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If you are planning for a pilgrimage tour in the south of the nation, and you have already visited best places of auspicious values in the southern region spend some time in this little pilgrimage town named Chidambaram that has a famous Nataraja (a face of lord Shiva) temple of high spiritual values.

This is an enroot destination from Thanjavur to Pondicherry that is been highly visited buy the pilgrims and tourists to worship the god of art and dance. This town is famous for its calm and composed environment. It does not allow a wide range of tourist activities but is a destination one must visit while enjoying a road trip in the southern region of the country, India.


There is no town of pilgrimage values that does not have a past worth listening. The stories of the mythological values make the tourists more attracted towards the place. The Hindu mythology has been revolving all around in the country and has as many as infinite stories in every little city, and there is nothing with the pilgrimage town in the state of Tami-Nadu named, Chidambaram.

Chidambaram even after being as small as a dot has a story worth a million pens. It is anciently believed that the Great Lord Shiva had performed a dance in the little town amidst tillai trees. The dance performance was actually a fun competition between the great Lord Shiva and his beloved wife Parvathi. Naturally, the great Lord won the competition and got the name of Nataraja, the god of dance and art. It is one of very famous stories in the Hindu mythology dedicated to Lord Shiva, the destroyer.

Due to this location being the holy place where Lord Shiva showed the world the art form, the small town of Chidambaram was considered auspicious and King Kulottunga constructed a temple in his name in the year 1175 until 1200. The amazing temple is a work of ancient architecture and it looks alluring to each and every tourist stepping in the little town.

Designed with old bricks and sculptures of Gods and their consorts in old style makes the city look like a work of a great architect. Spend a few hours in the town and know about Hindu stories by the guides present with you.

The site of the temple is enclosed within 4huge walls and covers a rectangular landof fifty-five acres. Within the temple complex, one can find the shrines, halls, temples, studded gateways, and a large auspicious bathing pool, named Shiva Ganga tank. It is often said that the temple complex was decorated with these amazingly studded ornamental sights by the various Pandaya kings who ruled the town of Chidambaram for a long time.

Chidambaram a little town in the state of South-India famous for its pilgrimage sites has come under the rule of various kings namely; Cholas, Pandya’s, Nayak’s, Vijayanagara kings and many more, these kings made the city what it looks like today with their amazing sense of architecture and art work.

Such amazing history of the site makes it a worth visiting place while you are on a road trip to Pondicherry from Thanjavur or vice versa.


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Chidambaram is located in the southern region of the nation within the premises of the state of Tamil-Nadu famous for its pilgrimage locations with greenery being its crowning authority.

A small town sees a large number of tourists and pilgrims visiting the famous temples of lord Shiva or Nataraja to seek his blessings and know about the Mythological history of Hindus related to Lord Shiva. It is often believed that people come here with their wishes and if they plead the good lord to fulfil their wants and desires with a pure heart, the lord would bless them and fulfil his/her wishes.


Chidambaram is mostly visited enroot the two cities that is between Pondicherry to Thanjavur or vice- versa.

Cities like Trichy and Kumbhakonam are also a near by places from where one could drive to the small pilgrimage town. Chidambaram could also be reached by train and air by getting down at the main cities of Tamil-Nadu but the best way would anyway be a road trip to the town.

  • By Air

    Chidambaram city is very well connected by its airways to all the major cities of India through its nearest Airport. Tiruchirappalli is the nearest airport to Chidambaram and is located at a distance of not more than 195 kilometres. You can also easily hire a taxi or a cab to reach the airport at dirt - cheap prices.

  • By Road

    The city lies on the Chennai Trichy meter - gauge line and is also well connected through rail to the temple towns of Rameswaram, Thanjavur and Kumbakonam. One can take a drive to this from various cities and can enjoy the view of Beautiful South India from the windows of the vehicle and enjoy your Lovely visit to this sacred spot. Bus services are also available from private operators and State Government.

  • By Train

    Railways are always the best option when you are travelling in a country as vast in its geography as India. In the same way, Chidambaram cityis well connected to almost all the popular and key cities in the country through its railways. One can easily reach the town by boarding a train and sit comfortably to reach out this holy town.

    Various locations like Pune, Chennai, Bangalore, Mumbai, Lonavala, Jodhpur, Bhopal, New Delhi, and Kolkata are just a few to mention. You can hire a cab and taxi from the station to reach your pre booked hotel.


There is no special time to visit Chidambaram; one could stop by this town at any time when they are in the state of Tamil Nadu. Avoid visiting at the time of summers as the temperature rises high and being out in the scorching sun would not let you enjoy the place to the fullest.


It is not at all a case that you cannot stay in the city of Chidambaram. Nevertheless, it is mostly preferred to be a location of one-day tour as it does not have a lot of locations to cover except a few temples of high values, which could be enjoyed in a day tour or enroot a road journey to a different city.

However, if you wish to stay, A few hotels in the city provide good accommodation.



    One of the most auspicious temples in a small holy town of Chidambaram is Nataraja Temple, which is dedicated to Lord Shiva who is worshipped in the form of Nataraja (God of dance and art). During the empire of Chola kings, the temple had gone through several renovations. Popular because of its huge walls, artistic carvings of gods and their consorts and unbelievable inscriptions, Nataraja templeis amongst the few temples in India where Lord Shiva is worshippedin the deity’s real face form rather than the common 'Lingam' style.


    The temple is known for a worshiping spot dedicated to Lord Shiva addressing Vaidyanatheshwara; the God of healing, VaitheeswaranKoil is positioned at a distance of 13 kilometers from Chidambaram. It is believed that taking a bath in the sacred water bodies of the Siddamirtham tank present in the temple complex will heal all ailments. Many devotees visit the temple from faraway lands in order to attain the blessings of the good lord.


    Beautifully sculpted temple dedicated to the wife of Lord Shiva, Parvathi named Thillai Kali Amman Temple is one of the temples that is been visited by all the pilgrims and devotees arriving the town because of its high believes. The temples emerges with four faces in this spot. The great goddess is named in many forms like Vadapthira Kali, BhrantaSamundeeswari and the name used for the temple, Thillai Amman.

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