Time freezing activities in Rajasthan

Time freezing activities in Rajasthan

Time freezing activities in rajasthan by Travelsite India

Are you an adventure lover or do you love to play safe; Are you a food person or do you love shopping??

There is this happening state situated in the Northern part of nation India; it’s the largest state of India in terms of Area. Make your way to the land of Kings, which houses the Great Indian Desert. This wondrous state is truly the whole-sole source of happiness and ecstasy and that’s one of the reasons because of which this entire state is thoroughly packed with the presence of keen travellers.

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The princely state of Rajasthan is not only limited to historical monuments or heritage destinations – there is a lot to involve into in this praiseworthy state. Much of the listening is done; now is the time to witness the greatness of it with bare eyes. In most of the cases, your eyes can do more justice to the word of mouth – plan a visit with your friends and family to this miraculous state.

Here is the list of activities that are conducted in various parts of Rajasthan:

[People who are more inclined towards historicity and ethnicity explores the charm of this state from a different or say broader vision]

1- Camel Ride

camel safari by travelsite india

the state of Rajasthan [the northern beauty] houses the Great Indian Desert and the desert-friendly animal who can spend days without drinking water [Camel] helps the travellers to explore the encircling desert region. This is how one can view this notable state from a commendable height. You can even click numerous pictures; especially if you manage to live this activity during sunset and early in the day.

Jaipur| Jodhpur| Jaisalmer| Mandawa| Pushkar are the destinations which organize this fun-packed activity.

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2- Boat Ride

Boat Ride by Travelsite India

A recreational activity or say a fun-generating activity is organized in the Lake Pichola; one can spend hours absorbing the purity of the environment while enjoying the ride with travel companions. This lake site is adorned with attractions like Jag Niwas, Jag Mandir; this destination is also well-known for serving it admirers with various picture-perfect spots.

Make your way to the city of Lakes to get your hands on in this amazing activity [Udaipur].

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3- Overnight camping at the dunes

Overnight camping at the dunes by Travelsite India – Life turns more interesting and prettier when you are surrounded with the natural formations; spend quite some time under the limitless stars and dive into the ocean of thoughts driving your imagination. While enjoying the camp life [far away from the materialistic World] you can have the tastiest meal ever [traditional Rajasthani dishes]. Your act of adventure will also be accompanied by various entertaining events like the Kalbelia dance and folk music performance.

Places like Jaisalmer| Osian| Pushkar| Jodhpur serve the presence of visitors with this thrill-driven activity.

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4- Jeep Safari at the dunes

Jeep Safari by Travelsite India

If you are open to adventures or say if you have the daring heart then do make sure to try your hands in Jeep Safari. Create marks on the dunes; ride up and down; fight against the winds playing with the yellowish sands etc.

Jaisalmer and Jodhpur are the destinations to run into.

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5- Hot Air Ballooning

Jeep Safari by Travelsite India

The state of Rajasthan is filled with richness from the grounds to the skies. Dare to challenge your fears and participate with full enthusiasm in an activity that involves courage and concentration [Hot Air Balloon ride]. Touch the heights and have a conversation with the winds in the state of Rajasthan [Neemrana, Jaipur, Pushkar and Jodhpur are the destinations to rush into].

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Apart from the above-listed there some more activities one can indulge into –

1- Go for an elephant ride at the Amber Fort;

2- Explore the wilderness in an exciting way [Wildlife Jeep Safari at Ranthambore National Park];

3- Bird-Watching at Keoladeo National Park;

4- Enjoy a delicious meal at Chokhi Dhani;

5- Go shopping in the marketplaces of Jaipur, Jodhpur etc.

You name it and the state of Rajasthan owns it [One can spend a month exploring the richness of this remarkable state].

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