Experts

Our team itself is made up of the Travel Enthusiast people who know the worth of traveling.


Financial Support

We know the worth of travelling for a traveler so we provide the best services to every kind of budget you have.

Meet The Team


Piyush Maurya : Web Developer

The person who works behind bringing the best visuals and the content in front of you is our Web Developer, Piyush Maurya. An enthusiastic engineer who is now associated with every single travel aspect of the country.

Prateek Gahlot : Digital Marketing Expert

Not so good in Travel, the Digital Marketing Expert of the Company, Prateek Gahlot Joined with a vision to take the company to the greater heights. With his journey from just being a Digital Marketing Expert to being a travel enthusiast and one of the most crucial person of the company, he gives his best shot to bring the best in front of the world and let people choose the best for their travel needs.

Yashika Bhatia : Editor, Content Writer and Blogger

With making a hard decision of choosing the road less travelled, Yashika Bhatia, the Editor, Content Writer and Blogger of the Company is a wanderlust girl not made up of sugar and spice. Adventure, fine Beer and Brains rather. Being a social worker and a travel freak, no wonder she is working day and night to bring the best of every single corner of India right in front of the world.

Aisha Siddique : Editor, Content Writer and Blogger

With her search of knowledge and the way to pursue her interest in writing, Ayesha Siddique, Content Writer of the company joined while bringing her search to an end and start the journey she had always wanted to go on.

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