An Auspicious Beauty

Soaked in the mythological history and beauty this little town in Ramanathpuram district of Tamil-Nadu is a potpourri of beaches, ancient temples, churches, greenery, waterfalls, and modern architecture.

Small in area but vast in its stories, Rameshwaram will definitely make you love itself to the core. What do we look for, in the location of beaches and temples? Natural beauty with some sightseeing spots to enjoy the day. Not just these but a lot of more places and attractions are in- stored in the flick of the land to celebrate your holiday to the fullest.

This town is as clean as a whistle with mindboggling attractions to woe the tourist. On the southernmost tip of the nation, this place enjoys immense beauty of the Indian- ocean and a bridge separating the two neighbouring countries India and Sri-lankaviaPamban Bridge. Do not forget your cameras to enjoy the city to its fullest.


The history of Rameshwaram is huge and vast, what does the name of the city mean? RAMESHWARAM means, the God of lord Rama that is Lord Shiva. It is said that both the Lords Shiva and Rama (avatar of Vishnu)were very close friends and respected each other a lot. Hence, the name includes both the gods in its name. The history of Rameshwaram revolves around mythology, it is said that lord Rama at the time of his exile came to this city and could not find a way to reach Sri- Lanka with his army of monkeys. He had to reach Lanka as soon as possible as his wife; Devi Sitawas kidnapped by the legendary villain Ravana and was kept in ‘ashokvatika’ of his palace.

Hence, this is the town where Lord Rama prayed to the god of waterand the ‘svinling’ near the shore of the oceanto make way for him to reach Lanka. Later the god of waterimmerged and blessed lord Rama that if his name is written on a piece of huge stone and thrown in the water, it would float and not sink that would help the army to reach Lanka. The remains of this story could still be found in the temples made in the town.

If we talk about the recent history of Rameshwaram, the story of Malik Kafur would come in account. Malik Kafur a general of Allaudinkhilji came to the land with his soldiers even after the orders of not entering the town and erected a huge mosque in respect to the viceroy of Islam, Alia-al-Din-khaldji.

Later the city faced different rules, which include Pandayas and Nayaks. The Vijayanagara Empire mainly ruled Rameshwaram; the rulers of this dynasty had made the city look beautiful and contributed to its architectural and cultural growth.The city was repeatedly captured many times by Chand Sahib (1740 – 1754 AD), NawabArcot and Muhammed Yusuf Khan (1725 – 1764 AD) in the early period of 18th century. All these rulers have been good kings to the city and laid their hands forward to make the city look beautiful and charming in its architecture, art, traditions and values. The different rule that has governed the town is a result of the diversified culture and values showing their lovely faces to the tourists and attracting them to visit the place.

In 1795, Rameshwaram came under direct rule of the British East India Company and was included in the Madras presidency. Now this beautiful town of India enjoys full independence under the governance of the multi- party system residing in Republic of India.

The vast history and mythological aspect of this town bends the tourist to reach out to the lovely city and spend his/her holiday enjoying the beach side.


Rameshwaram is one of the cities of the Char-dham tour; this pilgrimage town is a wonderful hideout for men and women looking for a place that has spiritual values and natural beauty all in one bucket.

This city is mainly famous for its alluring views and Ramanthaswamytemple, dedicated to lord Shiva, which attracts thousands of pilgrims and tourists every year to visit the city and enjoy their vacations.

Rameshwaram is an embodiment of gorgeousness, the blue ocean, greenery all around and temples make it look like heaven on Earth. One of the famous attractions and astonishing thing to notice in Rameshwaram is the rail bridge and the road bridge between the Rameshwaram and Pamban islands. It gives such amazing look, if you get time try planning to take a road trip or a rail trip amidst the ocean and see the architectural beauty of the modern era.

Rameshwaram is a spiritual town hence it is the air of the city that would make you feel allured and auspicious from within. Rameshwaram’s waterbody is considered very holy and it is another city after Varanasi that is popular among the ceremonies of the last rights of a person who is no more with us.


  • By Air

    The prestigious land of Rameshwaram is very well connected with the other major cities of India. The nearest airport is at Madurai, which is 164kilometres away from Rameshwaram;this is the best location for people who are travelling from across the globe to India to stop by at Madurai to reach Rameshwaram..

  • By Road

    The rail and the road network both connects Rameshwaram to Chennai, Coimbatore, Madurai, Tiruchirapalli, and other major cities. Two kilometre long, Indira Gandhi Bridge is a good connectivity between Rameshwaram and Mandapam. For travelling in town,you can rent a car or cab or even hire a bicycle to enjoy the calm city in a slow pace.

  • By Train

    One of the most convenient ways to reach Rameshwaram is to get down at the Rameshwaram railway station and then make way to the Hotel. The city’s railway is connected to various small and big towns of South Indian region.

    Chennai, Coimbatore, Trichy, Madurai, Thanjavur are some of the examples that serve as the best route to reach the beautiful city of Rameshwaram. You can then hire a cab or taxi to reach out to your hotel. The cab service are available at the station.


Rameshwaram is a place good in all the seasons as being a beach location it is in its moderate form throughout the year. However, the most number of tourists stop by this amazing town in between October and March. It is advisable to not visit the city in the month of July to September as the town becomes humid and sticky to enjoy the outdoor attractions.


There a numerous number of resorts and hotels in the town of Rameshwaram in budget and luxury categories both. One can enjoy a comfortable stay in the little town.



    Rameshwaram temple also known as Ramanathaswamy temple is a popular temple and one of the 12 Jyotirlingas in India. It was built in an architectural brilliance in the 17th century. The story is famous that Lord Rama made the real temple and at the same place, this huge plethora of a pilgrimage site is located. Today this is the longest temple corridor in the world.


    This is one of the 64 sacred baths in the city of Rameshwaram; the Agnitheertham is one of the most important placesand it receives a large number of tourists and pilgrims every day. This holy location is located on the beach side of Ramanathaswamy temple, Agnitheertham is the only theerthamthat has sited outside the temple complex of Rameshwaram Temple. It is believed that the sins of men and women would leave their souls if they take a dip in this water with a pure heart.


    Dhanushkodi Temple was until a few years ago a wonderful pilgrimage spot on the southernmost tip of the country India. However, due to a natural calamity, a heavy cyclone, it completely washed away with it.

    It holds an advantage of being on an island and is mostly covered by waters on all the four sides of the temple. It is between the Bay of Bengal and The Indian Ocean. When viewed from an aeroplane, thewater bodies are in the shape of a bow and arrow and the Hindus and pilgrims consider the arrowhead as a sacred place of worshippeople from faraway lands come and worship the deity. Lord Rama’s pious footprintsare in this temple and the whole plot of Ramayana revolves around this temple island.


    Dhanushkhodi beach is by the side of the Dhanushkhodi temple and is a spot where many people stop by and enjoy at the beach location. Play with your friends and family with sand and water and make some memories by the side of the beach of Dhanushkhodi that is just 18 kilometres, run from Rameshwaram.


    Five faced hanuman temple is a temple in Rameshwaram, which is just 2 kilometres away from the Rameshwaram temple, it is said that this is the place where Lord Hanuman showed his 5 faces, which were Lord Narasimha, Lord Adivaraha, Lord Garuda and Lord Hayagriva hence this place is called the five faced hanuman temple. This place is visited by a lot of tourists daily.


    Sangumal beach is a place in Rameshwaram that is one of the most famous beaches to enjoy the sunset and sunrise at the laid back water sides. Enjoy the local fishing activities and some adventure sports at this amazing beach location. One can see the view of sea weeds and sea grass plantation.

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