Believe one’s eyes- God’s creation at its best

One might have a dedicated chapter describing the best wildlife experiences so far, get ready to add more pages to this chapter, which will later become the best section of the Book called life because what we are about to tell you would definitely become the first and the best of all the experiences you have lived yet so far!

The foremost attraction, which invites a huge number of travel enthusiasts and animal lovers, is the giant and scary Crocodiles. Needs no permission- Get, Set and Go- Crocodiles are waiting for your visit.

The Chambal Wildlife Safari Lodge is one of the best resorts serving its visitor with amazing Motor Safari- where one get to witness the amazing wildlife including crocodiles, turtles and the mesmerizing migratory birds.

To multiply the level of excitement, one should not miss on participating in the interesting and fun arousing Horse Ride activity.


Take an escape from your routine activities defining your existence, with this long time span of life- shortlist a day or two and explore the places, which are waiting for your visit. Add some more excitement to your teeny weeny adventurous trips, the best of the fun driving trips can be well-utilized when your destination of preference and choice is Agra.


Come and express your love for Animals, change the title from the “Journey of Love” to the “Journey of Love and Thrill”.

  • AGRA

    To begin with - explore the best creation recognized across the World - Taj Mahal, one can get lost for a while till the time - Taj Mahal is in the range of your sight, give a special treatment to your eyes and soul.

    For the duration till you are in Agra strolling around and embracing the finest creations of Mughal Dynasty- the trip can be well-titled as Journey of Love, however, the best part comes into picture when you take the title to another level by exploring the nearby places, which can pay a huge contribution towards your exciting and awe-inspiring expedition.


    Jarar is one of the names to be added in your Must Visit List- a village in Bah Tehsil in the district of Agra, a tiny road journey for about one and a half hour, as the distance from Agra to Jarar is approximately 76 Kilometers.


    One can also opt to explore the fascinating Jungle trails of the Etawah Wildlife Lion Safari Park, which is around 50 Kilometers away from the Jarar Village with travelling time - One Hour fifteen minute.

A tributary of the Yamuna River lying in the central India. A river, which forms as an essential part of the greater Gangetic drainage system.

Everything, which exists holds a meaning, this calm river is also in search of that one meaning defining its existence- as it flows through Rajasthan, Northeast through Madhya Pradesh, also forms a boundary between the regions of Rajasthan and Madhya Pradesh before taking a turn to the southeast with the only purpose to join the River Yamuna in the State of Uttar Pradesh.

“Don’t think there are no crocodiles because the water is calm” The king residing in the sluggish waters and the swamps of
the tropics- Crocodiles also add glory to the banks of River Chambal.

The crocodiles are the best of numerous attractions, when your destination of interest and choice is the regions covered by the tributaries, so as- Banas, Mej, Parbati, Kali Sindh and Shipra

Embrace and appreciate the animals by marking your presence as these are the ones, who add more to the definition of the Chambal River. Come and make them understand their importance and assure how much their existence matters for us.

Life is all about sharing- time is the most important component of it, hence come and share some quality time with the ones who are rare in your sight.

  • Caiman- an amazingly shaped and designed Alligatorid Crocodilian.
  • The Alligators- a crocodilian in the genus Alligator belonging to the family- Alligatoridae.

  • Watch the crocodiles sprawling and high walking on the banks of the River - Chambal, shoot short videos or capture pictures from a close distance- grab an opportunity and be the first one in your family and friends to experience something this unique and amazing.

    Come and stare at the crocodilian posture, which is considered as the special feature of the crocodiles, one can stare this amazing view for hours and they can hold this position for the extreme length of time. The solid lands and the overflowing river- is what define the beauty of the regions of Jarar village.

    When the primary topic of the discussion is the crocodile- how can we miss on mentioning the name of the Man, who was popularly known as the
    “The Crocodile Hunter”- Stephen Robert Irwin.


    “Don’t think there are no crocodiles because the water is calm” The king residing in the sluggish waters and the swamps of the tropics- Crocodiles also add glory to the banks of River Chambal.

    If one plans to visit all of the three above listed places, then a stay for a night is necessary. Come! Let us introduce you with a resort which will help in all the best way possible, from serving you with the best and tasty food, decent accommodation and even the Jeep rides to the nearby places seeking attention like- the Chambal wildlife sanctuary.

    You will be accompanied all the way throughout the trip, as you will get a Jeep ride to the main point of access from where you will get onboard on a motorboat, which will float around on the river- Chambal. It will ride you close to a point from where you can get the best sight of Crocodiles, Dolphins, Red-Crown Roofed Turtles and numerous migratory birds like- Indian Skimmers, Bar-Headed Goose etc.

    Come and explore the clean and flawless land soaked with the richness of biodiversity.

    Best spot for the reptile lovers, come and set free your wings of adventure and fly straight towards the bank of the Chambal River. Head, eye and jaws are the best parts of the body, which needs to be captured to portray the amazing strips covering the external part of their body.

    There is always something new to learn about, new to explore with your bare eyes- our life is filled with mixed emotions and phases take a pause- breath the air of relaxation and activate your invisible wings of Adventure.

    Motor ride on the River Chambal- One of a Kind