10 Best Destinations For Solo Traveling In India

10 Best Destinations For Solo Traveling In India

They say ‘Life starts only when we leave our Comfort Zone’ and I don’t think this isn’t true. Most of the time we spend our lives looking for someone’s company so we can take our tasks forward but the biggest fact is that, we entered this small yet huge world alone, we are going to leave this world alone and thus if the start and the end is what matters, looking out for someone who can join us for our travel trips is waste of time according to me. Another fact that is believed upon is that no matter how much branded cloths we wear, how luxurious life we live or the size of the car we drive, we feel the most comfortable when we are in our night suits walking down to lanes with our favorite music that keeps playing in our ears. Say if it isn’t true? It is right. While travelling is something that will feed your soul, that’s why you are here ready this blog, you really don’t need to depend upon anyone to accompany you for your Travel Trip especially when it comes to India. Because the list of 10 Best Destinations For Solo Traveling In India will leave you in a confusion of what to decide for your first solo travel trip.

10 Best Destinations For Solo Traveling In India

And there are times when we need to do things on our own and thus, I can assure you one thing, you Solo Travel Trips will act as the best trips with best experience of your lives. When you would pack your bags on your own, travel on your own, meet new people, explore stuffs on your own, by the end of the day and the trip, you will be the person who is extremely proud of yourself. Now I guess your excitement has got another level for your Solo Traveling Trips but aren’t you confused where to plan your trip to in India?

You should never worry! Just check out the 10 Best Places for Solo Traveling in India and you shouldn’t delay to plan your trip then. Got my point?

10 Best Destinations for Solo Traveling In India

  • Sandhan Valley


For the Adventurous and Thrilling person that lives inside you, the Sandhan Valley Trek will serve as the trek for the lifetime for you. Known to be the Grand Canyon of Maharashtra, this valley trek is surrounded by the Ratnagad and Ajoba Mountain Ranges that makes the travel through them extremely interesting and exciting. As it is the water carved valley, the accessibility to this trek is only available from November to May when the weather conditions are stable enough so one can travel and explore and feed their adventurous soul.

Go for own tents, cook your own food and uncover the beauty and thrill on your own. And then you will realize the importance of your own company.

Best Suggested Tour For Sandhan Valley : Maharashtra Special Hill Station Tour

  • Zanskar


The clear, untouched by human feet beauty of the Nature that is unnoticed, untouched and unknown for most of the world, the Zanskar Valley is the location one should definitely explore alone. If you are a Solo Traveling Female, then also this place will serve you the best. The frozen Waterfalls, the Frozen Zanskar River is known to be the Chardar Trek which is again considered to be the most difficult trek of the country. As the weather conditions of this destination is not that peaceful throughout the year, the accessibility to this destination is possible from April to August. And while you are there, do not miss to visit the Buddhist Monasteries.

Best Suggested Tour For Zanskar Valley : Ladakh Wonder Tour

  • Lahaul – Spiti


If you love the landscapes views and the roads that can be your best friend, then Lahaul Spiti is the destination for you. Lies in the route of Manali and Leh, Lahaul Spiti is the destination that is one of the most unexplored terrains of the country. Lahaul Spiti is definitely not a place one can fly and reach and thus this is the biggest attraction of this place of India because the lifetime trip of your lives with this destination will be made with the roads that await you. Yet the accessibility to this destination is available from May to October Only.

Best Suggested Tour For Lahaul Spiti : Ladakh with Himachal Tour


  • Manali


For every kind of traveler, Manali is the perfect place. Being one of the most prominent tourist destination of the country, Manali is the most mesmerizing hill station of India and with no doubt, I can definitely call it as the Tiara of the state of Himachal Pradesh. With old and new beauty, the thick pine forests and the nature at its best will take you to the world that one can only see in books or in imagination. With plenty of adventurous activities that this location offers, you can definitely fall in love with it within no time.

Best Suggested Tour For Manali : Shimla Manali Tour, Delhi Manali Tour

  • Puducherry


The sleepy little place that serves as the perfect gateway to the serene beaches, Puducheery acts as a replacement of France. So, for the ones who wish to visit France and are not able to, for you Puducherry is the best place. The French influenced architecture, the French influenced food, and other plenty of things will make you live the life in France. The empty lanes, the food and the beer will provide you the best solo traveling experience and the Auroville Temple will connect you with your spiritual side. You may visit this beautiful destination anytime yet the perfect and the suggested time period is from October to February.

Best Suggested Tour For Puducheery : 8 Days South India Tour, South India Heritage & Temple Tour

  • Udaipur


The city of the flamboyant state of Rajasthan that is now regarded in the top 15 World’s most beautiful cities, will never step back to take you to the magical world of Fairly Tales. The lakes all around making it called as the City of Lakes, the aura of the landscapes and the romantic ambience will make you fall in love with you. More and more. The locations like the City Palace, Lake Palace and the Lake Pichola will take your hearts away within no time. Drive through the roads, meet the new people and shop some beautiful handicrafts to make your Udaipur trip the most memorable one.

Best Suggested Tour For Udaipur : Udaipur Sightseeing Tour

  • Gokarna


Apart from just visiting a new place if you are looking forward for some chilled out time and leisure, and then Gokarna will not disappoint you at any cost. Well, this place is ideal for the temple, art and architecture lovers as well but the beaches here and the nightlife shows another story of the town that is known to only few. The chilled out night parties with bonfire and other arrangements is the place just next to Goa. While of course this destination can be visited in anytime period for your perfect India Tour, yet you should visit it from the time period of October to March for the perfect experience.

Best Suggested Tour For Gokarna : South India Tour

  • Kasol


The first destination for the lovers of Trekking, Kasol is the place in hills that can be regarded as the ‘Goa of Hills’. Catering a lot of hippies, Kasol is a small and tiny village that is situated on the banks of river Parvati in the valley. With plethora of water and adventurous sports that can be carried off here, this place is the next paradise for adventure lovers who love to go solo. The chilling weather is add on to the trip and so you should visit this place from March to May.

Best Suggested Tour For Kasol : Himachal Tour

  • Dharamshala


Home to the monastery of Dalai Lama, Dharamshala is the perfect location I can say. The perfect paradise for travelers, solo or in group, this place is full of hustle bustle throughout the year with the people who are looking for something new and best. As it is home to the largest Tibetan Temples outside Tibet, the upper part of Dharamshala is known as the Mcleodganj which is again the place for solo travelers. The natural aura and the ambience of the surrounding, the weather and the landscapes, I don’t think will allow you to go back from this place. So while you are here, do not miss to explore the area and visit the monasteries while I would suggest you to visit Dharamshala from March to October.

Best Suggested Tour For Dharamshala : Explore Dharamshala Tour

  • Goa


The heaven for Party Lovers, Goa is the location on the map of India that has its name on the mouth of people from all across the globe. For leisure, parties, beaches, tattoos or for water adventurous sports, this destination that is situated in the Indian Sub Continent will make you live the life you would only imagine and dream of. Attend the night parties, roam on the beaches with golden sand, have some coconut water, go on a cruise ride or do whatever your heart wishes for, this place is the best for your desires.

Best Suggested Tour For Goa : Goa Day Tour

You now I guess you need not to worry about anything. You have the locations, you know the best time to visit as well. So what are you waiting for? Plan your perfect India Tour with an experience of Solo Traveling and I assure you the memories you will cherish for the lives ahead. See Yaa!

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