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Varkal is a city in the southern region of the state of Kerala. It is a small town in the district of Trivandrum. Varkala’s beauty is mostly considered as one of the prettiest scenes in the world. The alluring sunset in the city that makes the sky go pale and the sea look aqua blue, the rushing seawater and the cliff amidst the Arabian waters makes it a perfect landscape and a very rare geographical site as well.

Varkalas beach is considered to have holy waters and is believed that men and women taking a dip in the water will be free from all the sins if ever performed. Hence, the name of the beach is also ‘Papanasam beach’ that suggests Pap as ‘sins’ and nasam as ‘destroyer’. This beach in the southern region of the country is making the country proud by registering its name in the list of top 10 seasonal beaches in the world.

When you are by the side of the laid-back beach on the brown sand with paddy fields and enjoyable feelings, you can also try a various set of water sports taking place in the middle of the lively beach. Adventure sports like swimming, paragliding, sea- motor biking can be of good interest.


Varkalais situated about 50 kilometres from the city of Thiruvananthapuram and about 35 km from the city of Kovalam. It was known as the Varanasi of the southern India or Thenkasias it has the presence of ShriJanardhana Swami temple rooted in its soil. This place was also called‘UdayaMarthandapuram’in the past for the cities wellbeing was commenced by of UdayaMarathanda Varma who was the kingof the city Travancore, his contributions is a sightof the development of Varkala.

The king of Travancore in the year 1762 commenced to build a queue of houses in obsolete sea- side village at that time named,Varkala in the mission to make the local Brahmin Hindus stay in the city in their own houses.

There is a book of past stories and various legendary men, who were the contribution makers to make the city of Varkala a dream paradise. One such Mythological story is related to the establishment or construction of ShriJanardhana Swami temple. The story starts when Lord Brahma ordered one of the PandyanDynasty Kings to build a temple in the city of Varkala in order to redeem his spirit from the sins he has committed in his life. It was in his dream that the king saw a prophecy that suggested Varkala as the prime location to build the holy temple.

The name of this holy city is attributed to one more legend whose name was Sage Narada. According to this legendary tale, the sage Narada was been visited by the nine‘prajapathis’ who explained him that they were sinned of something they had done. He threw his valkalam that is a garment made up by a tree bark to earth. Sage Narada asked thoseprajapathis to go there and pray in the very town where the Valkalam had dropped for the redemption of the sin. Since then the beautiful village were the valkalam of Sage Narmada fell was called by the name Varkala, derived from valkalam (piece of clothing made of tree bark).

Ancient foreign traders knew Varkala, proves a lot many historical documents been reverted. The place was also considered as `Balita’ in the Periplus of the Erythraean Sea, the ancient Greek manuscript also describes the navigation and trading opportunities in the little village of Varkala.

Other than these main stories, many rulers from the past like the Nayaks and the Vijayanagara kings also ruled the city. The city fell under Madras prwsidency at the time when the rule of British East Indian Company took over the land of India in their control.

The vast history of the land and its development by the Pandya’s, Nayak’s and the British makes it a landscape of a perfect picturesque attraction and is a perfect spot for your holidays this season.


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A beach city Varkala is a one-stop hideout for foreign guests. It is a perfect amalgamation of lively beaches and serene environment. Wits amazing look and adventures things to do this place is famous among young people young either by age or by heart.

Buy trendy clothes and hit the city of Varkala to enjoy your holidays to the fullest. Among the ten best seasonal beaches in the world, Varkala stands out because of several reasons that can be notedas.

Ayurveda: Kerala’s Ayurveda is very famous as the spa sessions and the massage sessions in the state is very popular for its quality work. The herbal sessions can be seen at many resorts by the side of the beach.

Holy waters: The water of the beach is considered to have medicinal qualities, it is said that if you take a dip in the beach water of Varkala, you will be free from all the sins ever performed by you.

Activities: The beach has various activities to perform like swimming sessions, paragliding, and spa sessions, motor- biking, paragliding, surfing, sunbathing, parasailing, yoga and meditation centres and many more.

Sunset view: This beach is famous for its sunset view. A lot of men and women present in the city come to the beach at the time of the sunset to enjoy the setting sun that looks like as if the sea is eating the big circle of fire within its shore of horizon. This is one spot in India, where people crave to spend time. The serene look of the beach and the cliff over the Arabian Sea is only one of its kind in the world and is known as Varkala formation.


  • By Air

    Trivandrum International Airport is the nearest airport to Varkalathat is at the distance 52 Kilometers from the the city centre.

  • By Road

    Varkala’s Bus Station is very well connected to all themajor cities of the country, India. Varkala is just 45 km away from the National Highway (NH) 47. However, this townis connected with all cities and nearby towns, but if you wish, you can also get on a bus from the city of Kochi and the Capital city of Kerala, Trivandrum to reach our destination.

  • By Train

    Railway Station of Varkala is the nearest rail trackthat is about 3 kilometres away from Varkala’s city centre.


The best time to visit Varkalais all the time and hour in a year. This is a wonderful place with amazing and pleasant weather. However, if you still wish to enjoy in the prime weather when the city looks most lively and drop dead gorgeous then visit in the months of March to September. These are the months when the city has a perfect view of the greenery all around the aqua blue water of the sea looks clearer and more vibrant.


Stay in Varkala is absolutely stunning. The hotels, herbal resorts and gardened inns makes the place a perfect day to spend a day or two in the peace and tranquillity of the city. The hotels also offer activities like swimming, gym, tasty food and many other recreational activities.

The city is loaded with personal villas, five start hotels and budget rooms for traveller’s convenience.


Ideal duration to stay in Varkala is minimum of 2 days to enjoy by the beach and also to go for a sightseeing session you should at least have 2 days, which is a perfect duration.

However, if you are in the town for a week or so it would also be useful as the long plan will make you feel at peace and the calmness around makes this place a paradise for young couples and honeymooners.



    Papnasam beach also known as the Varkala beach is one of the most famous spots visited by the tourists who are coming to the city. This beach is considered to have medicinal values and qualities and it is also known that a person takimg dip in this water will be relieved by the sins ever performed by him/her.

    This beach has a cliff over the Arabian Sea and it is a rare sight to see a cliff amidst the sea making this place of high geographical values. Enjoy at the laid back beaches with a perfect sunset at the Varkala beach.


    Shri Janardhanaswamy Temple is a 2000-year-old temple standing tall in the middle of the city. This temple was built by a King of Pandya dynasty as lord Brahma came in his dream with a prophecy to make a temple in this city to get relieved from his sins.

    Since then this temple is a prime location for tourists and pilgrims from around the world who come to visit this ancient temple. Visit the temple in the month of march and April to enjoy a festival that is been celebrated in the temple premises.


    Varkala tunnel is a creation of the times when the British Raj ruled the nation. This dam was created to make water as a way to transport between the cities of Kovalam and Trivandrum and Varkala from the backwaters of Malabar.

    In the present day scenario, it has become of the most famous tourist spot for people landing at Varkala. It is no more a frequent mode of transportation but a famous tourist spot for men and women who have come to visit the beauty of the state in the terms of Backwaters.


    At a distance of about 15 kilometres from Varkala, this place has its own history and stories from the times of the British Raj. It is a fort that is less travelled to as very few people know about this place. Ask your driver or guide to take you to this alluring fort around Varkala.


    It is in Kappil town in the state of Kerala and is very near to Varkala. People coming to Varkala often take a drive to this beach to spend a day at peace in the paddy fields, lush greenery and by the side of sea- green water with their near and dear once.

    If you are looking for peace and solitude with a pleasant aura in front of your eyes this place will never disappoint you.


    The Sivagiri Mutt is a temple thatwas constructed in the year 1904 on the top of the Sivagiri hill and it marks the tomb of the great sage Narayana Guru. This mutt was a place opened for the men and women who followed the teachings of the great Narayana Guru and alsohas a good school for the students that are illiterates and the ones who are considered untouchables.

    The mutt’s stupa shaped architectural style makes it a famous attraction for the tourists or the pilgrims who visit the city ofVarkala in the state of Kerala.

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