Blend of beauty and spirituality

It is one of the most loved and popular hill stations in the north of India. Nainital is situated in the state of Uttarakhand in its Kumaun division. Plan a lovely visit to this town that was ones the destination for lovers and honeymoons until every category of men and women from across the world fell in love with its eternal beauty and started to choose this amazing town as their vocational hideout.

At an altitude of about 2084 metres above the sea level, the lake district of Nainitalis most known for its mango shaped Nani Lake that is the main attraction of the town at the hilltop. Located at the rim of outer Himalayas this lake city claims itself to be one of the most picturesque destinations.

This is a unique town that is a blend of pilgrimage site and natural beauty all across its landscape. Most popular for the Naina Devi temple, this district of Uttarakhand is also one of the holiest pilgrimage sites in India.


The Naini Lake is the sole authority on the beauty of the town. According to old legends and scriptures, there are various proves that signifies that this is a town as old as our mythology. The famous ‘manaskhand’ from an ancient mythological book ‘skandapurana’ says that this place was traditionally referred as ‘Tri- Rishi – Sarovar’ in, which Tri means three, Rishi is referred to as the sages and sarovar is a Hindi word that means Lake. Hence, the place was known as a lake of three sages and was named after them. The name of the holy saints are Atri, Pulastya and Pulaha.

As per the tale in the book of ancient times, the three rishis were on a long pilgrimage walk across undefined places. While they were walking, they reached a point where they were extremely thirsty and they started to look for water. When they were left empty handed, they planned to dig a hole and divert the water of Mansarovar Lake, in Tibet into the hole. Hence, this is how the lake was constructed in what it looks like in the present days.

Another mythological history depicts that Goddess Parvathi the consort of Lord Shiva was extremely angry with her father King Daksha for not calling her and husband Lord Shiva to a family function. She felt deeply insulted hence; the goddess jumped into the burning Fire and became Sati. When Lord Shiva was carrying the dead body of his Sati to his homeland Kailash Mountains, the eyes of the Deity fell in the lake of this city. Hence, the name of the Lake was kept as Naini Lake (Naini means an eye) and the city was named as Nainital. India is a land of 64 Shakti Peeths; the Shakti Peeths are the place where various body parts of the goddess Parvathi fell on the ground became a holy spot.

In accordance with more historical references, the city was an old town that was ruled by a dynasty named KHASIDESH and the name of the pre- medieval ‘Khasidesh’. It was a home for around 60 Lakes that disappeared due to the reason of climatic changes and deforestation.

At the time of British East India Company’s rule in the nation, Nainital was a summer vocational resort for the officials of that time. In the year 1817, a high graded official came to this land but did not mention about this place to his friends to retain the religious value of the place.

After about 20 years of this incidence, a British sugar trader named P. Barron came across the lake while he was finding his way out of these dense hills, where he came for a hunting session with his friends. He was spell bound with the beauty of the place and planned to construct his home and a proper Englishmen colony in the town by the banks of the Lake. The legendary hunter Jim Corbett for the purpose ofhunting the man-eating animal also visited the town frequently.


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Covered with the white and green hilltops, blue lakes, lovely folks and coloured markets will allure you to make your way to this lovely town, where love flows in the air. The city is also dotted with various tourist attractions and one of the most pleasant atmospheres that entices the public to spend some days in its very flick.

It is the truest paradise for the lovers of nature who are fond of living a few days in their own company and solitude to get to know themselves better. Nainital is also known as the ‘Queen of Lakes as it is surrounded by seven other lake towns named as Bhimtal, Naukuchiatal, Khurpatal, Sattal, Sariyatal etc.

A town that has seen so much in the past and is still standing tall maintaining its beauty for its tourist amidst the beginning area of the Himalayas. A loved destination or the holiest spot whatsoever you may call it, this land deserves your thorough visit.


  • By Air

    If you wish to travel to Nainital through air route, it is not a problem as Pant Nagar Airport is the nearest Domestic Airport to this hill station. One can get down at the Airport and easily take a taxi to reach out the destination. Pant Nagar Airport is not more than 70 kilometres from the town. International airport of the capital city New Delhi that is Indira Gandhi International Airport is just 300 kilometres serving as a great deal for foreign tourists.

  • By Road

    The hill station of Nainital is majorly connected with roads and one can easily travel to this station if he plans a road trip to reach out this place. You can hire car, taxi to reach the destination and explore for a few days.

    Nainital is also well connected with the private and government buses that come under budget, semi- luxury and luxury category for the tourist from India and across the globe.

    Distance Chart
    « Delhi - Nainital: 300 kilometres
    « Lucknow - Nainital: 400 kilometres
    « Dehradun - Nainital: 300 kilometres
    « Agra - Nainital: 403 kilometres
    « Haridwar - Nainital: 334 kilometres
    « Bariley - Nainital: 140 kilometres
    « Ranikhet - Nainital: 62 kilometres
    « Haldwani - Nainital: 40 kilometres

  • By Train

    The nearest railway station to Nainital is Kathgodam that is 41 kilometres away from the hill town. People usually get down at this station and take cabs and taxis to reach the city of Nainital. Cities like Lucknow, Delhi and Kolkata are very well connected with Nainital with the medium of railways. All the trains stop at Kathgodam from where people travel to Nainital. There are daily trains from New Delhi to Nainital for easy commutation from the capital city of India and even for people who are foreigners and have got down at The Indira Gandhi International Airport to visit Nainital.


The best time to visit Nainital is at the time of summers as the temperature at this time is the most pleasant and cooler than rest of the pains in the nation.


The palace of beauty, Nainital is dotted with a number of hotels, resorts, inns, homestays and what not. If you are planning a visit to a city as loved as Nainital, you can expect all kinds of variety in the hotels and inns. From budget to semi luxury and luxury, rooms all are available for people as per their choices.

You will also get various kinds of fun activities in the hotels and resorts like swimming pool, gym area, kid’s zone, spa and more of such amazing activities.


The most favourable duration to spend in Nainital is 2 to 3 days. In the city, so amazing one has to give a few days to of their lives to explore the land completely. The chilly winds and the green mountain around you itself, will not let you leave before you travel each and every attraction in the borders of the land.

You can also enjoy Nainital in one day, under our one-day tour section but it is suggested that one should spend at least 2 days to enjoy as well as relax in the arms of the gigantic mountains of this small but alluring hill station.



    One of the most loved attractions in the city is the Lake that rests in the middle of the valley and makes the overall view of the place more alluring. The name of the town is derived from the name of this lake that is said to be the place where the eyes (nain) fell when her mortal remains were been carried by Lord Shiva her husband. People come to visit this lake and enjoy a boating session on a decorated boat in the middle of the lake surrounded by mountains.
    Entry fees: none


    Everyone who comes to Nainital necessarily stops by this zoo that is Bharat Ratna Pt. Ballabh Pant High Altitude zoo to witness various animals that are mostly found in the mountains. It is a perfect destination for men and women who have unconditional love for wild animals.

    Covering the area of about 4.692 hectares, this small Greenland is home to the various organism that is to be reserved or already distinct. Situated at the height of about 2100 metres this popular zoo is also called ‘sherkadanda’ by local men and women.
    « Entry fees: 50 INR
    « Camera fees: 25 INR
    « OPENING TIME: 9:30 AM
    « CLOSING TIME: 4:30 PM


    One of the best and most attractive attractions of the town is this hugely believed on the temple of Goddess Naina Devi. As per the mythological stories, it is said that when the consort of Lord Shiva was been carried by him to the Kailash Parvat (mountains), her eyes fell in the lake city of Nainital hence, getting its name.

    This temple is one among the 64 Shakti Peeths, that is where the various parts of Goddess Parvathi, the wife of Lord Shiva fell that place was turned into a huge temple complex for pilgrims to seek the blessings of the Goddess. Daily hundreds of pilgrims take a bow at this holiest place.
    « Entry fees: none
    « OPENING TIME: 6:00AM
    « CLOSING TIME: 10:00 PM


    Mall Road is a place that is dotted with markets on one side and the famous Naini Lake on another. It is a perfect shopping view for anyone. You can shop and enjoy the walk by the side of the lake. It is studded with various shops selling handcrafted items, famous woollens of Uttaranchal, food – joints and more. It was constructed by the Britishers to enjoy the lakeside view and is one of the most famous colonial structures of the city.

    « Entry fees: none
    « OPENING TIME: 9:30AM
    « CLOSING TIME: 10:00 PM


    Tiffin top is also known as Dorothy’s seat and is a popular picnic spot of Nainital. One can drive to this place and enjoy the 360 degrees view of the Nainital Valley and the mango shaped Naini Lake. The name tiffin top was given to this place as many people used to come here and enjoy their lunchtime hence, the name came out to be Tiffin top that means having tiffin at a hilltop.

    « Entry fees: none
    « Entry on Pony/ Horse from the Mall Road: 500 to 700 INR
    « OPENING TIME: 8:00 AM
    « CLOSING TIME: 5:30 PM


    If you are in Nainital and you miss on this amazing place made by cutting the hills, it would really be a loss. It is a home to various interconnected caves of the animals and the hanging garden makes the place much more beautiful and a good point to enjoy some selfie sessions with the folks. Plan a trip to this place with your kids to educate them about animals and they are sure to fall in love with Eco Cave Gardens of Nainital.
    « Entry fees: Adult- 20 INR
    « Children- 10 INR
    « Opening time: 9:20 AM
    « Closing time: 5:30 PM