Manicured Hill Station

If you are a couple and you have been searching for a perfect hideout for some personal and alone time this small hill station will be the end of the search and hard work you are doing.

Green city would be the exact definition of this little hill station in the south state of Kerala famous for its backwaters. The dark green tea leaves soaking itself in dew hanging in a bunch on the hills of Munnar will make you spellbound with its beauty.

Dotted with all kinds of scenic beauty the mountains, waterfalls, greenery, wildlife, lakes, temples, churches, wooden houses, tea plantation makes this town stand out as one of the most gorgeous visual treats you have been looking for lately.

Once you reach the hilltop, you can feel the aura of the town filled with aroma of coffee and tea making the scene more romantic and pleasant.


The modern day Munnar was made with no one day effort it has a vast history describing the magnificent past that made the city look like what it is today. As they say, the things you do in the present will give flowers in the future that is what the history of Munnar has to signify.

It is the story from the time of the British Raj in India; John Daniel Munro was a British resident of Travancore kingdom, he was called to the place to solve a border dispute between the Travancore district and the neighbouring region Madras. In the way he found his land which was less travelled by and was beautiful as if the paradise itself on Earth.

This is when he decided to do something about this region; hence, he planned to take the town in his jurisdiction, which was a huge task as the hill station was under the province of Travancore Kingdom. It was the jenman (birth) land of the royal family of Poonjar; since it was the birth land of the royal family, they enjoyed the complete look out of the hilltop and was not ready to let Munro lay his hands on the place.

John Daniel Munro anyways persuaded the family, took over the land, kept it in his control, and developed it to look like the green carpet, which is studded with colourful flowers. Munro formed a North Travancore Land Planting & Agricultural Society in the year 1879. The community started the cultivation of crops, including coffee, tea, cardamom, cinchona and sisal in distinguished parts of the region exciting the tourists to spend a few days in the hill station in the present era.

There is no worth of happy moments without the bad ones such bad phase was faced by the beautiful town of Munnar as well. In the year 1924, a heavy landslide occurred in the area because of the unacceptable pace of Rainfall in the area leaving the place devastated and disrupted, not just the beauty of the place but the men and women also left the world such was the height of destruction occurred in the area.

Later a lot of effort was taken to start the re-plantation in the area, thanks to TATA in the year 1964 it joined hands with Finley (already exiting company in the area) to form the Tata- Finley group.

In the late 20th century, the tourism industry took an initiative to promote the wonderful beauty residing in the south of the nation with varied flora and fauna, waterfalls, hills, lush green weather and all thing beautiful. Hotels and resorts also came up in the area to help the promotion of tourism in the calm land.


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An ideal hill station in the south of the nation has so much to offer in the terms of peace and prosperity that you would cry to get your flight back cancelled. The wide spread greenery, the streaky waterfalls, the aromatic environment of the tea and coffee makes this the best destination in south-India when taking about hill stations.

Hire a bike or a bicycle and feel the bliss in the clean roads turning to the heaven directly, and yes do not forget to carry a good quality camera with you.Because the picturesque landscape created in the town will make you immediately fall in love with the view, and you would be bound to take a picture and pin it in your heart forever.

Visit one of the most unique hill stations in the south of the nation and spend a few days of your life in peace and harmony with your loved one or alone to find love in yourself.


  • By Air

    The closes to the city is the Cochin - International airport that is also known as Nedumbassery Airportby people of the town. It is approximately 125 kilometres from the Munnar. Taxi/cab services are available from airport to Munnar city. Cochin International airport is well connected to various major cities of India and a few from Abroad.

    Another nearby domestic airport is Madurai Airport and it is approximately 175 Kilometres away from Munnar city. The airport is directly connectedwith major cities of India like Hyderabad, New Delhi, Mumbai, Bangalore and Chennai.

  • By Road

    The beauty of south India will make you go for a road trip to this beautiful location. With non – bumpy, smooth and convenient bus, car, taxi travel this route is perfect.

    Enjoy the landscapes by the window of your vehicle while you reach the city. Private and government cabs, buses are easily available for various nearby and far off locations.

  • By Train

    The nearest railway station from Madurai is Aluva that is approximately 110 kilometres whereasErnakulum is 130 kilometres and Madurai is 135 km. you can choose any one of these to reach out to the city via cab or taxi that are available at the station. They are all connected to the major cities of South as well as north India for convenient travel.


Munnar is a hill station, which is ‘In season’ all the time except the two months of late July and September when the heavy rainfall would interrupt your visit. The ideal time anyhow to plan a trip to Munnar would be October to May.


You must plan a visit to Munnar to spend a few days in the flick of Mother Nature, for your convenience, the place is dotted with number of resorts and hotels, which would give you perfect assistance while you are enjoying your vacation in Munnar. Be it a luxury class or budget type you will find everything in the lap of the city to spend your night tension free.



    A few minutes away from the main city point, this lake is every ones dream location, the blue lake and colourful boats standing still by its shore make it look so mesmerizingly beautiful. Plan a boating session in the Kundala Lake and enjoy the most beautiful place created by nature.


    It is a wildlife area , which is proposed to be one of the world heritage sites is a place most visited by men and women from all around the nation to see the varied variety of flora and fauna in the site. A unique site in the city of Munnar is a loved location.


    Are you a fan of amazing views? Pothamedu viewpoint, which is a drive of 15 minutes from Munnar, is a place best suited for you. The view of the valley is so stunning you would not shut the lenses of your camera. One can also enjoy the adventure sports like trekking and paragliding at this point.


    Who does not like to click pictures? No one I guess, and in the place like Munnar with such stunning beauty, all around no one would miss a chance to enjoy the visit to a photo point. It is a location where people stop by and click numerous pictures of themselves, scenes and the group they are touring with to make memories worth a lifetime.


    Tata-tea museum is a factory where the tea is made and people can come and learn the art of making the teas of different kind be it white, black or green. Visit and learn the unique art of tea leaves generation and share with friends and family back home.


    Covered in the valley of green Munnar is a hydroelectricity project initiated to give twenty-four hour electricity to the hill station and nearby places. People come to see the place as it provides peace and prosperity in the area. Mathupetty dam is famous for boating and enjoyment, men and women plan picnics in the area of dam to have fun in the city of Munnar.