• Mandawa

    The Town Well Preserved with Culture and Heritage


  • Mandawa

    The Town Well Preserved with Culture and Heritage


  • Mandawa

    The Town Well Preserved with Culture and Heritage



The Town Well Preserved with Culture and Heritage

A small yet one of the most beautiful town of Rajasthan is located in the Shekhawati Region, Mandawa is better known for its magnificent havelis, spectacular forts and plenty of other attractions. The extremely unique town of Rajasthan, Mandawa has its charm because of its beautiful architectural constructions built by many wealthy and crucial merchants of bygone era. With a history of more than 200 years, Mandawa is known as the Shekhwati Silk Route which is till today home to many business merchants. As during the 18th century, this small town became the home to the Rajputs and later this beautiful was converted into a well planned and well organized Rajasthani Town.
Founded by Mandu Jat who first established a dhani and dug a well onto this region was completed in 1797. The town was actually inhabited by the rich merchants of Rajasthan to fulfill their purpose of residence. They built up mesmerizing havelis with colorful carvings and several other architectural marvels. However they migrated to other areas and left the magnificent architectural marvels of theirs in the shadows of anonymity. Yet the magnificence of these mesmerizing architectures are very well preserved till today and now it attract plenty of visitors from all over the world throughout the year. The massive Mandawa Fort built by several Rajput Rulers was the initiating point for the business merchants to join in for their massive living there as per their social status. Majorly the marvelous carvings, intricate designs and beautiful art and architecture made the fort of this region extremely known. Even after hundreds of years, the aura and the magnificence of these marvels in and around the city makes this small town the Most Unique Destination of Rajasthan.


The artistic town of Mandawa is a part of Shekhawati region; this city was made a thikana in the mid of 18th-century origin of this town. There have been several earlier references to Mandu Jat as the discoverer of the Mandawa village. He first built a Dhani [Hamlet] and dug a well.

In the days of beginning, this place of basics was addressed as ‘Mandu Ki Dhani’, ‘Manduwas’ or ‘Mandu Ka Bas’, which eventually changed to several other names like ‘Manduwa’, ‘Mandwa’ and finally ‘Mandawa’. The feudal medium of social relations as a commanding force guided everyday life of the people of Shekhawati region in Rajasthan. Mandawa served as a trading outpost for the ancient caravan routes that stopped here from the Middle East and China. The Rajput ruler of Mandawa and Nawalgarh [Thakur Nawal Singh] constructed a Fort in 1755 with an intention to protect this outpost. The township that grew encircling the fort soon attracted a large community of traders, who settled here eventually.

Being the most unique destination of the flamboyant state Rajasthan, Mandawa is the location that is highly visited by the travelers of Rajasthan. This construction and the structures of the town reflect the cultural and social ethics of the place in bygone era.
The magnificent havelis and the mesmerizing architectural marvels of the town is the major attraction of the Mandawa that attracts visitors throughout the year. The colorful aura, with significance of richness is what the town is majorly made up of. The fact still remains that the merchants of the Rajasthan also led a grand royal life which is reflected by the major residences that they constructed and maintained till the time they lived there. They busy yet colorful markets of the small town are another tourist attraction as the cultural ethnic products of Rajasthan are easily available.

The captivating beauty of the different havelis and the magnificent architectures are a great feast for the people who are lovers of fine arts and architectural. The other art form that captivates is the paintings and the carvings of the havelis. Being the most crucial aspect of the havelis, these paintings are another art marvels that can snatch the hearts of people within no time.

Till today, even after the centuries have passed away these architectural marvels are very well preserved even when the owners of these havelis left their residences a long time back. Mandawa, being the smallest town is only known for its mesmerizing and alluring architectures that take away the hearts of many within no time. And so no wonder why it is known as the Most Unique Destination of Rajasthan.


Mandawa does not house any airport but the nearest airport is the Jaipur Airport. With a wide network of railways and roads, Mandawa can be reached with very much ease.

  • By Air

    The closest air connectivity provider is the Jaipur International Airport; the distance between Mandawa and Jaipur International Airport is approximately 181.70 kilometres [travelling hours will be around 3 hours 30 minutes]. This airport also links other touristic destinations like Delhi, Chennai, Mumbai, Hyderabad, Kochi, Kolkata, Lucknow, Jaipur, Pune, Nagpur, Lucknow etc.

  • By Road

    Mandawa is located at a mere distance of nearly 29.00 Kilometers from Jhunjhunu, 112.00 Kilometers from Narnaul, 175.80 from Rewari, 168.60 from Jaipur, 190.20 Kilometers from Bikaner, 268.00 Kilometers from New Delhi etc.

  • By Train

    The closest railhead is Jhunjhunu Railway station, which is linked to most of the prime cities of Rajasthan and other major touristic destinations of India namely – Jaipur, Delhi, Sariska, Pune, Indore etc.


Mandawa is a location that can be uncovered in any part of the year, yet the recommended time period is October to March.

Stay in Mandawa

The town of Havelis, temples and Frescos is always in the best of its shape; it not only embraces the presence of every single visitor but it also makes sure to portray the best it owns. All sort of category hotels are dotted in Mandawa [from economy hotels to the ethnic ones]; there a couple of Heritage Hotels adorned with the finest elements of beauty driven by creative aspects. Most of it is equipped with various types of accommodations – Suites, deluxe, Standard Rooms etc.

Ideal Duration to Spend in Mandawa

If you love to read the detailing of these impressive frescos then you can spend any amount of days you feel comfortable spending in; otherwise a day is sufficient to spend in Mandawa.

Shopping in Mandawa

The artistry instilled city of Mandawa is home to several Havelis, which has its existence dated for 100 of years and over. Mandawa appreciates every form of creativity and that’s what makes it prettier and attractive.

Here are the names of certain forms of creativities that you can choose on buying from Mandawa -
Paintings| Brass works| Textiles| wooden carved furniture| Metal Utensils| Bangles| Antiques| Home Décor| Cloth Art| tie-dye fabrics| Rajasthani Artwork.

Cuisine and Culture

The entire town of Mandawa is ornamented with exceptional frescos, exhibiting historical and mythological themes. The Frescos include images of animals, God, Goddesses, and the life of the Lords – Krishna and Rama.

The major attraction in Mandawa is the Mandawa Fort that was founded in the 18th century. This exceptional Fort dominates the town with a painted arched gateway ornamented with Frescoes of Lord Krishna and his cows. Mandawa Fort is amazingly constructed as per a medieval theme.

Here are the names of some eatery destinations which offer the specialities of Mandawa –
(1) Monica Rooftop Restaurant (2) Shekhawati Restaurant (3) Mandawa Kothi Restaurant (4) Paawana Restaurant etc

Fair and Festival

Mandawa is a place of stay to Taalbelia Festival; it’s a four-day event which celebrates the soulful elements of Rajasthani music, art and food.

Language & Religion

Hindi is the official language of communication in Mandawa.


  • Murmuria Haveli

    Designed in a traditional Rajasthani Architectural style, Murmuria Haveli is known for its famous paintings of known leaders of the ancient era. The painting of Nehru on horse with tri-color is the major attractions of the Haveli. Built in 1930’s this beautiful architectural havelis houses an exceptional art of paintings.

  • Hanuman Prasad Goenka Haveli

    The another famous tourist spot is the Hanuman Prasad Goenka Haveli, with its beautiful and mesmerizing art works and paintings, this is the only havelis of Goenka family which is known enough. The painting of Lord Indra, the King of Gods, riding his elephants is the major attraction of this havelis. The painting of Lord Shiva on Nandi again fascinates the travelers with its art works. The architecture of the havelis is a perfect Royal Rajput style of architecture which is another captivating aspect of the haveli.

  • Harlalka Well

    The most appealing architecture of Mandawa is the Harlalka Well. But the history of this well is still unknown. Just a distance of few steps from Murmuria Haveli, stands this alluring yet rustic place with its mesmerizing minarets and old and forgotten appeal of the architecture, it is the best place for an escape from a busy stressed life for people.

  • Binsidhar Newatia Haveli

    Built in during the 1920’s, this magnificent havelis now act as a branch of the State Bank of Bikaner and Jaipur. Even after this havelis is transformed as a Bank now, one can still visit the haveli and take a glimpse of the perfect royal architecture and witness Wright Brother's flying their planes while women in sarees gawk at you.

    Mandawa being one of the best visited locations of Rajasthan. One may opt for the Sightseeing Tour of Mandawa and go for a Shopping Tour in the colorful Markets.