India Heritage Tour | Heritage Tour To India

India Heritage Tour | Heritage Tour To India

There are times when I do read and write about history of India and the rich heritage that it holds. Writing about the glorifying past that once unfolded. The tales of the velour, the stories that are told by the legends and the stuffs that are hung in the museums makes me think about plenty of things that still prevail. Now since I’m writing a lot about the traveling, India Heritage Tour is another aspect that made me realize that India is actually the perfect place for Heritage Tours.

India Heritage Tour: Link Between Past & Present

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However, when I started writing this blog for all the history and heritage lovers who come down to India to explore it, I was deeply agreed to the fact that states that I have been a person who is not into history and heritage much, but then I realized the sudden interest of mine that I gained while writing about the Heritage Tour of India.


For me, Heritage is actually a link between past and the present and that shows the way that leads to the legacy for the future. Since India is known to be one of the oldest civilizations of the world, it is deeply rooted in the heritage that reflects the extremely rich past that is as old as 5000 years according to the records. Since the country has been the rise and fall of plethora of empires, civilization and dynasties, all of them left an impact of the land of India through every single thing that was built in presence of these dynasties.

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These heritage remains of the country showcases the rich and glorifying past that reflects upon the architecture, art, history, culture and rituals that once lived. And the fact remains that till date, in few of the areas, these cultures and rituals are being followed with great proud. This legacy, no wonder make me believe that Indians today are the perfect outcome of the inherited legacy of the past.

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There is no one in the country who is not proud of the past of India. Since India was regarded to be the Golden Bird, the rich wealth of India’s heritage sites is almost boundless. These heritage sites of India are acknowledged by the UNESCO as well. And the heritage sites that are spread all across the country are worth a visit and they offer extremely great exploration opportunities for every history, art and architecture lover.

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Fascinating uncountable number of people every year, the few of the Indian Heritage & Historic sites are known worldwide. These few sites include the major of Taj Mahal, Agra which is also a wonder of the world, Ajanta and Ellora Caves in Aurangabad which are almost to 2000 years old. Rajasthan, the state that is known to be the Land of Kings, Bodh Gaya where Lord Buddha attained enlightenment, Goa Cathedrals that are known for their Portuguese architecture styles. Khajuraho Temples that are known for their exotic and sexual sculptures and wall carving and Hampi which is the abundant town.

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All of these sites have a lot for you to go mesmerized with and thus with no doubt, your Heritage Tour of India with these sites will be the perfect tour of India. See Yaa!

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