A setting of Paradise

“We live in a wonderful world that is full of beauty, charm and the Adventure. There is no end to adventure we can have if only we seek them with our open eyes” - Jawaharlal Nehru

These are a few lines said by Mr Jawaharlal Nehru, The first Prime Minister of the Republic of India and in my opinion; these are a heart shaker if we are planning a trip to this city of Gulmarg in a heaven like state of Jammu and Kashmir. A hill station with white snow capping its crown and the giant hilltops attracting the men of the world since ages to visit this small but alluring town of the state Kashmir.

Gulmarg is a small town in the Baramulla district of the state Jammu and Kashmir and has always served as the most loved destination for people of the world to perform adventure sports in the milky snow residing in the city.


Gulmarg the city of Kashmir was formerly known as “Gaurimarg the name was derived from the nick name of Goddess Parvati that was ‘Gauri’. However, in the 16thCentury, the then ruler of the place Sultan Yusuf Shah changed the name into Gulmarg, meaning “The Path of Roses”. The Mughals brought Roses with them from their native and cultivated a lot of varieties in the city of Gulmarg, hence the meaning of the name is ‘the Meadows of Flowers’.

One of the Mughal Emperor Jahangir was mesmerised by the beauty of the city. He had ones taken 12 kinds of flowers from the meadows of this town and it is much visible in the palace of Mughals and their books, painting and literature that they were extremely fond of Roses and different flowers cultivated in Gulmarg. Later, many other subsequent Rulers cultivated their favourites in the fertile land of Gulmarg.

Today one can find all the varieties of various flowers and roses in this city and not even a single is missing from its roots. Cities of Kashmir like Pahalgam and Vering also are huge cultivators of flowers.

At the time of British India was the authority in the country, the officerswere also wooed by with the natural beauty residing in the city of Gulmarg.They decided to consider it as one of the summer locations for the high graded officers.

Other than its flowers, the city is widely famous for becoming one of the best spots for winter adventure sports. In addition, there is an amazing tale from the past attached to it, making it the paradise for adventure seekers.

Department of Tourism of the Government of India invited Mr Rudolph Matt in the year 1960 to select the best location for adventure sports of the winters. Rudolph Matt roamed through the country and ended at the Gulmarg to be an ideal location for the winter sports.

It is then in the year 1968, Institute of Skiing and Mountaineering was enrooted in the city of Gulmarg to train the instructors who already knew skiing properly with complete knowledge. In the next few decades, the government of India spend around 30 million Indian Rupees to make the city a world - famous skiing destination in India as well as Asia.

These projects planned in the past is the main attraction for the folks from different areas of the world, to come to the country of India to enjoy the very beauty of milky white snow and the amazing adventure sports performed here under proper guidance.


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The picturesque landscaped area of Gulmarg is one of the unique destinations in India. With its alluring beauty, it has become one of the most visited destinations by the people of the world. It is a town most famous for its winter adventure sports and faces a clan of tourists attacking the city to enjoy in its arms with the excitement amidst the town.

This small town takes great pride in possessing World’s second largest cable car project and Asia’s largest that is known as Gulmarg Gondola. It is like a cable car running through the snowy mountains of the city and is loved and experienced by all the tourists coming to the city.

The city is painted with flower meadows from the era of Mughals and it takes the aura of beauty in the city to another level. So, if you are fond of beauty the natural beauties of mountains, lakes and flowers this is a perfect tourist spot for you when you are planning a vacation in India.


  • By Air

    It is very easy to travel from the main cities of India to Gulmarg, the nearest airport to this city is about 50 kilometres from the city centre and the name of the airport is Sheikh-Ul-Alam Airport. One can board a direct flight to this city from various other mainstream cities of India like Delhi, Mumbai and Amritsar.

    From the airport, one can hire a taxi or a car to reach out to the alluring location of Gulmarg

  • By Road

    Gulmarg has a beautiful and convenient road network. One can easily drive their way from the nearby cities like Srinagar that is just 57 kilometres away from the main city. You can also board government buses and taxis to travel across the state and not just to the city of Gulmarg. It is also well connected with the city of Jammu and one can enjoy the beauty of paradise on earth through their windows of buses and cars.

  • By Train

    It is a bit of a hectic task to travel to Gulmarg on a train but if you are comfortable with long journeys then you can board a train from the desired location in India. The availability of trains from various cities in India to Jammu is well organised. Jammu is about 250 kilometres away from Gulmarg. You can take a drive after you get down at Jammu railway station to reach out to the glorious Gulmarg.


A city like Gulmarg that attracts a number of Tourists from around the World is dotted with resorts, hotels, motels, camps and inns. In this city, you will find all kinds of Living places be it in the category of a budget, semi- luxury or luxury.

You can even find facilities like gym area, swimming pool, kid’s zone, spas and more. You can live comfortably for as long as you want in these amazing hotels with all kind so luxuries and desires been served to you.


Ideal duration to be spent in the city is minimum of 2 days so that you can enjoy all the varied activities of the town like the adventure sports in the snow, visit the flower meadows, Gulmarg Gondola Ride and there is much more to experience. Hence, one should at least have a time of 2 days to plan a trip to this alluring beauty.

If you want, you can also spend a week in this city to experience its beauty and culture of Kashmir in depth. Do not forget to try the delicious Kashmiri cuisine when in the lovely town.



    Gulmarg is most famous for its winter adventure sports and among this the most famous is Skiing, if you are travelling to Gulmarg and you miss on Skiing it will be a great set back. It is practised and taught in this city of Gulmarg, by educated experts in this field. Skiing of Gulmarg is one of the most famous sports practised in this India and people from around the world come to this spot to enjoy this amazing and thrilling sport.

    You can enjoy Skiing in the mid of the Milky white snow and witness the alluring view of the giant valley.


    Gulmarg Gondola ride is one of the most famous rides in the city and is been practiced by all the tourists coming in the town. It is world’s second largest cable car and Asia’s biggest cable car network present in a town of India named, Gulmarg.

    The cable car rides give us a chance to explore the very beauty of the valleys of Gulmarg as well as Khailanmarg that is a nearby town. It is a perfect blend of viewing natural beauty in a modern invention.

    In the first phase of Gondola ride, it takes us to the height of 8530 feet. 122293 is the second phase height of the Gondola ride. One can also enjoy horse riding in this city and can travel to ‘strawberry lake’. You can also plan a small visit to the frozen lake of ‘Al- Pathar’.


    This is a shrine or tomb of one of the most famous and believed on Muslim saint, Baba Payam-Uddin who died at this very place in the year 1480.

    This shrine was built in the 13thcentury is located at the slopes of Gulmarg and is a must visit location for the men and women who are coming to the city of Gulmarg to seek the Holy Saint’s blessings. Do spend some time here to explore the inner peace within one self.


    This temple is situated in the middle of Gulmarg; this is one of the rare temples where a Muslim priest worships in this Maharani temple and shows the diversity and secularism. This is a great idea to remove problem, hatred between the two communities to show that God is one, and we all are the loved kids of the Almighty.

    Maharani Temple was a construction done by Mrs Mohini Bai Sisodhi, the wife of Maharaja Hari Singh in the year 1915. This unique temple is a property of the Dogra kings of the state of Jammu and Kashmir.


    It is only 6kilometres from the bus station of Gulmarg. Khilanmarg is a small town in the middle of the State of Kashmir and is a total paradise of blossoming and vibrantly colourful flowers. This small city has one of the best views you will ever see in a lifetime.

    The popular Nanga Parbat that is 7100 metre in height looks so beautiful that it serves as a perfect PhotoScape location for the tourists.

    You can reach to this town by hiring a private car or taxi that would drop you to this alluring location to spend a day in this eternal beauty presented to us by the Mother Nature.

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