7 heart stealing rural places to visit in India

7 heart stealing rural places to visit in India


Atithi Devo Bhava [translated as – the guest is equivalent to God];

it’s the common belief that travels in every corner of India. The magnitude of hospitality and care expresses the level of sincerity we love to live up to [natural smile and kind heart].

The bustling city life [one chasing another – dreaming of others fancy lifestyle – every second individual up with a life-changing opinion – the markets converted into a meeting point – every second person conversing continuously over the phone discussing the ups and downs of life: the frame of village zone is completely different from the appealing city and its super-attractive lights.

Both [cities and villages] plays a major role in the act of existence and human presence but they are way too varied from one another; one is soaked in the shade of stillness and another is challenging the speed of time; one is inspired by the basics and another is full of advancing ideas. Somehow every single resident of India is connected with the village lands [Some by feelings and some by roots].

The life of Village

If you wish to experience the life of basics [no use of filtered-techniques], if you desire of living for a day or two in the mud-made house consumed by love and hospitality, if you wish to stay far from the materialistic world for a while then definitely plan a village tour of India. Come all by yourself or accompany this adventurous trip with your equally crazy and humorous friends; nation India is always in the best of its form to cheer up and embrace your embrace.

To turn yourself into a stress free person, to allow your body to relax breathing the purified air, to witness the zones where it all began, to know what wonders you can do in just a day when you aren’t nurtured with the luxury of using your mobile, witness wide farmlands dressed with purest shade of greenery, the narrow village trails, children’s playing with the cycle tyre – rotating on and on until it falls flat etc – wait for no further suggestions, just ask your heart if this is what it wants.

Plan a trip to India and follow your self-chosen destinations that reside in the rural zones] 

Ropes tied on the strongest crawling tree branches; a wooden man-made swing attached to the other end; the young ladies of the house – all dressed in fine clothes meet up at one place, discussing the upcoming fairs and festivals; the men having a chat over an evening tea [some planning on his son’s wedding and some discussing about the monthly productivity]:

1.Mawlynnong [the truest symbol of cleanliness] 

Mawlynnong the clean village  

Where Mother Nature showers immense love and care; the praiseworthy village well-known for cleanliness and natural attraction resides in the East Khasi Hills district of the dazzling state of North East India. The dustbins are made of bamboo; every resident makes sure to participate in the act of cleaning up the village. Mawlynnong is the village of natural attractions gracefully dressed in greenery [a well-famed destination of North East India].

Activities to get into at Mawlynnong –

1- Walk by the years-old living Root Bridge [much of an experience to live by];

2- Witness the giant Balancing Rock;

3- Actively climb up the Bamboo watchtowers and witness the gorgeous encircling zone [you can see varied featured butterflies wandering from one place to another];

4- Explore the Mawshun cave;

5- Go trekking to Mawphlang.

Favourable time to visit – You can visit this place of beauty and serenity any time throughout the year.

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Pipili [The house of Applique handicrafts] 

pipli village by Travelsite India

The happening home of Applique art [famous handicraft in puri and encircling regions]; the striking and artful village of Pipili is situated in the Puri district of the eastern state of Odisha. It’s adorned with the marketplaces that exhibit every shade of happiness [colourful fabrics all around].

Back in the 10th century, this fascinating village was a home to a remarkable count of super-skilled craftsmen who were masters in the art of making imposing canopies and Applique Umbrellas for the annual Rath Yatra at the Jagannath Temple.

Activities to get into at Pipili –

1- Spend quite some quality time shopping the great artworks;

2- Step out to live by a fun-packed sightseeing tour;

3- Sit with the artisans and try to learn the Applique art.

Favourable time to visit – You can visit any time of the year; however commencing from the month of October to March is regarded as the best-suited duration.

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Bishnoi Village [resides in the Western Thar Desert]

Bishnoi Village by Travelsite India

A village that lives by the principles/commandments given by Guru Jambheshwar; Bishnoi is situated in the western Thar Desert zone. You can live for a day or two in this village; watch the people living with the basic amenities; get into an engaging conversation with the locals [hear the stories they wish to share with you etc].

Activities to get into at Bishnoi Village –

1- Pay your visit to several spots of worship;

2- Explore the engaging wildlife at Guda Village;

3- Get involved in the art of photography at the notable shepherd’s village;

4- Buy a few Bishnoi famous artworks like a carpet etc;

5-enjoy an overnight stay at Bishnoi Campsite [Go for Jeep Safari, Camel Ride, have a traditional meal etc].

Favourable time to visit – Avoid travelling in summer months; beginning from the month of October to March is considered as the best-suited duration for exploring this attention-seeking village of North.

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Hodka [Land of art and artisans]

hodka village by Travelsite India

An artistry consumed village situated at a minimal distance of 64.00 Kilometers from Bhuj; Hodka is situated in the Kutch district of the noteworthy state of Gujarat. The well-formed and aligned houses of Hodka will definitely fill your heart and eyes in deep love; one should definitely pay a visit to this extremely-skilled village.

Activities to get into at Hodka –

1- Go for Bird watching;

2- Go shopping at the ethnic lanes; buy some traditional artworks;

3- Watch the highly-skilled artisans practicing their skills;

4- Go for sightseeing at the nearby attractions.

Favourable time to visit – Commencing from the month of July to the end of March is considered as the peak duration of exploration.

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Dah and Hanu [Located in the Dhahanu Valley] 

dah and hanu village

The Villages of Dah and Hanu are the two of the Brokpa of the Leh district situated in the Northern state of Jammu and Kashmir. These are the only two villages out of a number of Brokpa villages that are open for tourist.

Activities to get into at Dah and Hanu –

1- Sit with the locals; listen to various engaging stories of past from the elderly ones;

2- Place your visit at the Hanu Yokma;

3- Explore the village of Skurbuchan;

4- Wander in the alleys of an awe-inspiring old village addressed as Takmachik;

5- Spend quite some at the Domkhar Rock Art Sanctuary;

6- Capture the stunning encircling landscape.

Favourable time to visit – You can explore this striking village any time throughout the year; however starting from the month of June to the end of October is considered as the most-favourable interval.

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Munsiyari [place with snow] 

munsiyari village

The village of Munsiyari resides at the base of the Great Himalayan mountain range; it effectively serves as a starting point of numerous treks into the interior of the range. A calmness absorbed destination adorned with natural beauty; one should definitely plan on living this exemplary and soothing combination.

Activities to get into at Munsiyari –

1- One can go trekking to the Ralam and Milam Glaciers;

2- Witness the stunning views of the Panchachuli Peaks;

3- Pay your visit at the Nanda Devi Temple;

4- Stroll in the trails of Khaliya Top;

5- Relax at the Thamri Kund [click numerous dazzling pictures];

6- Pay your visit at the Tribal Heritage Museum;

7- Mark your presence at the Nanda Devi temple.

Favourable time to visit – The Interval from March to June and September to October is considered as the best-suited duration.

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 7- Kila Raipur [the spot of rural Olympics]

Kila Raipur

An exemplary village situated at a mere distance of 19 Kilometers from the Ludhiana City; this village of North hosts the annual Kila Raipur Sports Festival [well-known as the Rural Olympics]. The well-planned events often demonstrate the physical strength and fearlessness of the Punjabi men and women.

Activities to get into at Kila Raipur –

1- Attend the notable Sports festival;

2- Have the delicious Punjabi Cuisine;

3- Dance on the tuneful folk beats;

4- Pay your visit to the Maharaja Ranjit Singh War Museum.

Favourable time to visit – Starting from the month of October to the end of March is regarded as the most-suited time; however, do keep a check on the dates when the Annual Kila Raipur Sports Festivals will be organized.

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