Kerala Tourism Destinations | Journey To God’s Own Country

Kerala Tourism Destinations | Journey To God’s Own Country

Kerala, the God’s Own Country, is one of the most beautiful state of India which is creates a deep and long lasting impact on the mind of its travelers and visitors. Every single trip to Kerala brings something new to explore and offer something amazing to uncover. Kerala, the state that is located in the south region of the country India, it takes you to the untimed journey with Mother Nature to explore the amazing Kerala Tourism Destinations.


The backwaters, the paddy fields, the stunning beaches that are untouched by the human feet, the wildlife, the migratory birds, the houseboats and plenty of other things that are housed in Kerala leave every traveler and visitor totally awe struck. The world can never get enough of the natural beauty as it can get in journey to God’s Own Country. Since it is flanked by the Arabian Sea in the West and covered with Western Ghats in the East, Kerala is known to be the state that has 44+ interconnected rivers of the country. The state is so rich is lush greenery, no wonder if a single Kerala Tour can make you relax in the lap of the Mother Nature.

Kerala Tourism Destinations
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The Backwaters of Kerala are extremely very well known and thus the add on of the houseboats makes it the most ideal location for vacations with friends, family and one of the most romantic destination for honeymooner. For anyone who is extremely stressed and is looking forward for some leisure time away from all the chaos of the city and hectic daily life, this is the place for you.  One can rejuvenate their body, mind and soul in Kerala.

yoga at kerala beach

girls at kerala beach doing yoga

This Country of God is believed to be erected by God himself with his utmost care. Every single destination of Kerala has something unique in itself that makes it one of the most prominent tourist destinations of India. The beauty of the backwaters is the biggest fascination of the travelers of Kerala and hence, the backwaters and the houseboats of Kerala draw uncountable number of visitors and travelers every year. The backwaters of Kerala with the fusion of the houseboats are the most ideal location for all the newlyweds as Kerala is regarded to be one of the most romantic destinations of India.

Most Romantic Honeymoon Destinations of India

The mesmerizing aura of the state and the addition to the activities that can be carried out in Kerala add on to its charm making it another most traveled destination of the country. There is exactly nothing Kerala don’t house. From the magnificent wildlife to the mesmerizing hill station, from the untouched stunning beaches to the backwaters and the moving hotels, from the extreme waterfalls to the effective Ayurveda Therapy. Kerala houses every single thing to make sure that your journey to God’s Own Country is never ending trip in your hearts and minds.


Kerala has plenty of attractions in terms of the destinations that it houses and one can just not afford to miss any of these amazing Kerala tourism destinations. So, since I’ve told you so many things about Kerala, do you know which are the best destinations of Kerala you should actually visit at least once in your lifetime? No? Then check out the list below that I’ve jot down for you. Who knows after reading them you get more excited for you perfect tour. Get the Best Kerala Tourism Destinations for Your Kerala Tour to India below:

Kerala Tourism Destinations

Journey To God’s Own Country


alleppey houseboat from outside

houseboat inside view

The most renowned town for the backwaters, Alleppey is known worldwide for its dazzling beauty of the backwaters and the houseboats. The backwaters of Alleppey are capable enough to take to you an overall different world of nature, beauty, the perfect aura, relaxation and what not. One sail of the backwaters of Alleppey via the moving hotel which are also known as the house boats that takes you through the  paddy fields, fishing nets, small chapels and the local villages while you are on your houseboats. Since it is regarded as the Venice of the East by Lord Curzon, Alleppey, no wonder is the best location of Kerala.

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munnar hill station

munnar tea plantation

One of the most popular Hill Stations of South India, Munnar is another  most prominent tourist destination of Kerala. Known for its tea estates and plantations, Munnar is the place which is covered with 80,000 miles of tea estates and organic breeding that are done over the mountains with the low flying clouds and the misty valley. Offering the perfect locations of the most stunning landscapes, Munnar is known to be the perfect location for any kind of Kerala Tour. May it be the Leisure, Family, Ayurveda or Honeymoon Tour. Munnar serves every tour purpose.

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kumarakom river close view


Another most beautiful location of Kerala that just not offers the backwaters and houseboat experience but it is also known for its Bird Sanctuary that houses almost to 400+ migratory birds. These birds, trust me will leave for shock for a small while with their beauty. The lush greenery area with boating, houseboat cruising, fishing and sightseeing, the canals, waterways and lakes that are decorated with lilies which are lined with coconut groves, paddy fields and the mangrove forests will make you fall in love with the place.

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Thekkady (Periyar)



The destination of the natural scenic beauty, Thekkady is known for its lush greenery and the landscapes with the picturesque views. Since Thekkady is home to one of the best Wildlife Sanctuaries of the Country, Periyar Wildlife Sanctuary is one of the most visited and one of the most loved wildlife sanctuaries of India. Being home to the Asiatic Elephants, Tigers, Sambars, Gaurs and the Rare Lion Tailed Macaques, Periyar Wildlife Sanctuary is located at the banks of River Periyar and thus, it also offers few water adventure sports like the River Rafting. Hence the small packet with more than what you can imagine.

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kumarakom ayurveda treatment

kovalam beach

Home to one of the best beaches of the country, Kovalam, houses the beaches with yellow and golden sand, the stunning views of the sea yet they are barely touched by the human feet. The beaches here are blessed with the serene views that captivates the minds of plenty of visitors and travelers who traveler down to Kovalam in their Kerala Tour. Apart from the beach beauty, Kovalam is also known for its Ayurveda Therapies that are extremely loved and cherished. These Ayurveda Therapies that are offered by Kovalam relax and rejuvenate your mind, body and soul. Hence Kovalam will take you to the world where there is no one around you. Just you and the nature.

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vagamon hills

vagamon pine forest

The nature’s wild and off beat destination of Kerala is considered to be the most promising hill stations of India for perfect retreating. Covered in lush greenery, Vagamon is the location studded with meadow, gardens, dales, tea plantation and tea estates and the most beautiful valleys. If you can imagine the perfect hill station with greenery and refreshing air and the mesmerizing landscapes, Vagamon can truly be the same.



marari greenary

marari river houseboat view

Not so crowded yet one of the best beaches of Kerala, Marari is a long undeveloped stretch of white sand bordered by the palm trees and the sleepy fishy villages. The initial backwaters not crowded as the Kovalam or Varakala will provide you the best experience of beach stay with houseboat. The quiet yet soothing beach is best for the tired souls who seek some rejuvenation.

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varkala kerala

The natural charm and the seaside high cliffs act as the biggest attractions of the Varakala. Another most promising beach of Kerala, Varakaka is another one of the most frequently visited beaches of the south India. Offering plenty of beach and seaside activities that include the sun bathing, boating, surfing and ayurvedic messages, Varkala is worth a visit while you are in Kerala.

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With these amazing Kerala tourism destinations one should never miss out while they are one their Kerala Tour of India. Since Kerala is a state that is most prominent tourist destination of India, it fascinates people from all around the world. The geographical location of the state and also the serene beauty of the town make it one of the most beautiful locations of India which is capable of captivating anyone’s mind and heart in just few seconds.

kerala tree house

For all the nature lovers, Kerala is your Paradise I say. For whatever your purpose of Kerala Tour would be. May it be the purpose of Honeymoon or for the leisure break. For some adventure or you wish to spend some time with the Mother Nature. Kerala proudly serves all purposes and hence it is known to be the most beloved Tourist Destination of India. The rich culture and traditions of state of Kerala are another aspect which is so captivating to the minds and souls. The love for coconuts and the rice and the Elephants will again let you love this state within no time.

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So, I don’t think you would actually need another location for your perfect vacations. Hence, all I can say is, go, book your tour among the best Kerala Tourism Destinations ASAP, till then let me see you in a while. Tadda!

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