The Holy River Ganga – Sacred and Pure

The Holy River Ganga – Sacred and Pure

the holy river ganga scared and pure

Holy River Ganga

The ever-lasting divinity of Holy River Ganga – instilled with the purest form of freshness and goodness – thousands of years and still reflecting the same.

The Ganga especially is the River of India, beloved of her people, round which are intertwined her memories – her hopes and fears – her songs of triumph – her victories and her defeats. She has been a symbol of India’s age-long Culture and Civilization, ever-changing, ever-flowing and yet ever the same Ganga.”    – Jawaharlal Nehru

Are you aware of this?? The Ganges is the only river to follow from all the three different Worlds – Swarga said as Heaven; Prithvi said as Earth and Patala said Underworld or Hell. And the one who travels all the three Worlds is addressed as Tripathaga in the Sanskrit Language.

In Hinduism – the sacred river Ganges is personified and personalized as the Goddess Ganga. The Hindu religion followers believe that bathing in this holy river would help to wash off all the wrongdoings/sins and assist or guide to live a healthy and prosperous life ahead.

moksha holy river ganga

People also consider that the mere touch of this river will help to overcome the negative consequences and in result will facilitate MOKSHA [Salvation or release from the cycle of life and death] and this is the reason why the ashes of the dead are immersed in this sacred river.

We strongly believe that one should keep on getting involved in the activities, which is in common welfare and interest.

As per the 700 verse Hindu Scripture written in Sanskrit that is a part of the Hindu epic and extraordinary Mahabharata – Bhagavad Gita quotes the below- mentioned line:-

Karma Kiye Jaa – Phal Ki Chinta Mat Kar

[which means all you have to do is to follow the path of righteousness – help the needy ones – be kind to every person you meet – never lie to anyone – put all your effort to bring a smile on the faces of people who come across your path. Just keep on doing the best you can – rest leave everything in God’s hand – never ask for anything in return; there will be a time when your Karma will pay you well.]

river of karma, holy river ganga


K – Keep your hopes up

A – Act in the best possible way

R – Rise up high

M – Make the most of every opportunity 

A – Ask for nothing in return

When you least expect – God introduces you to something really amazing and interesting – Just wait for the call that one might receive in an unexpected way.


The Tributaries Of Holy River Ganga

the tributaries of holy river ganga

Headwaters in the Left: Gomti| Ramganga| Ghaghara| Gandak| Kosi| Mahananda.

Headwaters in the Right: Tamsa| Yamuna| Son| Punpun.

Whereabouts: The state of Uttarakhand in the Nation India

Altitude: 3,892 meters

Length: 2,525 Kilometers

Depth: 17 meters

Sources: Gangotri Glacier | Khatling Glacier | Satopanth Glacier and the snowy peaks, which Melt with time and get dissolved in the river Ganges: Nanda Devi | Trisul | Kedarnath | Nanda Kot and Kamet.

The divine river Ganges is addressed with multiple names with a lot of love and respect – Jahnavi | Gange | Shubhra | Sapteshwari | Nikita | Bhagirathi | Alaknanda | Vishnupadi and many more.

Melodious, fortunate, eternally pure, kind-hearted, joyous etc – an endless list of words can’t do justice to the glorifying identity of river Ganges.

Her presence is magical – We stand for hours – we make our way through the roughs just to infuse our heart and soul with the mere touch of this majestic and holy river. She is always ready to shower love and care – her arms are always open wide for all the pilgrims. We believe in her and she believes in us – we embrace her presence and respect her act of kindness.


Less is more when it comes to describing the purity of Holy River Ganga

less is more when it comes to describing the purity of holy river ganga

Allow me to introduce you to some: Ganga is a Trans-Boundary river of the vast Asia, which flows with great excitement and enthusiasm through the Nations of India and Bangladesh. The river rises in the Western regions of the Himalayas in the state of Uttarakhand and heads towards the east through the Gangetic Plain of Northern India.

After making all the way to West Bengal – this river splits up into three rivers:

  • The Hooghly River also referred as the Adi Ganga – flows through numerous districts of West Bengal and of course into the Bay of Bengal close to Sagar Island;
  • The other denoted and identified as Padma River –flows into the various regions of Bangladesh and empties into the Bay of Bengal;
  • The third and the last one is Ajay River flowing through Burdwan and Birbhum districts.

*Note – The River Ganges is considered as the third largest river in the World by discharge.

Based on text [Legend] – As per the text – Lord Vishnu in this fifth avatar took birth as a Vamana – he incarnates in the time of ask – in short to maintain the balance of nature and lives.

He appeared as Vamana in the sacrificial area of Asur King Mahabali. In order to measure and evaluate the Universe – he stretched his left foot to the end of this vast universe and made a hole in its covering with the mere touch of the nail of his huge toe. Through that hole the divine Brahma- water entered this universe as the Holy River Ganges. She washed the lotus feet of the Lord all covered in reddish Saffron and this is where the River Ganges was blessed with a fascinating pink colour.


The Interesting Fact Of Holy River Ganga

the interesting fact of holy river ganga

Before falling down within the Universe – the first act performed by the River Ganges was the washing of the Foot of Lord Vishnu and this became the reason behind the wondrous identity denoted as Bhagavat-Padi or Vishnupadi. Finally this sacred river settled in Brahmapura [Home of Lord Brahma] before falling down on the Planet Earth as per the request of Bhagiratha and held well by Lord Shiva on his head in order to secure the destruction of the mother Earth. Later, the river Ganges was set free from Lord Shiva’s hair to fulfill the needs and demands of the nation as per the Hindu Mythology.


On The Way To Earth (Holy River Ganga)

Do you know where did holy river Ganges get her one the identities named as Jahnavi??

Allow me to throw some light on the incidences that dates back to the time-worn days. While the Ganges was flowing towards the planet Earth on her way to Bhagiratha – the rushing and the speedy water created turbulence and in result it destroyed the fields and the Sadhana of a sage named Jahnu.

He got so frustrated and angry that he drank all of the Ganges water. After this event the God’s came together and insisted Jahnu to release Ganga so as she can continue ahead and fulfill the purpose of her existence. After a great effort and the prayers made by the God’s, Jahnu finally agreed on releasing Ganga from his ears. Therefore the river Ganges was blessed with a name said to be Jahnavi, which means daughter of Jahnu.

Here are the names of few imperial capitals or former provincials – in short the places holding historical importance, which are situated on the Banks of River Ganges:

Kannauj | Kara | Prayag or Allahabad | Kampilya | Pataliputra or Patna | Kashi | Munger | Bhagalpur | Baharampur | Murshidabad | Nabadwip | Kolkata | Saptagram | Dhaka


The Well-Famed Ganga Aarti

ganga aarti at dashashwamedh ghat on the banks of holy river ganga

A Hindu religious ritual of Worship and YES an eminent part of Puja/Pooja – in which we light candles and wicks in the name of God, also offer camphor accompanied by the holy and spiritual songs sung in praise of the God and Goddesses.

Derivatives – Aarti is discovered from a Sanskrit word Aratrika which means some kind of force that removes darkness and takes you in the light filled with positive and pure energy.

The traditional Aarti ceremony symbolizes many important aspects –

  • Flowers – illustrates and represents the Earth [Solidity]
  • A cloth soaked in water symbolizes [Liquidity]
  • The oil lamp or the ghee portrays the fire component [Heat]
  • The Peacock Fan illustrates the precious quality of air [Movement]
  • The Yak-tail fan portrays the subtle and ultra-fine form of Ether [Space]

A – Air of spirituality and divinity

A – Aroma of positivity and faith

R – Reconnect trust and restore the true essence of life

T – Treasure of one’s life

I – Inspiration and motivation

The Major Five Elements –

  • Space – [Akash]
  • Water – [Jal]
  • Fire – [Agni]
  • Wind – [Vayu]
  • Earth – [Prithvi]


Some places in brief – in Sequence namely the major tourist destinations holding spiritual importance


The eminent stream of the river Ganges starts at the confluence of Bhagirathi and Alaknanda rivers in the region of Devprayag lying in the Garhwal division of the state of Uttarakhand. And YES Bhagirathi is said to be the source as per the mythology and Hindu Culture.

The Six sources are: Alaknanda | Dhauliganga | Nandakini | Pindar | Mandakini and Bhagirathi

To begin with – let’s start from the origin..

Holy River Ganga – Gangotri

holy river ganga at gangotri

A mesmerizing town in Uttarkashi in the state of Uttarakhand. The entire region of Uttarakhand is considered as a major tourist destination and also an eminent pilgrimage site.

This glorifying town is often referred as the Hindu Pilgrimage town situated on the banks of River Bhagirathi and YES the origin of River Ganges – Based on the greater Himalayan Range located at an elevation of 3,100 meters. As per the famous and well-known Hindu legend – it’s considered that this was the place from where Goddess Ganga [the holy river] was released from the airlocks of Lord Shiva.

Gangotri is one of the four spots in the Chota Char Dham Pilgrimage circuit. To be more specific and clear the origin of this sacred river is at Gaumukh – located in the Gangotri Glacier – 19 Kilometers away from Gangotri.


Holy River Ganga – Rishikesh

lakshman jhula in rishikesh holy river ganga

Welcome to another Northern city, which continuously multiplies and enhances the beauty of the state of Uttarakhand – lying the arms of Himalayan foothills beside the Holy River Ganges.

This city is best-known for various things among which primarily it’s well-famed as the best-suited center for learning Meditation and Yoga. The fascinating city of Rishikesh is dotted with numerous temples and ashrams always ready to serve the visitors at its best.

Titles earned by Rishikesh lso addressed as Yoganagari

Gateway to the Garhwal Himalayas

Yoga Capital of the World

The ever-flourishing land of Rishikesh has witnessed and acknowledged the presence of numerous Hindu Saints and Sages, who once visited this city in the ancient times with the purpose to attain higher knowledge and also to gain peace through meditation.

*Note: Intake of Alcohol and Non-vegetarian food are strictly prohibited in the city of Rishikesh.

One should definitely mark their presence and leave footprints on The Lakshman Jhula – a bridge over the holy river Ganges.

Suggested Tour: Delhi Rishikesh Weekend Tour Package


Holy River Ganga – Haridwar

holy river ganga at haridwar

Greetings to the ancient city and YES of course a prominent Hindu Pilgrimage destination multiplying significance to the Northern state of Uttarakhand – from this is where the Ganges River exits the Himalayan foothills. The largest of numerous bathing steps – Har Ki puari hosts a grand nightly Ganga Aarti [River Worshipping Ceremony]. This place is always loaded with a huge population of devotees visiting this majestic city from across the Nation and YES also from the foreign countries especially during the festivals – majorly on the annual Kanwar Mela.

This city is a commencer – as its one of the Seven Holiest destinations to the Hindu religion followers.

Haridwar also hosts the Kumbh Mela – then is when the streets of this holy city are studded with millions of pilgrims – chanting mantras in the name of God – making prayers and expressing joy.

Suggested Tour: Rajaji National Park Haridwar Weekend Tour, Delhi Haridwar Rishikesh Tour Package


Holy River Ganga – Kanpur

holy river ganga at kanpur

Greeting to a hustling-bustling city, which holds huge pride as being the largest Industrial city situated on the Banks of Sacred River Ganga – One of the Northern beauties of Nation India.

Titles earned by Kanpur –

The 12th most populous city of country India;

The Second Largest city in Uttar Pradesh

Origination and Establishment: As per the captivating history in 1207, Raja Kanh Deo of the Kanhpuria clan constructed the Village of Kanhpur – which eventually came to light as Kanpur.


Holy River Ganga – Allahabad

holy river ganga at allahabad

Welcome to a large metropolitan city, which is often addressed as Prayag in located in the states of Uttar Pradesh. The 13th most populous district of India. And YES to add more your information let me tell you that after Varanasi – Allahabad is considered as the oldest living city of India.

Prayag – means the “Place of Offerings” – comes from its place at the Sangam [Confluence] of the three rivers – Ganga, Yamuna and Saraswati rivers. The city of Allahabad was once a Provincial capital in the Mughal Empire under the rulership of Jahangir.

Allahabad also hosts Kumbh Mela – in those days it’s like the entire nation is at one place – offering prayers and completely infused in spirituality.

Places to visit in Allahabad – Triveni Sangam | Allahabad Fort | Khusro Bagh | Anand Bhavan | Someshwar Mahadev Temple | Bade Hanuman Temple and many more.

Suggested Tour: North India Pilgrimage Tour


Holy River Ganga – Varanasi

holy river ganga varanasi

A city, which is addressed by numerous names – Benares, Banaras and Kashi situated on the Banks of the Holy River Ganges adding charm to the states of Uttar Pradesh. This city is a prominent religious hub and also the Holiest of the Seven Sacred cities in Jainism and Hinduism.

Hindus strongly believes that if one dies in this city then it brings Salvation.

Places to visit in Varanasi: River Ganges | Kashi Vishwanath Temple | Dashashwamedh Ghat | Manikarnika Ghat and many more.

Varanasi and its Ghats – one can have the best time of their lives at this place. The continuous honking of the vehicles| streets always packed with pilgrims chanting mantras and offering prayers in the name of God.

When you made it all the way long to Varanasi make sure to attend the grand Ganga Aarti and YES without a doubt I can assure you that while attending the huge Ganga Aarti Ceremony – you will feel Goosebumps arising from head to toe. A breathtaking site – one can enjoy a boat ride in the Holy River Ganga and witness the inspiring Ganga Aarti.

If you step in any corner of this city or wander in any alleys across the street – everything time you will become a part of some or the other sets of people chanting prayers and adding more to just life.

Suggested Tour: Delhi Agra Jaipur Varanasi Tour Package


Holy River Ganga – Patna

holy river ganga patna

Welcome to an ancient city that is situated along the Southern Banks of the Holy River Ganga in Bihar – Northeast zone of country India. The capital city is home to Indo – Saracenic – Style Patna Museum that displays a Casket believed to comprise the Buddha’s Ashes. Near to the River Ganges – a domed Colonial Granary – Golghar is situated [Overlooking the city].

Patna is also considered as the second largest city in the Eastern regions of Country India after Kolkata and also the 19th largest city in India. This city was founded in the age-old days of 490 BCE by the King of Magadha.

The old and ancient city of Patna was once known as Pataliputra, the Capital of the Magadha Empire.

One of the oldest cities of nation India is completely absorbed with numerous incidences from the Past and YES you can also explore some of the oldest Temple for example – the Patan Devi Mandir and many more.

Suggested Tour: Trail of India Buddha Tour


Holy River Ganga – Kolkata

holy river ganga at kolkata

Greeting to the capital city of India’s West Bengal State, Kolkata situated on the East Bank of the Hooghly River–best known for its Cultural festivals, Art Galleries, Colonial Structures and many more.

You know what?? The Port of Kolkata is India’s Oldest Operating Port. This gorgeous city where music and love are completely instilled in the Air is gifted with names like – the “Cultural Capital” of country India and also addressed as the “City of Joy”.

Feel free and wander at the places like – Academy of Fine arts | the Indian Museum | the Victoria Memorial | the Asiatic Society | and the National Library of India.

Stand and stare at the Howrah Bridge or maybe sit by the Western Bank of the Ganges.

Places to visit in Kolkata: Sundarbans | Victoria Memorial Museum | Dakshineswar Kali Temple | Howrah Bridge | Eden Gardens | Prinsep Ghat and many more.

Suggested Tour: Kolkata Day tour Package


resort in rishikesh near holy river ganga

What is going to stay constant and stand by your side is the faith you have in yourself and the spiritual power you are blessed with.

Mark your presence in the priestly land – be humble and kind – as there is always someone up high above you watching all your actions.

The sacred & holy river Ganges acknowledges its visitors with the help of the strong winds, which creates waves. Come! Dive in spirituality and take a dip in river Ganga.

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