River Rafting In Kashmir

One can never overlook the scenic beauty that Kashmir has, but it is a lesser known fact that Kashmir the slice of heaven has opportunities for adventure sport as well. Rafting is one of the recent trends for adventure enthusiasts and as the demands for adventure tourism has increased, we at Travelsite India have brought to you an adventurous ride to the waters of Kashmir with itineraries that are filled with compelling tasks. Rafting in Kashmir is sustained by the Lider River which provides a stretch of almost 12 Kms from Langabal to Ganeshpura. Row your raft boat cruising through rapids ranging from grade I to grade IV. This is not it, if you are looking for a fun cruise through the waters of the Lider river, take the Lider Joy Ride, which would be of 2.5Kms approx. covering places from Varganpal to Yaneer Bridge, with rapids ranging to Grade III. The second type of stretch in this river is called the Lider Long ride, which would be of 5Kms and is suitable for amateurs. Then comes the Lider Xtra Long Ride with a stretch of 12 Kms and is taken up by rafters who are practiced enough.

River Sind also provides river rafting opportunities in Sonmarg, which has rapids ranging from grade II to IV. The stretch of river Sind is divided into three parts. The Sind Joy Ride of 3.5Kms is a stretch that has rapids ranging to grade II. The Sind Long Ride is of 7Kms and has many rapids upto grade II and is suitable for beginners. Now the Sind Extra long Ride is of 24Kms and has rapids ranging from grade III to grade IV. This ride is taken up by expert rafters.

It is important to take precautions while rafting in the rivers of Lider and Sind because at certain place it has whirlpools which can over turn your raft. It is advisable to go for rafting with experts and trained guides.

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