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How would you describe beauty of Mother Nature? Sunsets? Beaches? Greenery? How about you get all of these at one place, it would be a treat to watch all of them residing at one place when you are on a vacation. Kanyakumari other than being the peninsular tip of the nation is one stop that is loaded with water from three sides.

Bay of Bengal, Arabian Sea, Indian Ocean all of these blues amalgamate on the end tip of the country making Kanyakumari look like an Island, which, would make international locations like Maldives and Mauritius feel jealous of not being so beautiful.

When you are planning, a trip to Kanyakumari be ready to feel the rush in your adrenal with the immense gorgeousness it has in-stored for you. The sunsets, greenery, beaches and temples will make your vacation worth every penny you would spend on the trip.


There is no place in the world, which would have a glorious present without a past that has seen a lot of goods and bad. It is no different in the case of one of the most beautiful places in India, Kanyakumari. A glorious and vibrant past is what the city looks like this amazing place of tourism.

As per the legends and the remains in the city, one can prove a mythological story of Kanya Devi, an avatar of Devi Parvathi, who hadto marry Lord Shiva at this auspicious place. However, due to some uncertain reasons, Lord Shiva was late at the wedding and the best-suited time of the celebration passed.Hence, the marriage never took place, making Devi Kanya a virgin goddess bestowing love and prosperity to the tourists and pilgrims even today with her presence in the city.

It is said that the leftover food that remained uncooked, as the celebration never took place turned into stones in the shape of rice and cereals, which could be purchased from the shops in Kanyakumari.

Kanyakumari, which is also known as the Alexandria of the East was great in architecture, art and its vivacious culture. The city was also a famous stop for trade and commerce.

In the 8th century, Islam’s came through the sea root with trade and missionaries and enjoyed the rule in the beautiful city. The high influence of Christianity in the town is gifted in 52nd AD by St. Thomas who was among the 12 apostles of Christ. Even the Jains enjoyed a happy living in Kanyakumari. The advent of a bulk of religions in the city made it one of the most secular lands rich in diverse architecture and cultural values.

Many other kings later like the Cholas, Cheras, Pnadayas and Nayaks ruled the city helping in beautifying the city with rich art, culture, architecture, heritage and values. When the British’s took the charge of the whole country the name of Kanyakumari was changed to CAPE COMORIN, as the Englishmen were unable to pronounce the in-house names. Even the British left a few of their colonial structures, which are deeply rooted until now for the tourists to enjoy the goods they did to our country in terms of education and standardised living.

The above mentioned glorious past of Kanyakumari has a lot to do with the beauty and rich heritages we enjoy in the present scene.


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Are you an Oceanoholic? Kanyakumari would be a one-stop destination for you my friend. This city is famous for its colour changing sand at the time of dawn and dusk. Click some pictures and make your kith and kins jealous of not visiting the alluring city of India. The waves of the three beauties the Indian ocean, the Arabian sea and the bay of Bengal collide together making the whole city set on a side of a beach. The setting sun inside the ocean, the laid back chairs by the sea would be a perfect hideout for my friends who are seeking for alone time and solitude.

Not just the beaches and relaxed aura of the city is amazing but also a bunch of temples and churches relaxing by the beach sides or floating in the ocean would make you go oh! lala!

I would recommend you to not waste any time and enjoy the beauty of the beach therapy with pilgrimage spots in the peninsular tip of the nation. The beauty of statues, palaces, memorials, waterfalls, laid back beaches and comfortable resorts will make your tour to south- India a memory you would always cherish.

To reach to the last city in India one must know a few points discussed below.


  • By Air

    One can reach to this city by landing on the nearest airport that is Trivandrum, 80 kilometres away from Kanyakumari. Trivandrum is directly connected with the main airports of India like Cochin, Bangalore, Mumbai, Delhi, Goa, Delhi and more.

  • By Road

    Kanyakumari is well connected with a few cities via road making it an amazing road journey. Thekkady (359 km), Kodaikanal (365 km), Palani (372 km), Ootacamund (579 km), Cochin (310 km), Trivandrum (86 km), Nagarkoil (20 km), Tiruchendur (90 km), Rameshwaram (305 km), Courtallam (130 km), Madurai (241 km). These are a few stops in south- India, which would be a comfortable road trip to Kanyakumari.

  • By Train

    Kanyakumari is well connectedwith cities like Thiruvananthapuram, Delhi, and Mumbai by relaxing railway network. Tirunelveli that is 80 km away from Kanyakumari is another nearest railway junction and can be reached by road via Nagarkoil that is 19 km from Kanyakumari.


Being a beach destination, it enjoys a pleasant climate all throughout the year hence making the tourists flock down to the city in all months and seasons. However, the best time with a bulk of people enjoying by the beaches in Kanyakumari would be between March and October.


One can comfortably stay in the resorts and hotel by the side of the sea and ocean. The beautiful resorts and hotels will give an amazing view of the beach and ocean from the hotel window itself. Availability of budget and luxury hotels is in good number all throughout the year.



    In the middle of the ocean lies an amazing architected temple of Kanya Devi that has its mention in almost all the mythologically believed books of Hindus. Thousands of tourists and pilgrims to seek the blessings of the goddess visit the temple that is also namedBhagvaty Amman temple. This pilgrimage spot is among the 108 Shakti peeth’s in Hindu believes.


    This amazingly designed structure of the iconic monument in Kanyakumari is 100 meters away from its shore and can be reached by a ferry that are available at reasonable prices. This is a great sightseeing location, including two complexes, which are Vivekananda and ShripodaMandapur that is been visited by numeral tourists and travellers.


    It is a monument in Kanyakumari dating in 1601 AD, this was the palace of rulers of Travancore, which is made in old granite and looks absolutely stunning. The building has several bisections like the king’s council chamber, mother’s palace, Thai kotarram and natakshala meaning the house of performances. The monument houses a small museum as well that has in-store a few things from that era , which are the weapons, pethora of wooden furniture, paintings, daggers, swords, Chinese jars etc. attracting hundreds of tourists daily.


    This is a small pilgrimage town located at a distance of 10 kilometres from Kanyakumari, which are designed in Dravidian style. Decorated with rock cut pillars this amazing temple makes the tour complete with beautiful pictures and blessings of the god. It attracts numeral numbers of pilgrims throughout the year.


    Kanyakumari beach is a place that is best suited for people who love to enjoy the days of vacation in solitude and calmness. Grab a book and a can of coffee and enjoy by the side of the laid-back beaches. The greenery, waves, ocean and the calmness makes it an amazing spot for the tourists from all across the nation and globe. On this beach one can enjoy the sunset and the sunrise that makes the sand look in different colours making it one of the rarest sights in the nation.


    A huge statue of saint Thiruvalluvar is 133 feet tall and can be enjoyed from almost any point in Kanyakumari because of its massive height. He was considerably one of the greatest Tamil poets lived in India. This statute is one of the hugest in the nation, it is been designed with 10 elephants on the sides signifying the various directions. It is a latest attraction for the tourists, which was unveiled in the year 2000.

    Enjoy this amazing place and take a few pictures making the tour of Kanyakumari a memorable experience with beaches, temples and the amazing sunsets and sunrises.

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