Hill Stations in South India for Honeymoon Vacation [Chase the romance]

Hill Stations in South India for Honeymoon Vacation [Chase the romance]

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Every zone of nation India is gifted with the varied essence of belongingness| distinct geographical distributions driven by quirkiness| different kind of vegetation| native language of communication| culture and traditions residing on the strongest base of inheritance – the southern zone of nation India is blessed with the shade of green and blue.

This part of India is driven by four major Dravidian languages [Kannada| Malayalam| Tamil and Telugu. The Backwaters of Kerala, the hill stations of Tamil Nadu| the architectural sites of Karnataka| the state of Worship [Andhra Pradesh etc]. Settle on a discussion and finalize one destination of common interest; you can even go for more than one destination if you both wish for.

The hill-stations of south India are truly exceptional – soaked with the wide-spread terraces of plantation| preserving the wildlife| nurturing the rich bio-diversity| blessed with varied picture-perfect backgrounds etc. The aroma of fresh coffee, the essence of seasonal tea leaves will definitely make you fall more in love with this artistic zone of India.

The days that are settled on the base of newness, faith, commitment, belief and trust – a strange feeling followed by attention and care. You begin to involve in with all your heart in the new phase of life, which you both are blessed with. For some, it just takes a sight to fall in love and for some love enters eventually in their life without an announcement.

Honeymooning [a wishful vacation]

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Live like there is no tomorrow; say what strikes your mind; express the well-preserved feelings; dance is you feel like doing so; sing out loud without a care of the world; run by the extensive shoreline; hold your partner’s hands and make a lifelong commitment; share your stories of the past with that one special person; walk any time of the day at any random place and converse with a stranger; try and recollect all that you have missed so far; make a bucket list and start following its commands; sit by the bonfire light and exchange the romance soaked sights with your companion for life; be blown with the mirth and ignore others judging character – Life revolves around various phases.

Honeymoon Vacations in India

Marriage brings a new direction, it introduces a newer version of vision, a different perspective to what you have lived so far; put a smile on your face and bring the same on your partners face and celebrate the marriage at a phenomenal destination of choice.

Let people ask you – DUDE, what are you up to?? And in reply simply say that this is what life is all about [at times, you just need to go with the flow]. Allow the universe to shower love and care in abundance – here are the names of well-known Hill Stations in South India for Honeymoon Vacation:

1- Ooty [Honeymoon Vacation in South India] –

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Charmingly nicknamed as the Queen of Hill stations; it’s also addressed as Udagamandalam. The hilly town of Ooty breathes in the state of Tamil Nadu. It’s situated at a mere distance of 86 Kilometers to the North of Coimbatore. This place of grace and eminence is located in the happening Nilgiri Hills.

Things to do in Ooty – The destination of Boat Ride [Ooty Lake]| the Nilgiri Mountain Railway| the Toda Temple| St. Stephen’s Church| Botanical Garden etc.

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2- Kodaikanal [Honeymoon Vacation in South India] –

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One of the most photogenic destinations of all residing in the arms of southern India. It’s really significant to trace down the dazzling backdrop with you and your partner in it for something to look up to in future. Memories do play much of role in every individual’s life and if the occasion of vacation is honeymoon then come on – Pictures are a MUST. Do visit this destination of granite cliffs| lakes| waterfalls| Forested valleys| grassy hills etc.

Things to do in Kodaikanal – The exemplary Kodaikanal Lake| the spectacular Bryant Park| the heart-stealing Coaker’s walk| Silver cascade Falls etc.

3- Munnar [Honeymoon Vacation in South India]

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Take a walk with your romantic better half in the hilly town of Munnar; it lies in relaxation in the Western mountain range of the state of Kerala. Munnar is a notable hill station, encircled by the rolling hills; consumed by the Tea plantations established in the late days of the 19th century. This is where you can get a sight of a species, which is quite rare [the Mountain goat – Nilgiri Tahr]. Sit in freshness and share your life history with your lovable companion.

Things to do in Munnar – The hiking spot [Anamudi]| the Mattupetty Dam| the fun-driven Blossom International Park| Pothamedu View Point| Chokramudi peak| Lakkam Waterfalls etc – every place of attraction is driven by the beauty of natural formations.

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4- Coonoor [Honeymoon Vacation in South India]

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Perfect spot to celebrate your marriage; the hilly town of Coonoor is situated in the best of its shape and form in the state of Tamil Nadu. It’s majorly known for the flourishing tea estates spread in the encircling Nilgiri Hills. Do consider visiting this place of peace and calmness living under the grace of nature [Your partner will surely love this place]. Play in the grass and dance on the beats of love and trust.

Things to do in Coonoor – The flowery spot known as the Sim’s park| the praiseworthy Droog Fort| Dolphin’s Nose| the high field Tea estate| the Mini Mask Museum| the Doddabetta etc.

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5- Nandi Hills [Honeymoon Vacation in South India] –

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An Amazing place of attraction to live by with your partner; this hill station is also addressed as Nandidurg. The Nandi Hills is a stunning hill Fortress situated in the fascinating state of Karnataka. The hills of this town are carried by a traditional belief – the hills are the origin of the Arkavathy River. This place of importance is driven by its captivating past – Do pay your visit with the companion for life and discover the shadows of past.

Things to do in Nandi Hills – Tipu Sultan Summer Palace| Horse way| the Gavi Veerbhadra Swamy Temple| Yoga Nandeeshwara Temple| Bhoga Nandeeshwara Temple|

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6- Coorg [Honeymoon Vacation in South India] –

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Or say Kodagu; this place of charm is nicknamed as the Kashmir of Karnataka. It gratefully resides in the Western Ghats of Southern Karnataka. Coorg is most importantly known for the revitalizing coffee and the Kind people living under the shed of generosity. It not only lives with the best but it’s even surrounded by the finest of historical importance; Hassan district to the North, Kannur to the Southwest, Mysore to the east etc.

Things to do in Coorg – The hiking trails of Pushpagiri| the spot of views [Tadiandamol]| the noteworthy Madikeri Fort| the jungle trails of Nagarhole National Park| Kushalanagar etc

7- Idukki [Honeymoon Vacation in South India] –

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The destination infused with love and gentleness; you can even enjoy a ride on the giant’s back, who is tough by appearance but soft by heart [Elephant ride in the trails of grassy hills]. This place of stunning views is truly out of the world; a moment is enough to fall in love. Ask your partner to share some of the love as she or he has given all to each other. Here is where you can take a glimpse of the rare Blue Neelakurinji Flowers, which blooms every 12 years.

Things to do in Idukki – The Meesapulimala Mountain Peak| the Idukki Dam| the Mangala Devi Kannagi Temple| the Idukki Wildlife Sanctuary etc.

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8- Yercaud [Honeymoon Vacation in South India] –

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When you crave for the best and this is where you need to head; One of the well-famed hill stations of South, which embraces the presence of newly-married lovebirds. The Hill station of Yercaud is situated in the striking state of Tamil Nadu; it resides in the arms of Shevaroy hills. Yercaud is best-known for the mind restoring coffee, orange groves and spice plantations. Roll down in the sloppy trails and laugh like a kid [live to your best]. Celebrate your honeymoon with all of the craziness and adventure that resides in both of you.

Things to do in Yercaud – The awe-inspiring hiking destination named as the Shevaroy Hills| the purity-driven Kiliyur falls| the Yercaud Lake Boat House| the Pagoda Point Road etc.

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9- Araku Valley [Honeymoon Vacation in South India] –

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Great destination to stop by; this place of effective presence is nicknamed as the Andhra Ooty. The hill station of Araku Valley is situated in the Visakhapatnam district of the state of Andhra Pradesh. It’s an amazing valley in the Eastern Ghats, which houses the people belonging to different tribes.

Things to do in Araku Valley – Coffee Museum| Padmapuram Gardens| Tribal Museum etc.

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10- Ponmudi [Honeymoon Vacation in South India] –

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Means the Golden peak; it’s a dazzling hill station situated in the Thiruvananthapuram district of the state of Kerala. The enticing Ponmudi Peak is a part of the Western Ghats mountain range that runs parallel to the appealing Arabian Sea. The beauty soaked Landscape of Ponmudi is an interspersing of hills and valleys with Plantations and Forestland [houses the great presence of flora and fauna].

Things to do in Ponmudi – The Ponmudi Hill| the Meenmutty Falls| the Mankayam Waterfalls| Ponmudi View Point etc.

The Southern zone of India truly rocks; hill stations more of serves as a relaxation and beauty soaked destinations. Come along with your life-partner and add more photogenic elements to the album called – Honeymooning days.

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