Rajasthan Tour To India | Perfect Rajasthan Tour India

Rajasthan Tour To India | Perfect Rajasthan Tour India

Rajasthan, the land that is so much known that it makes its every single visitor fall in love with it. The smell of the soil of this land with the traditional colorful cloths, big big moustaches and the heavy turbans not only says a lot about its culture for which Rajasthan is known for. But also the happy and bright colors that retain an extremely important role in the lives of the people of Rajasthan. Rajasthan is a land that is known as the Land of Kings. As it is ruled by the Royal Kings of Rajput Era, Rajasthan is a land that has worth of being explored. Being the largest state of the country, India, it also the state that fascinates the major number of tourists and travelers of India. People, travelers and visitors travel across the globe for their perfect Rajasthan Tour to India that offers them plethora of things to explore and uncover and experience. There is nothing Rajasthan won’t house to provide you with the best Rajasthan tour Packages.

Rajasthan Tour To India

rajasthan tour to india

Since it is known to be the Royal Land which is also known to be the most colorful land of the nation, the cities of Rajasthan, interestingly are also known by the names of the colors. Like Jaipur is regarded to be the Pink City and Jodhpur as the Blue City. Of course I’m gonna let you know why they are called so, but before revealing the facts about these cities, let me tell you something more about the state of Rajasthan. The happy culture of Rajasthan has its name on the mouth of people worldwide. Since it is one of the oldest states of India, Rajasthan has seen the development of the nation as a country that stands tall in front of the world now. Since it has been ruled by the Royal Kings of Rajputs, the history showcases the love of the people of Rajasthan for their country and the land. And thus no wonder, the tales of legends that states that every single plant that grows on the Land of Rajasthan known the worth of every single drop of blood of soldiers that has fallen on it in the battles that were fought.

The tales of the velour is something that as acted as the major attractions to the travelers. Since this land has historic significance as I just told you, the land is also known for its architectural marvels. These architectural marvels were initially used by the Royal Families and till now, few of them still serve their purpose. Yet some of the heritage properties are now converted into hotels to let the tourists experience the typical royal life that was once live by the people of royal families.

The spicy cuisine of Rajasthan is another add on to its charm. The famous dishes that are served here can leave anyone with him/her licking finger post their meals. The natural views of the locations bring the charm to the state and the lifestyle here will take you to the world of simplicity that is actually very attracting. And you know what? Since Rajasthan is the Royal Land, it is also home to the biggest population of Royal Bengal Tiger in the Ranthambore National Park. With plenty of other wildlife that it houses, you can definitely say hello to few of them in your Perfect Rajasthan Tour to India. And one thing that I just forgot to tell you is that Rajasthan is also home to the Great Indian Thar Desert that again has a lot to be explored. So, your Trip to Rajasthan is just not about the royalty, culture, heritage and past but Adventure and fun as well.

So since I explained you about Rajasthan, I know I need to tell you how are you going to make your Rajasthan Tour of India, the best tour of your lives and so, all you need to do is to explore the cities of Rajasthan and do as I mention below:

Perfect Rajasthan Tour to India

  • Jaipur


The largest City of Rajasthan and also its capital city of Rajasthan. Covered in pink, this city is very well known as the Pink City to the world. Being the perfect reflection of the rich culture of the state of Rajasthan, Jaipur is the city that is also considered in the Golden Triangle Tour of India. This city has two phases namely the Old Jaipur and the New Jaipur and both of them are worth to be visited. The Chokhi Dhani Village of Jaipur is the most famous and prominent place in the city that offers the traditional Rajasthani Night with Traditional Rajasthani Food and programs. One can definitely have their best time here.


Since Jaipur has been the major city of the Royal Rule, the famous architectural marvels that include the Hawa Mahal, Jantar Mantar, City Palace and Museum and plenty of other. One can go for some shopping tour for the best handicraft products as well.

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  • Udaipur


The city which is surrounded by the natural and man made lakes all around, Udaipur is also known as the City of Lakes. The extravagant and magnificent beauty of this city makes it one of the top 15 Most Beautiful Cities of the World. It seems that the nature has its utmost blessings here and the efforts of the human hand enhance these blessings. Udaipur has been one extremely royal city that also houses of the best Museum of Vintage Cars of the world. A location that will provide you with the Fairy Tale Experience of Real Life is Udaipur.

udaipur city palace

With plenty of attractions that Udaipur houses, City Palace and Museum, Jal Mahal, Lake Palace, Lake Pichola are the few most prominent amongst them.

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  • Jaisalmer


The city that can be located in the heart of the Great Indian Thar Desert is much of appealing when it comes to being a tourist destination. A place worth a visit is known to be the Golden City because of its location and the buildings that are colored in yellow color. The location of this magnificent city makes it more fascinating than the rest of the cities only because of the fact that it is located right inside the Thar Desert. The fort of Jaisalmer is one most crucial architectural marvel of the town that is so mind captivating for every single traveler.

jaisalmer desert nights

Jaisalmer again have a lot to be explored yet one can opt for the Desert Arabain Night in the Thar Desert in Jaisalmer. Let you enjoy the traditional Rajasthani music and dance show with fine wine in the Arabian Night.

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10 reason to visit Rajasthan once

  • Pushkar

pushkar lake

Pushkar is the only city of Rajasthan which is not known for its architectural monuments rather this city has a major historic significance in the religious aspect. The city of Pushkar is the location where the only temple of Lord Brahma is situated. As per the history says, Pushkar will be the only location where Lord Brahma will be worshiped and thus it was regarded as the King of all Pilgrimage Sites of the Country. Since the religious significance here is on its peak, it is believed that one single dip in the water of Pushkar Lake can take away all your sins. So you know Pushkar Tour will be extremely interesting and beneficial for you.

pushkar camel fair

Apart from the Temple of Lord Brahma, there are more than 400 temples that are located all around the Pushkar Lake. Pushkar also hosts plenty of festivals which are attended by the International Tourists and Pushkar Camel Fair is one amongst them.

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  • Jodhpur


The Sun City is what Jodhpur is called as. Because the sun here will shine throughout the year. This city is also regarded as the Blue City because of its blue colored walls and building. Though this blue color is extremely soothing to the eye and it will let you keep staring at the beauty that is enhanced. Known for its architectural marvels especially the forts and palaces, its Mehrangarh Fort has its name all across the world. Since the architectural marvels here are if great fascination and captivation, one visit to Jodhpur is must in a lifetime.

jodhpur fort

You will find plenty of attractions to be explored and uncover in Jodhpur, yet the major of them are the Mehrangarh Fort, Ummaid Bhawan and Palace and Ajasant Thada.

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  • Mandawa


The town of the Merchants is what it is known as. Since Mandawa is a land where the rich merchants of the royal empire erected their special mansions (initially the havelies), Mandawa is known to be their special city. These Havelis of the Merchants are known to be the one of the richest havelis of the world. The paintings that are used here and the architecture are considered to be one of the most expensive of the world. The precious and semi precious stones that are used and the bright colors of the havelis have a lot to say about it.

mandawa fort interior

As you go here for a visit, do not forget to visit the Murmuria Haveli and the Hanuman Prasad Goenka Haveli.

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  • Mount Abu


The only Hill Station of Rajasthan, Mount Abu is popular amongst the trekkers and adventure lovers. Since there is nothing that Rajasthan don’t house, Mount Abu is not the place for the fort and palaces or the history yet it is the perfect place for the fine adventure and some mesmerizing and splendid natural views. Mount Abu offers plenty of Adventure Sports and the most popular amongst them is the Trekking and Para Gliding. You shouldn’t miss a chance to stay here for a night at least.

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  • Khimsar


The small desert village of Rajasthan that lies right in the middle of the highway that connects Jodhpur to Bikaner, Khimsar is one of the popular tourist spots of Rajasthan. One can opt for a stay here but usually it is explored in the journey for a while. The village of Nagaur, which was commissioned by the Mughal Emperor Akbar, is the village of Khimsar that attracts thousands of visitors to actually want to experience the typical desert village life.

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  • Bikaner


Bikaner, another most crucial city of Rajasthan is known to be the Country of Camels. This magnificent city  is regarded to be the Oasis of the Thar Desert and is also popular for its spectacular art and architecture. For someone who is a history lover, Bikaner is another right place for you in the state of Rajasthan. Being the Country of Camels, the people’s love for their camels can be easily noticed by the way they treat them as their family members. Amazing news about city of Bikaner that showcases its love for Camels is the National Research Center of Camels in Bikaner that is again extremely popular amongst the tourists.

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These cities of Rajasthan will definitely result in making your tour to India and your Trip of Rajasthan the perfect one that you are gonna cherish for the rest of your lives. So, whenever you are planning for your Rajasthan Tour to India, do select the above mentioned cities to gain the best experience of your lives. Happy Journey!

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