Jaipur [the city of art and entertainment] – Go roaming in pink

Jaipur [the city of art and entertainment] – Go roaming in pink

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No city like it [it lives with the best and surrounds itself with the finest]

Unfamiliarity makes us really conscious; strange places make us a bit more attentive and observant and we all know this for sure and we all ask the same before heading to a never-seen-before place, what are the odds; is this the right time; is the weather favourable for a visit etc?? certain questions always occupy our minds.

So here’s the deal; Jaipur [widely expressed as the Pink City] is undoubtedly a must-visit destination, especially if have this craving to explore the northern part of India. The oldest city of Rajasthan [Jaipur]; it’s one of the three ideal cities of India [listed under the circuit of Golden Triangle tour of India].

The in and outs of Jaipur [consumed by happiness]   

Jaipur – the city, which holds a deep interest in literature; a region that showcases the significance of togetherness; it’s not just large in terms of area it acquires – it’s heart swells larger with the admiration and respect it gets from the locals as well as visitors. The capital city of Rajasthan [Jaipur] is painted in one – the shade of tenderness, the colour of togetherness, the symbol of sweetness and the sign of hospitality.

Jaipur not only embraces the presence of every individual but it also assists their level of comfort, it serves as the gateway to major tourist destinations of the princely state known as Rajasthan.

A city blessed with its own distinct nature and presence; it not only finds a prominent place in the royalty absorbed state of Rajasthan but it also manages to find a space in the people hearts [it is what it is – there is no second thought encircling its existence]. After reading this blog; if the name of this city strikes your mind more than twice then be prepared any time soon you would see yourself planning a trip to Jaipur.

To have the freedom of making choices is the best gift anyone can receive – pay your visit to this adorable city; step out from the hotel or temporary place of stay any time of the day; rent a bicycle; follow the sign of contentment; watch the locals fulfilling the needs of their lives; mix up with the children’s and look for the ideas to bring a smile on the strangers face; chase the demands of heart and let go off the trembling voice inside you crying with worry; pay your visit to the major tourist destinations [witness their features and learn the basics which makes them different from others – it completely depends on your choice].

A few liner descriptions of the must-visit destinations –  

Some are quite famous and some are lesser-known – some are easily accessible and some are located in the depth – some acquire a huge space and some live on their own terms; No doubt [the city of Jaipur is adorned with diversity].

Here are some to mention –         

1- City Palace [Places to visit in Jaipur] –


It’s not just any palace [it’s built-in with a remarkable combination of varied architecture – Mughal architecture, Western Chalukya architecture and Badami Chalukya architecture]. The City Place is the prime attraction to live by; visitors from across the country manages to spend quite some quality time exploring the praiseworthy ornamentation; attractions residing in the vicinity of this palace includes the Mubarak Mahal and Chandra Mahal etc. Primarily or say initially this striking Palace was built by Sawai Jai Singh second [the ruler of Amber] during the period of 1729 and 1732.

2- Hawa Mahal [Places to visit in Jaipur] –

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Built-in floors; 953 small windows; extraordinary twisted latticework and what not – Hawa Mahal or say the “Palace of Breeze”. It’s made up with a combination of Red and Pink Sandstone; relaxes on the brim of the city Palace and stretches to the Zenana [women’s chambers]. This exceptional structure was built in the year 1799 by Maharaja Sawai Pratap Singh [Khetri Mahal is where he got the inspiration from to commence the foundation of something this huge and quirky in appearance].

The Hawa Mahal is a pyramidal shaped monument that extends up to 50 feet [adorned with semi-octagonal bays, unique façade, domes, finials, carved sandstone grills etc. The constant and lasting efforts of Lal Chand Ustad have made this place of attraction with all his mind and heart – undoubtedly he has given his very best. Visit this stunning point of attraction with your friends and family [it’s situated to the south of Jaipur city].

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3- Amer Fort [Places to visit in Jaipur] –

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A dazzling fort situated in the town of Amer; located at a mere distance of 11 Kilometers from the capital city of Jaipur. It’s one of the six hill forts of Rajasthan, which is recognized as a UNESCO World Heritage Site. Amer Fort is simply fascinating; in fact, if you wish then you can even plan a huge entry by making your way sitting on the elephant’s back. The striking town of Amer was basically constructed by the Meenas and eventually, it was governed by Raja Man Singh first.

The Amber Fort is profoundly renowned for its artistic Hindu style elements [large ramparts; series of gates cobbled paths etc]. Apart from exploring the attention seeking spots of the fort; travellers also enjoy watching the Maota lake [the fort overlooks this lake]; it’s considered as the main source of water for the Amer Palace. Made up with a blend of red sandstone and marble; rests on four levels each with a courtyard; also includes [the Hall of Public Audience, the hall of Private Audience, the Sheesh Mahal, Sukh Niwas, the Jag Mandir etc. Pay your presence at this eminent place of attraction and make the most of your wishful trip.

4- Albert Hall Museum [Places to visit in Jaipur] –

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The place that stimulates more and more learning; the Albert Hall Museum is the pride destination of Rajasthan [the oldest museum residing in the land of royals]. You would need to follow the path that leads to the Ram Niwas Garden outside the city wall [opposite to the new gate]. This place of importance and knowledge was outlined by Sir Samuel Swinton Jacob; it was opened for public making it a tourist destination in the year 1887.

This museum is also addressed as the Government Central Museum; it’s gifted with a qualitative and exemplary collection of artifacts including Metal sculptures, works in crystal, carpets, paintings, stone, ivory etc. It’s named after the King Edward seventh [Albert Edward]. Come! Explore the greatness of this happening city with a group of your family members or close friends.

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5- Man Sagar Lake [Places to visit in Jaipur] – 

man sagar lake by travelsite india

It’s quite understandable to visit a place of silence after exploring the destinations occupied by a huge population of keen visitors. We all crave for some alone time even if we are exploring a whole new city, state or a country. Watch the avifauna residing at this calm destination; this lake site is named after Raja Man Singh [the ruler of Amer. He built it in the year 1610 by damming the River Dravyavati.

The picturesque and scenic Jal Mahal, which is considered as one of the best spots for photography is settled right in the centre of the man Sagar Lake. This mesmerizing spot is situated to the north of Jaipur [the pink city]; the water spread is encircled by the Aravalli hills on the West, North and eastern sides while the southern side is composed of plains that are intensely inhabited. Visit this silence consumed destination and enjoy the calmness.

6- Sanganer [Places to visit in Jaipur] – 

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To understand a place and the basics it follows in the course of its existence; to explore the skills of artisans – it’s very necessary to pay your visit to the spot of origination. Such is this town situated in the Jaipur district of Rajasthan; nearly 16 Kilometers to the south of the capital city [Jaipur]. This town owns huge recognition; popularly known for textile printing, Handmade Paper industry and Jain Temples. The Sanganer prints are quite unique [bright coloured patterns adorned with a white backdrop]; the well-recognized Sanganeri Hand block Printing is pretty fascinating too.

The handmade paper industry was brought into existence with the idea of Maharaja Sawai Jai Singh second in the year 1728 [there are approximately 10 handmade paper industries functioning in the town of Sanganer. This eminent tourist destination is a known pilgrimage town for the Jain community because it houses a very old and prominent Jain Temple composed of red stone.

Mark your presence at the above-listed destinations for sure in case you decide on planning a trip to this gorgeous city; commencing from the month of October to the end of March is highly recommendable duration and on top of the favourable climatic conditions – what will excite you the most is the prominent Indian festivals like Diwali and Holi that falls between these months. Make your own rules and follow it diligently [the pink city is waiting for your arrival].

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