The Most Alluring Town

Srinagar is on the banks of river Jhelum and is one of the most beautiful places in the world. The largest city in the state of Jammu and Kashmir is one place, which is loaded with natural beauty, houseboats, waterfalls, water boats, houseboats, gardens and all thing beautiful on this planet.

When you look at the astonishing blue dal lake and the still colourful shikaras (special type of boats) on the bank of it or on the Jhelum River, you will be surprised to figure out how amazing it looks and pleases our eyes.

When tourism was in its starting phase the main attraction of the tourists was Kashmir. Men and women from all over the world knew just Kashmir as the most beautiful diamond in the bunch of stones. Therefore, the capital city, Srinagar has seen many love stories and romantic tales brewing in its fringes.


The legends has it that the city was pre named as the ‘sirinagar’ or ‘suryanagar’ which means, ‘surya’ is the sun and ‘nagar’ means city completing as “the city of sun” but later it was changed to Srinagar which approximately means the same. This amazing land was a complete Hindu province until the Muslims started taking over the area of Kashmir under their provincial supremacy.

This beautiful city was under the target of all the rulers of their times to make there reign gain a stud which is as beautiful as heaven itself.

The Mughal emperor Akbar the great expanded his empire by adding Srinagar to his province and added it as the part of Kabul subah (district) later his great-great grandson Aurangzeb distinguished the beautiful city as a different identity named Srinagar subah.

After the decent of the Mughal Empire in the city of Agra and India, the disabilities of the coming rulers could not save the empire of Srinagar and the AfganDurrani Empire took over the city and enjoyed its rule. Later the dongaras ruled the Kashmir region including Srinagar.

Then in early 1700s, Maharaja Ranjit Singh the Sikh ruler of Punjab took over the land from the Muslims and established a Sikh empire in the city.

After the year 1947 when the nation got its independence from the British Raj, Srinagar became the capital of the state of Jammu and Kashmir, and it enjoys its independence and the amazing history of the town has not hampered a tint of the beauty it beholds.

The vast history of the city made it such a diverse beauty in itself beholding monuments and gardens from all the dynasties who had a different culturist view and architectural styles.


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Among the many beautiful cities in India Srinagar is also known as the Venice of the east, the beauty of the city is incomparable though still it is as beautiful as the Rome and Venice.

The lakes and the amazing gardens of the city makes it stand out from all the other cities on the world.

The lush greenery, waterbodies, cityscape, cultural values, traditional aspects, heritage and such diverse beauty. When in Srinagar do not forget to hold the hands of your beloved and plan a shikara ride in the dal lake or nagin lake and feel the different things the city has to offer.

If you are an adventure freak kudos this city has a lot to do in terms of mountain and water sports some of them to mention would be paragliding, river crossing, mountain biking, trekking, skiing, horse riding, trout fishing, and lot more.

It is a city, which is deeply indulged in its culture, and tradition that is a perfect blend of Hinduism and Islamic traditions making it beautifully diverse in respect to their clothing, cuisine, fairs, festivals, languages etc.


  • By Air

    Sheikh – ul -AlamAirportCommonly referred, as Srinagar Airport is an international airport connecting various Domestic as well as International cities. This airport is well connected and airlines offer regular flights from Srinagar to Delhi, Mumbai and Chandigarh. The airport is placed just 15 km away from the centre of the city.

  • By Road

    Srinagar is the six monthly capital of the state of Jammu and Kashmir. Srinagaris well connected with major cities of India like New Delhi (878 kilometres),Chandigarh city (645 kilometres), Leh (425 kilometres) and Jammu city (250 kilometres).you can hire or rent a car and ca from these locations to reach towards Srinagar.

  • By Train

    To reach Srinagar by the medium of train, one has to either reach Jammu Tawi or Udhampur railway station. The stations are very well connected with different cities of India. From these stations, you can book taxis, private as well as the state government buses to reach this beautiful place.


One can visit this place throughout the year as it has a pleasant feeling in all the months. but if still you are wanting to know the perfect time to stop by the city it would be in the month of April to the month of October as at that time the whole aura is covered with beautiful flowers making it look absolutely stunning.


How can one not stay in the city as alluring as Srinagar? It has numeral such hotels that are in the categories of budget to luxury with the view of the Srinagar valley growing vibrant as a blossom. Spend a few nights in the hotels to feel the sheer beauty and lip-smacking tasty food of the Kashmiri cuisine. You can also spend a night in the houseboat, which is an attractive thing to plan in Srinagar.



    A lake in the midst of the city making the aura of the town much more alluring. The lake has a famous and different attraction in itself that is Shikararides;Shikara is a boat of a different look that is a decorated structure and is only one of its kind in the whole nation. Enjoy the beauty with some clicks to make the memory of the town immortal.


    It is considered to be a part of dal lake but on another shore, people tend to spend some time by the side of this amazing waterbody to feel the astonishing beauty in stored within. One can spend a night in the houseboat, which is a special attraction in the city of Srinagar.


    Other attraction of the stupendous city is the Mughal Garden and as the name justifies the Mughals constructed it, the first ruler of the Mughal Dynasty Babur named his gardens designed in Persian styles as Charbagh. The major attraction of these gardens are its pools, fountains and canals, which add four stars to the beauty of Srinagar.

    Shalimar Bagh and Nishatbagh are two most famous gardens constructed by the Mughals in initiative of beautifying the city.


    On the left bank of the Dal lake resides a holy Muslim shrine named the Hazratbal mosque (meaning respected place) that is considered to be one of the holiest shrines of the Muslim community in Kashmir. The mosque contains a relic the Moi-e- muqqadas, the Kashmiri muslims considered it as one of the holiest sites because of the belief that a hair of Muhammad is placed here.


    Awantipora or Awantipuris situated a few kilometres away from Srinagar. It is a place with remains of the Hindu temples made long ago in the vast history of Kashmir. Then King Awanti Varman on the banks of river Jhelum made the temples in respect of Lord Shiva. It is a popular site among the Hindu tourists and foreign guests.


    Kashmir is one place, which is famous for its adventure sports; one should definitely give themselves an adventurous boost by practicing these sports namely, paragliding, trekking, skiing, horse riding, trout fishing, mountain-biking etc.