An Unexplored Beauty

Bundi will make you feel the difference in the air and weather, feel the touch of strong winds, feel the culturist pinch and enjoy the depth of Indian traditions. Bundi will not disappoint you even a bit if you are here to see the deep - rooted culture and tradition of the Rajasthani people Thank god, as you have chosen the best from the list.

The semi cultural aspectswere taken from the big cities and small tows amalgamated in one makes the truest shade of the kind of civilisation you will witness in this small town of the state Rajasthan.

Bundi is situated in the in the Hadotidistrict of Rajasthan state in north - west region of India. It is not as famous as Jaipur and Jodhpur situated in the same state. However, now the government has taken initiatives to popularise the hidden beauty in the land of colours and culture, to make people like the one reading this feel lucky to experience such a vast land stuffed with the deepest of cultures and historicity.


There is nothing in the world that gains glory overnight, it takes a lot of effort and hard work to reach the desired accomplishment. Such is the case with a town like Bundi as well. It had to go through different phases of both hell and heaven to reach a level that honourable chief minister of Rajasthan Mrs VasundharaRaje is promoting this ultimate land of beauty and traditions.

Bundi was a town that had been ruled by various categories of varied local tribes and among those tribes, the most popular among the Bundi people was Mena tribe. It is this community from where the name of Bundi was derived. The name of the Sardar (that is the king or head of a tribe) was Bunda Mena from where the former name of the city came.

The name of the city was ‘BundakaNal’, which meant “Narrow ways”, as the city is constructed in old- style and has narrow lanes. This tribe was successfully ruling the small town until in the year 1342, the king named Rao Deva Hada annexed the land from the tribe leader Jaita Mena and merged it into his empire without including the surrounding area of Hadolti (present day district), which was a land of Hada Rajput’s.

Bundi was under the SisodiaRajputs of the then region ofMewar and the Hada rulers were their vassals of the Mughal Empire until the year 1568 when the King Rao Surjan Singh had to go on knees in front of Akbar the great, when the area of Ranthambore fell from the Empire.

The small town of Bundi was also ruled by various kings of Rajput culture and was a land under the Mughal rule. The famous palace was a lovely architectural stature thatwas loved by the kings and was in the ode to annex it under their empire. Later the British East India Company came in the picture and the area was under their control, but it was a neglected land. However, the king at that time who has the power of that area was a friend of British Officers and his name was, Maharao Bahadur Singh, he was also a guest in the wedding of Queen Elizabeth and Philip, The Duke of Edinburgh. Now Bundi is a part of free India and rests solely in the arms of the most loved state of the nation, Rajasthan.


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Bhundi is a place that is a perfect destination of deserted Area if you have planned Rajasthan and forgotten to visit the city of Bhundi, and then add it immediately before you miss on absorbing the architectural and historical gorgeousness of this valley like a town.

This is a city like none other in the state of Rajasthan. It has various tourist attractions that have been enticing the people from across the world to come and spend a few days in the fertile soil of culture and traditions. One can experience the delicious cuisine, bright fort, steaming lakes, step – wells, mansions, small lanes and paintings bracketing the whole of the town. Also, experience the historic stories of the Royalties and their high living standards from your Local guide. Also referred to as the small blue city of the eastern Rajasthan this place is well known for its blue painted houses in the small lanes of the cosy town.

The city also has its mention in the famous works of different film directors and popular writers. For Example the novel ‘KIM’ of Rudyard Kipling and film maker Satyajit Ray’s movie, SONAR KELLA. Do not forget to enjoy in this land whenever you are in the state of Rajasthan to fulfil the tour of the most loved state in incredible India.


  • By Air

    If you want to choose flights as your way of commutation, Jaipur international Airport that is 210 kilometres from Bundi and Indira Gandhi International Airport that is 400+ kilometres are the nearest to reach the small town. If you are travelling across the nation, then the nearest Airport is Kota domestic Airport. From these airports, one can easily take a cab or bus to reach their destination city Bundi.

  • By Road

    Highways and expressways leading to the small city of Bundi are smooth and non- bumpy. Hence, one can also choose Roadways buses, government buses or their own private cars and taxis to travel to the city from nearby towns and can take an alluring view of the state. From cities like Kota, Jaisalmer, Jodhpur, Jaipur one can easily get these bus and taxi facilities.

  • By Train

    The Train is one of the best commutation facilities in India. One can travel while relaxing and even sleeping on the train births. The Railway station of Bundi as well as a nearby city Kota is well connected from the mainstream cities like Mumbai, Delhi, Jaipur, Agra, Banaras (Varanasi) for hassle - free travel. If you take a train up till Kota, then you can easily take a private car, taxi or bus to reach Bundi.


If you are planning a stay in Bundi do not worry, as there are several hotels, resorts and inns in the town to plan a stay and enjoy the cultural visit to the small town. There are several budget, semi- luxury and luxury hotels and resorts with different facilities like swimming pool, gym area, kid’s zone, spa sessions and more to attract the tourist to spend a night in the less travelled land.

Therefore, if you are tired visiting different places since morning, then these hotels will serve you the best to relax and get ready for the second day excursion tour.


Ideal Duration to spend this small town is minimum of 1 day and maximum as much as you want. It is a town with less hustle- bustle and people love to stay back for a day or two to calm themselves from a much hectic schedule of visiting the state.



    Taragrah fort is also known as Star Fort and is the most impressive architectural excellencethe city has to offer. It was constructed in the year 1354 on the steep hilltop eying at the main city. The fort is also a habitat for three tanks;those are famous for never drying up. The techniques used at the time of medieval period were so advance and engineered that they are still a feeding stop for the city people to store water from these advance tanks of the past era still standing as a testament of the great works of then engineers.


    Maharaja Bhao Singh Ji made this majestic palace, in the year 1645, in the later centuries of 16th and 17th this amazing palace was taken over by the kings named Rao Raja Chtrasal Singh and Rao Raja Umed Singh respectively.

    It is one of the most loved attractions in the small town of Bundi. One can see a panoramic view of the Aravali hills and the small blue city of the eastern Rajasthan. When in this city it falls under the category of ‘must visit locations in Bundi’.


    This is a place,which has a literary relevance. Asonce, the great writer Rudyard Kipling once stayed in its cream coloured royal complex and claims that it was great inspiration of his world famous novel named, Kim. People visit this place to know more about the inside beauty of the state Rajasthan.


    Visit the coloured structures of the inside in a not so amazing looking building from outside. This is another loved attraction when you are sightseeing the town of Bundi. It is a palace near Taragarh fort and it has a historic relevance that can be known when you are roaming in the royal palace with your informative guide.


    Also known as Queens’s stepwell. It is created in different palaces and areas of India, in recognition to the women of the palace. It is a step well where the women of royalties used to bath and spend some leisure time enhancing their beauty. Rani Nathavati Ji who was the wife of then ruler of the town, Anirudh Singh, constructed the place named Rani Ji kiBaori in the year 1699.


    The Bundi Palace is located on the hillside parallel to the magnificentTaragarh Fort it is much popular for its majestic murals and beautiful frescoes. The Chitrashalawas also known as Picture Gallery is open for the general - public to visit and enjoy the history depicted in them. This is one of the most famous place that is visited by people.whilethey have started on a trip to the sightseeing of the unique Bundi town.

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