• Thanjavur

    Bucket Of UNESCO Acclaimed Sites


  • Thanjavur

    Bucket Of UNESCO Acclaimed Sites


  • Thanjavur

    Bucket Of UNESCO Acclaimed Sites



Bucket Of UNESCO Acclaimed Sites

A beautiful town in the southern state of Tamil-Nadu namely, Thanjavur that was formerly calledTanjore. Thanjavur is an important pilgrimage centre of South-Indian religion rich in art and architecture. People come to visit this place and enjoy the blessing showed on them by the almighty.

Most of the residingChola Temples that are UNESCO World Heritage Monumentsare home in and around Thanjavur. The first among these is the Brihadeeswara Temple located at a cream location of city centre.

This amazing town is a perfect destination for travellers who are looking for a pilgrimage site with rich art and architecture residing in every corner of the temple complex. History buffs this place will be an ideal destination for you as well, for it is rich is mythological history.


Hindu Mythological state that there used to be a vicious devil named Tanjan. NeelameghaPerumal, an Avatar of Lord Vishnu has killed that demon at Thanjavur to establish peace and prosperity among the people. The city of Thanjavuris believed to have initiated its name from this demon, as this was his last wish,which was fulfilled by Sri Anandavalli Amman and Sri Neelamegapperumal.

The city rose to prominence at the timewhen the rule of CholaKings who made it the capital city of Chola dynasty. The chola kings beautified the city to its fullest and made it look like an amazing land of beautiful structures all around. Cholas other than great rulers were also amazing architects who designed and recreated many temples in the region in order to make the city look modernised (According to that time).

After the fall of the great Chola dynasty, a number of dynasties rose and ruled the city.The Pandya’s ruled in the 13th century, Nayak’s in the 15th and 16th century and theMarathas ruled in the last 1600s and 17th century;who ruled the city and all of them were great rulers and did lot of stuff to make the city beautiful in terms of architecture, art, education, paintings, culture and living standards.

The magnificent buildings of the monuments and the temples in the city are proofs of the hard work of the great Indian rulers who have ruled in this region of south- India and made it such an amazing place to stop by and enjoy with the advantage of the blessing of the Almighty.

After the whole of the country was in the influence of the British East India Company, the Englishmen were now the rulers of the administration of Thanjavur, under the recognised treaty of 1799. The ruler of the Thanjavurwas allowed to live in the fort of Thanjavur only with very little power of administrating the region. When the ruler died in the year 1841 without any prior information, the Thanjavurpalace was immediately annexed by the British and it was the part of the then Madras Presidency, Thanjavur remained under the influence of the British Raj until the year 1947 when India attained complete Independence. Now the city is administered by the government at the state and central level as per the constitutional law of The Republic of India.


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The city is a beautiful spot and its tourism is one thing, which is growing every year with the respect of its amazing art works, architecture and the aura of spiritual feel. The cities auspicious feeling is such that one would not want to leave the place and go for its peace and harmonic ambiance would spell bound you to stay back and spend a few days looking at the mesmerising architecture of huge temples and the sculptures made on it.

The city is very rich in its cultural and heritage values, the art and paintings of this city is so rich and amazing. The beauty of the city is such that about a temple in the little town of Thanjvur a famous writer has written some lines to give honour to the temple. The lines are "a landmark in the evolution of building art in South India”.


  • By Air

    If you are coming by the means of air then Tiruchirappalli is the nearest possible cityto reach Thanjavur in the shortest time, but it is still almost 60 Km away from the city of Thanjavur.

  • By Road

    Roadways like the state buses and private cars easily connect the place from most of the south Indian cities. The small town is mostly travelled by roadways as it is an enroot destination from places like Trichy and Chidambaram.

  • By Train

    The place is very well connected with the means of railways from many cities of the south Indian region and cities of high tourist stops are like Thrissur, Tripur, Rameswaram, Ernakulam and many more with Thanjavurrailway station, but a few north Indian cities like Allahabad and Varanasi are also not left behind either.


The best time to visit Thanjavur is from October to Feburary as it is the time when the festivities take place in the temples of the small town. Months of summers are not an ideal time to visit Thanjvur as the temperature is very high to step out and enjoy.


One can find numerous hotels in the place in budget category. Luxury hotels are a rare sight in this town.
Mostly people plan a day trip to Thanjavur.



    It is near the Tanjore Palace and is a beautiful amalgamation of colourful flowers and green plants of diverse qualities. The garden is inside the Shiva Ganga fort that was made by SevappaNayak in the 16th century. Shiva Ganga Garden has a holy tank with sweet water and it is said to have medicinal properties prevailing in it that could cure many ailments.


    Also known as the Big Temple by the local men and women, it is recognized for being the most intelligently built temple in the South Indian state of Tamil-Nadu and considerably one of the best in India. Dedicated to the great Lord Shiva, the holy lingam can be peeped from everywhere one can revolve his eyes. The garden in the backyard of the temple complex makes the place a better attraction for the tourists and pilgrims. The temple was an initiative by King RajaRajaChola, the beauty of the temple is the main reason for the pilgrims and devotees to choose the location for a holy trip to worship the Lord and his Bull Nandi.


    The spot refers to the temple built for Chandra (moon),who is the second most worshipped among the nine known celestial bodies, the foremost is the Surya and rest of them being Mangal (mars) , Buddh (mercury), Brihaspati (jupiter), Shukra (venus) and Rahu and Ketu. About 25 Km from Thanjavur, this place is more often visited by the men and women who are in the town for sightseeing.


    It is a result of architecture of both Nayaka dynasty and Maratha dynasty, the fort is a creation of the 16th century.Most of the place is now in ruins but is still of monumental and historical reliavance. Some of the famous attractions for tourists and pilgrimsare seated inside the fort including Tanjore Palace, Sangeeta Mahal and Saraswathi Mahal liberary.


    The museums in Thanjavur offers a majestic and vivacious history of the temple town through some prehistoric items kept there like the sculptures, paintings,sanskrit manuscripts on the palm leaves, old coins, handcrafted work and lot more. The amazing museum isone of the most visited tourist attraction of the city.

    The museums glorifies the rich cultural values of the nation that is very exciting for the history buffs and lovers of past stories.This alluring museum attracts the people from across the globe to come, and enjoy the visit to the museum and learn about ancient artefacts and the history of the royalties who made the city look like what it is today.

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