The City That Makes Life Lively

A pint sized city of India is better known as the Party capital of the country. The place where people just not come to have a leisure time but to have an escape from their busy stressful life full while enjoying some night parties in fine clubs and restaurants on the golden beaches full of crowd and some water adventure activities. Goa is a hub of everything. Famous for its Beaches, Sunset and Night life, Goa is one of the prominent tourist’s destinations of India. The culture of Goa is had an huge impact from the colony of Portugal. With mesmerizing and beautiful houses and lush green fields, Goa has a soothing languidness in the atmosphere. Known as the city of churches, Goa houses few charming villages where the evening and morning walks are worth to be done. Yet on the other hand, Goa houses one of the most luxurious hotels and resorts for the tourists and people. For any occasion, may it be New Year, Christmas, Diwali, Eid or just a simple hangout, Goa makes the life living.


The small Indian state on the western cost of the country has a major significance of history. Being one of the most productive yet beautiful destinations, it attracted many traders, merchants, seafarers, dynasties, monks and missionaries. Goa was considered to be one of the major trading centers of India. With the rapid growth of transformations in cultures and socio economic developments, Goa is a destination which has a huge impact on the minds of the visitors. As Goa was founded, the very first habitant of Goa was the Brahmins who were called as the Saraswats. As they had their residents only near the Sarasvati River they were called so. But later in the 3rd Century BC, Goa became a part of the Maurayan Empire and was later conquered by the Satavahanas of Kolhapur. As the Chalukyas of Badami started ruling Goa in a matter of time, Goa was then dominated by Muslims for the first time in 1312.

Yet as for them beaches were of no use, they migrated in 1370 and since then Goa’s harbors was known landing place as it was the land where the Arabian horses for the Vijaynagara cavalry was carried. The history of Goa had a huge turning point when Portuguese arrived in Goa in 1510 and started dominating the spice route from the east. As he ruled the city for quite a long time, the major architectural marvels and structures are built in his designs. Later in the 18th century Marathas conquered Goa and the tenure of trade of Portuguese came to an end in 1961 post the Indian Army entered the state and Goa was declared as the 25th State of India in year 1987 by the Prime Minister of India, Rajiv Gandhi. Later the language of Goa, Konkani was regarded as the 22nd official regional language of India.

The Party Capital of India, Goa is just not a destination that attracts party freaks but everyone who has a love for nature and wants to explore something new every time. Being one of the best tourist destinations of India, Goa attracts thousands of visitors every year. The purpose of the travelers is not just the have some leisure time, but to explore the one of the best architectural marvels in India, try out some lip smacking sea food and try some water adventures. Known as the ‘Pearl of the East’, the Gothic Churches, Crumbling Forts, palm-fringed beaches, coconut groves, ferry ride, bubbly folk music and plenty of things on the list is known worldwide. With the coastal retreat and the golden sand, the water waves and a shimmering sun with the lush greenery, the beach capital of India, Goa fascinates people from all over the world. No matter if you are planning just a family holiday or a quick weekend gateway with friends or to spend some quality time with the special one, Goa is the known to be the perfect location for every single purpose. Blessed with the natural beauty and alluring aura, Goa has a vibrant culture. The old-world charm brought by Portuguese adds on to the glory of this mesmerizing state. One shall not forget to be a part of the nightlife with some sea food on the sand near beach.


Goa’s Airport is houses by its capital, Panjim. Yet Goa can be reached with its wide network of railways and by road.


The suggested time period to explore Goa is October to March.

Stay In Goa

As Goa is one of the most loved tourist destinations of India, it houses hotels in every budget. Goa Hotels and Resorts are very much accessible with ease and they offer extremely satisfactory services as per the budgets of the traveler.



    The oldest, the largest and the most alluring beach of South Goa, Colva Beach is a 25 Kilometer of the fine powdered white sand and houses the large coconut palms around the coast. The most luxurious lifestyle of Goa can be found here with some luxurious resorts and the nightlife that consist of the night parties.


    The must visit beach of Goa is blessed with the natural scenic beauty and the mesmerizing views of the sea. With a coastal line full of lush greenery, this beautiful yet alluring beach of Goa should be definitely visited in your Goa tour.


    Built by Portuguese in 1541, the Church of our Lady Conception is the starlight of the Goa. Being the major tourist attraction of Goa, it is initially a chapel and a fine example of perfect fusion Baroque and Indian Architecture Styles. With magnificent municipal gardens that surrounds the Church adds on to its charm.


    The oldest Church of the Country is now one of the UNESCO World Heritage Site. Built in 1605, this is the church where the body of St. Francis Xavier is kept. Even as the several centuries passed, the mortal remains of his body is still very well preserved in the church making it the most crucial pilgrimage site for the Christians.


    Built in 18th century, the fort has seen the rise and fall of the empires of the state. From the Portuguese to the Marathas, it has been the crucial site for all. Built mostly in shambles, the walls are made up of laetrile stone, a gate, bastions with cylinder-shaped turrets and some barracks and bushes.


    Situated about 35km from the north-east of Panaji, the Lamgaue Caves are the most fascinating tourist’s destinations of Goa. Being of the adventures this cave reflects an eye catching pavilion with beams and ceiling in the shire followed by a courtyard with stone linga and tusli vrindavan and Nandi bull temple. One shall not forget to explore the caves full of adventure. While Goa is a hub of Parties, as per the points of interests of Goa, one can opt for Goa Sightseeing Tour, Goa Food Tour and of course try your hands in some water adventures as well.