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India is the embodiment of all the scenic beauty collected at one place. The mountains, waterfalls, beaches, greenery, rivers, forts, palaces and a lot more. One such state with obtuse gorgeousness in- stored in it is the god’s country itself, Kerala. Kerala is rich is greenery, wildlife and its drop dead amazing backwaters makes the most famous city in the state Kochi a perfect vocational hideout.

Kochi is one of the most popular cities in Kerala and is commonly known as the commercial and trade capital of the southern region in India. Kochi is also often regarded as the Queen of the Arabian Sea and it stands tall on the west coast of the nation like a crown jewel making the vast Arabian Sea’s beauty more vibrant.

Rich in its Portuguese culture this land attracts a number of tourists daily to its coast to enjoy the vacation on the lovely beach sides.


The history of Kochi starts from the merchants who began trading in spices such as black pepper and cardamom from the shore of the city with the Arabs, Dutch, Portuguese, Phoenicians and Chinese from about 650 years ago. This helped Kochi to prosper in the terms of trade and to emerge as the gateway to foreign traders in the past India. It was from the city of Kochi from where the colonization in India started. Portuguese men were the first to establish their base in Kochi, which was later followed by the Dutch and Englishmen.

The Anglo-Dutch treaty penned in 1814 compelled the Dutch traders to hand over the beautiful city of Kochi to the British East India Company in exchange they were offered the Bangka Island located in Indonesia. The British later managed to establish their rule over Kochi. The British men limited their direct administration to a very small enclave of theKochic fort and British Ernakulum with their capital at Bolgatty Island.

Kochi Maharajas (kings) administered the leftover part of the Kochi Kingdom from then capital at Thripunithura. However,Divans performed the real administration who were also known as the prime ministers. Prime Ministers, and left the Kings to patronize culture, tradition, art forms and focus mainly on the health of public and educational areas.

The very foundation of the development of modern Kochi was started when in the year 1920 Sir Robert Bristow, who was a senior Royal Navy Engineer felt the need of a modern large port after the inauguration of ‘Suez Canal’ under the control of Lord Willington. This made the creation of one of the largest fabricated island of the country named the Willingdon Island (named after the then Lord Willington) to house the new Kochi Port.

In the period of 1930s, the Kings of Kochi joined the public outrage to form a common state of people speaking Malyalam language by merging in the Kingdom of Travancore and The British Malabar.

Then king of Kochi Kerala Varma Raja was in the front line of this revolt, and submitted a new resolution named ‘The Aykiakerala Resolution’ in the Parliament of Kochi. In the year 1947, the Kingdom of Kochi and the kingdom of Travancore merged together to form the Royal State of Travancore-Kochi. The Kochi Kings were amongst the first people to advocate against the region joining the newly formed Indian Union. Later the year 1948, the Royal state of Travancore-Kochi merged with India.

Since the formation of Kerala immerged in the year 1957, Kochi is recognised as the commercial and trade capital of the state of Kerala as well as the desk of the ‘Kerala High Court’. Since the year 2000, Kochi has fortified its economy, with there focus on tourism, information technology and port trade.


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Imagine a view of backwaters bordered by the lush green sides of palm trees, and you are sitting with your favourite book in hand or a glass of wine by the seaside enjoying the alluring view without any materialistic pleasures and tensions. Are your senses already tickling you? Let them, as this city of Kerala will make you go crazy whileenjoying the amazing view and the urbanisation topping the cake of landscape with its modernity.

Kochi is the leftover royalty of the Portuguese. The Portuguese culture and Christianity is the highlight in the town and the architecture, art, paintings from that era will be a different view all together when compared to cities across India. The churches, colonial structures, varied cuisine (seafood) and the backwaters portraying the Chinese fishing nets in Cochin are the popular attractions that make the tourists from around the world flock down to the city to spend their holidays.

Kochi is ranked amongst the top five cities in terms of tourism in India as per the world travels and tourism council.


  • By Air

    Kochi has its own international Airport that is 30 kilometres away from the city centre and could be reached easily by the means of cabs and taxis. The airport allows the landing of flights from most of the major cities in India like Delhi, Mumbai, and Chennai etc.

  • By Road

    The amazing and smooth turning roads of the south- Indian states allows one to take a road trip from the nearby cities not be tired when enjoying the side views from the cars and buses one is travelling in. Government bus services are also a good way to travel across the state and nearby cities of other states as well.

  • By Train

    The port city of Cochin is directly connected to almost all the major and small cities in the south- Indian region of India and allows an easy travel with relaxing seats. Some cities from the north are also connected through rail tracts and are not left behind.


When in the city do not worry about the stay it has numeral resorts and hotels from budget to lavish categories with amazing food, swimming pools, colourful walls and welcoming staff you will find everything in the heart of the city’s hotels and resorts.



    Mattancherry Palace that is located on Palace Road and was built by the Portuguese dating back in the year 1557, it is considerably one of the most important places to enjoy in Cochin.

    Popularly referred as Dutch Palace, it has the design and architecture that exactly resembles a typically traditional house of Kerala, which includes four individual wings and a patio in the middle.

    Like every house in Kerala, Mattancherry palace also has a courtyard in the middle of the spot. The courtyard includes alluring temple of Bhagavatiwho is the protective deity of community of Kochi. Two more temples of Lord Shiva and Lord Krishna are inside the palace. Thehuge collection of the frescos and the paintings is consuming a large portion of the palace walls making the place more beauteous. Opening timings: 10 am to 5 pm in evening. The palace is closes from 1 pm to 2 pm for lunch break. The Palace is closed on Fridays.


    The Indo-Portuguese Museum a mixture of Indian and Portuguese culture, tradition, art and architecture. It is located in the area of Fort Kochi;the former Bishop of the town, his highness Joseph Urethra, constructed the museum. The indo- Portuguese museum is divided into five major wings those are Altar of Furniture’s, Treasures, Procession, Civil Life and The Cathedral.

    The museum is home to a few prized artefacts like the Processional Cross that is made of silver and wood, Indo-Portuguese Monstrance, and the coat of the Arms of the Francis.

    Entry fees: INR 10 for the Indians and INR 25 for the foreigners. However, the entry on first Thursday of the month is absolutely free.Opening timings: 10 am to 5 pm in the evening. The museum is shut on Mondays and all the public holidays.


    This is one of the most ancient churches in the country India and one among the 8 Basilicas in the nation, the Santa Cruz Basilica is truly one of the most ancient and the most amazing places to see in Kochi. It elongates the historical glory and pride. This is a Cathedral church of the Diocese of Cochin is been considered as one of the most heritage places in the state of Kerala.

    Enjoy the truest Gothic pattern of architecture in this place, both on the interior as well as the exterior side of the Basilica. Magnificent and magestic historical paintings that are decoratedon the walls of the church must not be missed at all.

    Opening timings: 7 am to 6.30 pm in the evening from Monday to Saturday and 8 in the morning to 6.30 in the eveningon Sundays.

    Entry fee: You have to pay nothing to enjoy the trip to the church.


    Hill Palace is the heritage museum and it houses many archaeological remains and imperialistic belongings of the Maharaja that is the king of Kochi. The palace was constructed in the year 1865 and comprises of 49 buildings in total. The amazing gardens and refreshing outer lookof the museum are added points to its beauty, besides the rich knowledgeable artefacts pilled inside the buildings.

    Along with the modern-day art gallery, other famous objects worth enjoying are Kudakkallu (tombstone), Thoppikkallu the hood stone, granite memorials, rock-cut armaments from the Stone Age, wooden temple replicas, and plaster casted prototypes of objects from the citiesMohenjodaro and Harappa of the Indus Valley Civilisation times. If you are a history or culture junkie, Hill Palace is considerably among the best places to see in Cochin.

    Opening timings: 9 in the morning to 12 in the noon, and 2 pm to 4.30 in the evening. Mondays the palace is mostly remains closed. Plan your trip accordingly.
    Entry fees is INR 30 per person.


    A very alluring Fort Kochiis situated on the western coastal region of India and is commonly known as the 'Queen of the Arabian Sea'. A serene beach area offers a scenic treat and natural beauty to its travellers. With its soothing water and tranquil aura, it is extremely adored by tourists and local men and women as well. Either you are alone or with your loved people, this place offers a relaxing atmosphere to enjoy and chill out. The main attractive point of this place is the historical values of the fort and its amazing work, this fort is the perfect example of European architectural style, and with the annual Kochi Festival, that takes place each year on the white sands of the Kochi Fort Beach area makes the place more attractive for the tourists.


    A Malabar coastal ecosystem with blue beaches, lush greenery and the bordering vegetation on the sides, fishermanwork ground and muddyshorelineconclude up the landscape of Veeranpuzha Beach.

    The beach and its amazing beauty with its backdrop sounds are among the most cherished tourist spot in Cochin. Certainly, a place thatassures the feeling of calmness, peace, solitude and a good time that you can spend with your dear ones.

    Explore the beautiful area, walk on the beach side and visit the village of the welcoming fishermen to know more about their work and trade styles.


    Another amazing beach on the shore of the coastal town of Cochin is this amazing place named the Cherai beach. The lush greenery, blue beach waters, tranquilize atmosphere that will make you spend the whole day by the sides on the paddy fields and the seashells, fishing nets and a beauty you will definitely give your heart too.

    If you are lucky, then you will find the dolphins enjoying their time and the thick coconut grooves on the side will make a perfect scene for a picturesque setup.

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