The Beach Land

On the coastal land of the southern state of Kerala lies a beautiful town of Kovalam that is south to Thiruvananathpuram. It is a beach capital of the state. The three beaches on the corners of the state makes the place look like a small island.

Kovalam is a perfect beach beauty by the side of the Arabian Sea. As the name of the city Kovalam suggests, groove of coconut trees. It is exactly what one would find in the lap of the natural ambiance of Kovalam, the endless queue of the coconut trees would make the turning roads a place of attraction in itself.

Kovalam is not just a beautiful landscape but also a place of cultural and religious values. The potpourri of mosques, temples and churches are also a key attraction in the little beach town.

If you are a person, who loves serene and calm atmosphere and is seeking calmness and solitude all around try out Kovalam this vacation and enjoy the sunset and the sunrise by the laid-back beaches relaxing with your dear ones.


Kovalam is popular for its beaches and is among the mostpristine one in India. The city of Kovalam is extremely popular among the tourists due to its shallow waters and tidal waves. It is also considered as one of the oldest tourist enclaves of India, which is known among tourist circuit right since the early 1930s. Kovalam was shot with the limelight in the early seventies era with the arrival of the crew of hippies.

This was the time that started the transformation of a normal looking fishing village of Kerala into one of the most loved tourist destinations in and around India and was named the Kovalam beach.

The city of Kovalam was brought to the sight of the public in the near past by Her Highness the‘Queen of Travancore’ Maharani Sethu Lakshmi Bai as she decided to get a palace built for herself at a the top of the rock near the beach. That was her private residence and was commonly known as The Haylcon Castle.

After a few years in 1936, the next Queen of Travancore, HH Kartika Thirunal choose this palace as an ideal location for her honeymoon with her newly wed husband and the 1st Prince GV Raja. Husband of the Queen, Prince G.V Raja was the one who found the place to be of immense tourism qualities in the whole region and later he decided to promote the region among all the state guestsand he started inviting people of high value to the Palace built in Kovalam. He invitedThomas Cook & Sons from United Kingdom to start the promotion of this majestic place.

The Maharaja (king) of Travancore later started hosting regular state parties, banquets and accommodation to his European guests in the Kovalam Haylcon Palace to make the place more popular and known. This idea started to make the beach famous among the European families who were living in the nearby Madras as well as Bombay Presidencies and also the elite families of Travancore to spend their holidays and vacations in the beach town of Kovalam.

This was also the starting of modern day tourism industry in the southern region of India; Post the time of independence in India, the beach became a popular spot among the Indians and few tourists from all around the nation visited the city.

The early 1700s was the time that the hippie culture helped back to revive the beach and its original qualities.The city was loaded with vast group of tourists, spending their bold and wild holidays here in Kovalam.

When Kerala government thought of making tourism of the state as a major sector at the time of 1990s Kovalam was the first place from where the tourism of the country began who knew today it would be of no less value and would be visited by as many as hundreds of tourists daily.


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“Sometimes You Just Have To Go With the Waves” Is this exactly what you wanted to hear? Right. Kovalam is a stop destination when it comes to the alluring blues of the sea, a fort on the corner, the pine tree leaves brushing the air and the padded muddy sand makes Kovalam a paradise of a vocational tour.

The three main beaches of the city are the perfect place to sit and make a perfect picturesque in your mind with the clouds making the shape of itself, waves rushing to wash your feet and the sun setting inside the sea making the horizon a mix of yellow, orange and red.

Men and women from across the globe come to spend their leisure time in the city of Kovalam and enjoy the view to relax their senses from all the worldly and materialistic measurements of pleasure.


  • By Air

    Kovalam is well connected with the airways, as the nearest airport is located at a distance of about 15 kilometres from the main city it becomes a good gateway for people coming from far away land. The airport is connected by various domestic cities like Delhi, Mumbai, Chennai and more.

  • By Road

    One can take a drive from nearby cities and can enjoy the view on the way. One can also board the buses of private travel agents and the government services are also a good way to travel through roadways.

  • By Train

    Kovalam is a place nearby Thiruvananthapuram and the nearest railway station is the same that is not more than 15- 16 kilometres from the beach town. One can easily travel from Trivandrum to Kovalam. The railway tract is connected to many cities nearby and even to a few in the north.


The best time to visit Kovalam is all throughout the year. In the winters, the sea is cool and the weather is pleasant enough to take some vitamin D in the morning sun. In the summers the early mornings and the evening is an ideal time to enjoy by the side of the beach or in the pool of the hotel.

However, the time of autumn and spring are the best times to visit Kovalam as the greenery gets better and the weather is just perfect to enjoy the holiday in the beach town.


If you love beaches, water-bodies and greenery come and stay a few days in the rooms of the green resorts, hotels and inns of the city of Kovalam. You ask for budget or luxury rooms. There is all availability here.

The stay spots also include good facilities of pools, gyms, good food and laundry for your daily needs.


Take at least 2 to 3 days to spend in the lap of the nature and its alluring beauty. If you are looking for some leisure and relaxed place come and spend at least 2 days and maximum as much as you want to make each and every penny you spend on the trip count.


The best things to enjoy in a meal when in the city of Kovalam would be the south- Indian dishes as the idle, dosa, vada, sambhar, rasam, lemon-rice, tomato- rice and most importantly do not miss on the street style sea food which is the speciality of the town.


The best way to wander around in the city is with your booked cars and taxis. Otherwise, the city is too small and one can hire a bicycle or walk from one destination to another with the people you are travelling with but try taking cars and taxis to not exhaust yourself.



    Lighthouse beach is one of the most popular beaches in the city of Kovalam. People from across the globe come and spend time in the city by the side of this beach. The amazing view and the alluring green sides of the beach is worth a place to stop by and enjoy.

    A tall lighthouse erected by the side of the sea adds up as 4 stars and make the place look more glorified. Enjoy by the beach and spend some energy on the water sports that could be performed in the area like paragliding, swimming, surfing etc.


    Samudra beach is in the city of Kovalam and is one of the places where people tend to go less. So it is a time for you to hurry up and reach to this beach side to spend some time alone with yourself or with your dear ones.

    The hotels on the side of the beach will give you a good accommodation services. Therefore, why wit just reach out to this beach whenever you are in the city of Kovalam and enjoy the sunrise and sunset of this majestic land.


    Hawah beach is a complete opposite of the lighthouse beach; it is a land of calmness where one can seek absolute peace and tranquillity. Loaded with the plantation of pine and coconut trees Hawah beach is a favourite destination for young couples and kids who just want to spend time alone one in love other in fun respectively.

    You can find a few stalls of south-Indian food and seafood to enjoy the side of the paddy beach sand.


    As we have read in the history of the town, this is the palace of the Queen of Travancore, who made this amazing place for herself and then later the next queen lived with her husband.

    It is a beautiful castle with amazing architecture and the look of the sea by the side makes it much more than what we can imagine.

    This palace is now made up a 5 star resort and is home to a lot of tourists who want to spend a few days in the lap of the city of natural beauty.

    The greenery inside the resort will get you some amazing pictures. The royalty of the kings and the queens remain in the hospitality of the staff.


    Vellayani lake is a fresh water body in the mid of the city. This is a place where people come and try their hands on boating in this place where the flora and fauna is as amazing as heaven.

    The water of this lake is so clear that we can even call it as the transparent water. The lake also has many pine trees and coconut trees by the side of it. Visiting this lake would be an experience of a lifetime.

    BOATING FEES: You have to pay INR 300 per boat and you can hire it for about 30 minutes and can roam in the clear waterbody.

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