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About Jaisalmer – The City in Gold

Located in the heart of the Great Indian Thar Desert, this beautiful glittering city is one of the major Tourists Destination of the flamboyant state Rajasthan. With the yellow colored walls and buildings built up with yellow sand stone and the gold-colored desert that surrounds, Jaisalmer is better regarded as the Golden City. Being the closest city to India- Pakistan Border, it acts as a guard to the Western Rajasthan and India’s Frontier. Named after the founder of the city, Maharawal Jaisal Singh in 1156 AD. With a sect that had one or two notable warriors, Jaisalmer was once the royal seat of Bhatti Rajputs. The extremely glorifying history of Jaisalmer draws back from the history of Rajputanas.
With the construction of the magnificent Jaisalmer Fort on the Trikuta Hills, the founder of the city found Jaisalmer as the most secured location to build a castle. The history of Jaisalmer also includes the myths that states that the Lord Krishna had predicted that a successor of the Yadav clan who would establish a terrifying kingdom a top the Trikuta Hill in Jaisalmer. While his predictions proved themselves as true, Rawal Jaisal established his kingdom on this very hill. While every other old city has a lot to declare with its tales of velour, the unique and mesmerizing architectures and the spirit to hold the glory till date, Jaisalmer is again a city that holds the glory, the untold facts, the tales of history and the most crucial its mesmerizing beauty that captivates the heart of all. With the ethnic culture and pumped up adventure, it is a sublime amalgam of heritage, culture and adventure spooks. Yet a city one must explore.

Jaisalmer and It's Tourism

Being one of the most attractive city of Rajasthan, the glorifying history of Jaisalmer is one of the major fascinations of its travelers. The history still prevails with its massive magnificent forts & mesmerizing palaces, dazzling havelis, the captivating sand dunes and the stunning architectures of Jain Temples. With much of tourist attractions, Jaisalmer offers a lot to be explored. The auto and Tanga rides in the narrow lanes, the ethnic attire and the geographical location of the city add on to its charm. With the major colorful festivals and fairs of the city, the temptation of the city gets increased. The colorful desert festival of Sam Sand Dunes with major of cultural events that includes the camel races, folk dance and music performances showcasing the rich culture and heritage, the traditional yet luxurious camps are the major tourists’ activities one must explore in Jaisalmer. Thus the city in Gold that allure travelers from all over the world. With its magnificent structures and characteristically Rajasthani demeanor, Jaisalmer reflects the true ethos and legacy of the state. One of the most imposing erections that add on to the glamour of the culture is the magnificent yellow sandstone built Jaisalmer Fort. Constructed on the hillock, the fort glitters with every single ray of the sun. Besides the Jaisalmer Fort, Jaisalmer houses a plenty of attraction one must visit. For the geology freaks, Jaisalmer is the location one must visit. Being another travel aspect of Jaisalmer, geology has a great impact on the location of the city. One can actually trace the geologic tragedies occurred in the Thar Desert 180million years ago.

jaisalmer and tourism

Accessibility to Jaisalmer: Jaisalmer houses its own Jaisalmer Military Airport that makes travel easy for its travellers. Apart from the airport, Jaisalmer can be reached via the wide network of railways and by road as well.
Best time to visit: Jaisalmer can be visited in any part of the year yet the suggested time period is September to March.
Jaisalmer Stay: Being one of the most famous tourist places, Jaisalmer Hotels provide a comfortable stay to their travelers that suit the budget of all.

Top Attractions of Jaisalmer

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Jaisalmer Fort

jaisalmer fort

Located in the Trikuta Hills of Jaisalmer, this magnificent fort was constructed by the founder of the city of Jaisalmer, Raja Jaisal in 1156AD. Being one of the largest forts of the world, it is built up with the yellow sand stone that are major reason behind the charm of the fort. A fort that glitters with every single ray of sun that embarks on it, Jaisalmer Fort is better known as the Sonar Quila.

Patwon ki Haveli

patwon ki haveli

The mesmerizing cluster of five small havelis, Patwon ki Haveli is considered to be one of the largest havelis of Rajasthan. Founded by the Guman Chand, one famous trader of Jaisalmer, the construction was further completed by his sons as it took almost to 55 years to complete. The yellow sand stone built Haveli is a major representative of the royal architectures of bygone area. With one out of the five havelis that has turned into a magnificent museum, it is famous for its fine wall paintings, dazzling Jharokhas, archways and gateways.

Sam Sand Dunes

sam sand dunes

The perfect and the best excursion that can be planed around Jaisalmer is in the Sam Sand Dunes that reflects the perfect and traditional culture of Jaisalmer. With some major desert sand adventures, these Sam Sand Dunes also offers the best experience of desert camping. Showcasing the rich heritage of Rajasthan, one can witness the folk performance of dance and music with some fine wine while in the camp.

Gadisar Lake

gadisar lake

Constructed by the founder of the city, Raja Jaisal, it is located within a distance of a kilometer from the fort. A man made reservoir, was reconstructed by Maharawal Garsi in 1367AD. With major holy shrines and chattris constructed around the bank of the lake, the people of the desert city are very much depend on this water tank for their water needs.

Jain Temples

jain temple

Situated in the Jaisalmer Fort Campus, these Jain Temples are the major tourist attraction of Jaisalmer. The important religious attractions, these Jain Temples are known for their beautiful yet stunning architectures and intricate carvings. Made up of only yellow sand stone, these temples are a vision to behold.

Activities in Jaisalmer : Activities of Jaisalmer are other great attractions of the city. Apart from the Jaisalmer Sightseeing Tour, as per the point of interests of Jaisalmer, one can opt for Desert Safari and Camping in the Sam Sand Dunes that offers the best of experience of the Desert Camping. With the Swizz Tents as the Desert Camps are the most luxurious tents of the Desert. One may enjoy the luxurious bar with lavish food and folk performances in these tents giving the experience of the lavish Desert Lifestyle.

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